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  1. The Miscast possibility is on the action '"casting a spell" or Channeling power, whatever skill being used. A Spell trait card using Nature Lore, Weapon Skill, Observation or Spellcraft (or any other skill) as a skill check is *still* a spell, is still "casting a spell" action type and will draw Miscast on Chaos Stars. Same with Priest invoking a blessing, the skill can be Piety, Invocation, Nature Lore, etc. without out Miscast. Using a Piety skill based Blessing is still "invoking a blessing" action
  2. Use "Mighty Blow" as a reference : increased Defense vs heavier armor than Leather
  3. Spivo said: Oh... one more thing, I once saw someone point to a good paper where newbees to Warhammer world could get a crash-course to teach them about the world. Mainly looking for stuff that characters would know, so skaven/chaos warriors etc... are not worth much. This booklet (4 pages PDF) is neat Some more stuff
  4. Melee action "Mighty Blow" is an unarmed attack (0 recharge), Athletics based. And it hurts (Grapple too is Athletics)
  5. Cheap / poor ones around 2/3 gold. "Normal" riding one around 5/6 gold. More exotic (racial, fashion, etc.) or specialized (heavy cavalry), well, much more Check out this (old) house rule (credits to whom put it up, inspired from discussion around here if i remember correctly), which is very compatible with the new information from the Player Guide's Equipement section & tables (they added transport, food & lodging guildelines)
  6. It becomes (p.98 PG) : Attacks made with weapons with Fast quality gain : "boon" Place one fewer recharge token on this action I'm not too shocked, it was maybe too good as it was. Slow unchanged.
  7. Even with that writing, i won't allow everything to be unchecked depending on the Blessing. A bolt type attack described as "coming out of your eyes" will have to check the distance when it goes off, but some sort of Divine strike may not, like a bolt striking from the skies onto the target, the God's wrath is unescapable! If you see what i mean.
  8. p140 in the PG is just the start of listing Careers with a couple paragraphs, distinguishing Basic from Advanced Careers without differencing Intermediate, Advanced & Elite. It is meant in this page as Basic vs non-Basic Careers. But the deduction from above should be enough (Priest needs Acolyte finished, thus Rank 3, etc.)
  9. Without taking sides in the argument here, i just found that p.121 "Resolving a blessing" of the PG states that the requirements, once enough Favors are generated for a Blessing to be resolved, they don't need to be checked again : "There is no need to check requirements a second time, nor to roll a second check when the blessings is resolved." It also clarifies that only when the Blessing resolves (invoked AND enough Favors) that you put Recharge Tokens onto it (& not just when successfully invoked), which i was already doing, but i remember a discusion either here or at the table.
  10. Yes. You start encounters at Equilibrium Power/Favors (unless special circumstances, like you cast a spell / invoke a Blessing that starts the encounter, or GM's evil touch)
  11. You could say that the action can only be used once per combat if you want (i would not and Recharge 6 is big enough). No need to restrict this action as its text is faily clear. You (or an ally) crits, heal 1 Wound. You need an active combat, you need to spend your turn action to activate it, and you need to Crit, while it's active. Not much to abuse here anyway I would not allow one attack that deals several Crits to heal several Wounds though.
  12. p.140 in the PG. By deduction from the listed Careers, we know that Witch Hunter Captain, Wizard and Priest are Rank 3 Careers at the minimum, they need Witch Hunter, Disciple & Acolyte to be completed before which are all Intermediate ones. We could deduce that "Advanced" trait for a Career is Rank 3 requirement (Priest, Wizard, Assassin, Witch Hunter Captain). Intermediate for Rank 2 minimum. The Elite Trait (only the Prophet of Doom for now) would be a Rank 4 then.
  13. Along with what has already been said, to help your NPC, you could use some Rank difference approach, like the casting higher rank spells one : your Sorceror has +1 or +2 Rank(s) over your player Wizard, which adds Challenge(s) to his related Magical Sight tests. You Can also say that your Sorceror is taking measures to protect himself, by not using the "wrong" Winds before going out, etc.
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