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  1. I liked "Chac", but right after the first game I planned on using it as a setting for a Descent-adventure.
  2. Steve-O said: When it's ready, I'll post it (probably in the Descent forum.) You can take a look and see what, if anything, you need to fudge if you like. You might be able to get away without owning Runebound itself. The vast majority of the bits I'm expecting to borrow for this will be coming from Descent, since bits are used most often in combat scenarios. And DQ, as I was mentioning, for Dragonfire Dungeon, but that's a one-off that can easily be done other ways if need be. I'd love to see it. Been thinking about something like that myself, but so far I only wrote some adventure stories set in the 'runiverse' ( I really like that phrase) just for fun.
  3. In my group everyone wants to keep the character once chosen and not pick a new one every time we play, no matter if it is Descent or Runebound (and hopefully Dungeonquest very soon). It more or less has become a role playing game for us. Next step will be to leave the board aside (or only use it as a classical map heroes usually get for their quests ). With Steve-O's great work at hand (thanks a lot for that ) it will be a kind of RPG light, with many cards that provide adventures, enemies and story background, from all the games in the "Runiverse". The Decent Hero Cards will suffice as Character sheets I'm sure. I like what I read about this world, but I also like the fact that there ist enough space left to develop our own stuff.
  4. SoylentGreen said: I have the original - and will get the new version for a few reasons: 1. Descent characters - I know - kinda lame, but hey - I want em. 2. I only have the original base game - so to get the catacombs and some of the potential future content will be cool. 3. I LOVE that the effects of the cards are printed on the card themselves. I don't play DQ terribly often - so I forget some of the specifics between plays... I like that the effects and how to resolve the cards are printed right on them and I don't have to look in a manual. 4. Preservation of the original. Mine is in EXCELLENT EXCELLENT quality - and I'd like to keep it that way. These are very good reasons indeed, and they all count for me. Especially No. 3 I'm very much looking forward to this game, and would like to hear more reports from GenCon.
  5. Thanks for showing this. It helped me a lot to decide against Ravenloft.
  6. Another aspect: With 8 players gathered round the tiny board, it gives you the claustrophobic feeling the Gnomes have to suffer . Turn down the lights, let some water from the faucet in the nearby kitchen. Offer some grog to the players...
  7. This game is pretty much about leveling up your character and questing. There is very little interaction between players. And while one player makes his move (which can take some time) the others have nothing to do, which could be a bit boring for them if they only care for their own move and not too much for what the other players do. The doom track variant (it is in the rulebook) will help to speed it up. I would not recommend it for more than 4 players, but definitely as a solo game or as a cooperative game. I only bought it a couple of weeks ago, so I cannot say anything about long time replayability but so far I would love to play it almost daily (which my job prevents ). The Al-Kalim expansion is already on my table and I will try it today. Compared to Talisman, hm..... I prefer Runebound because it is not that long and I like the world of Terrinoth. But that is something that has been argued about in these forums over and over...
  8. Torbal said: My solo variant, using no new rules and just the optional travel hazard rule from the base rules, is this: Play one character, no lurking at cities to try to grab certain market cards, and a knockout equals death. Once your character is knocked out, it's game over. Lather, rinse, repeat... That's the way I played it solo a few times. So far only One Fist lived long enough to see victory .
  9. I do have both games (Runebound only for a week though) and would agree to the other opinions mentioned above. Talisman is a bit too long I think, the movement dice in Runebound defintely add to the adventure style, and if you like the Terrinoth world, the card texts will give you much to read as they contain nice flavor texts. Of course I might prefer it because it's still very new to me but I'm sure it will not lose its charme after a while (although I had some doubts before as you can read in a thread over at the Runebound- or Runewars-Forum, I don't even remember).
  10. Wanderer999 said: Also, there are several types of Overlords. There are the: General type - Plays anything and everything. All rounder. Spawn type - Bogs players down by spamming monsters all over the map, blocking them as much as possible. This type aims to slow players down with useless battles and gain threats as well as clear the deck. A very slow type of game here. Trap type - Focuses on traps to kill the heroes off. Discards many spawn cards for threats to play traps, and at times, even Power cards so that they can play critical traps at important moments. Power type - Gets power cards out early in the game because they are most effective when played early. This type often sacrifices many good cards in order to attain the threats they need for their Powers to be played quickly. Deck type - Uses the deck really fast via Urgency + Evil Genius. Combined with spawning, the heroes lose conquest without even moving forward much. I never thought about this, but you are absolutely right. I think, I am the Power type and will have my players confused next time we play, when turning into a Trap type. Thank you for pointing this out.
  11. shadowtag said: My problem is not that my game pieces (cards, counters, figures, etc) get damaged, but that they get lost, particularly when my kids play! Any suggestions? Card sleeves won't help here, I'm afraid Make it a game after the game: pretend to be in the cockpit of a plane, the pilot has to check all the instruments. Give one of your kids the list of contents (if he/she can read, otherwise you are the pilot), let the others count the cards, etc. and store them away. Otherwise the plane cannot start. (Or will be in danger to crash next time you all want to fly (i.e. play)). If your kids are a bit older and laugh about this pilot stuff, explain to them how important it is to keep the games complete if they want to enjoy playing them in the future as much as today. Appeal to their sense of responsibility. Name each of your kids "safe keeper" of one of the games. If this does not help either, do it yourself.
  12. I only own the old german edition, no expansions. What were they like? New heroes? New rules? New tiles?
  13. Steve-O said: Poeppel said: I was wondering if Runewars could be a game for me, just as Hein99 stated above. And this discussion is only making it worse . Now I not only want to try Runewars but Runebound too. But it seems, that getting Runewars first will make Runebound less interesting. Had Runewars never existed, would Runebound be the game of my choice? And what will my bank manager say to all this? I wouldn't worry about RB ruining RW or the other way around. They are different games set on different scales and with different goals. RW is more of a wargame, RB is more of an "RPG-lite" game. I have played and enjoy both for their respective differences. I owned RB before I bought RW and the latter has not made the former any less interesting to me. Frankly, I think the people who say that are only saying so because RW is the new shiny in town, and they'll probably find their interest in RB returning in time. I feared you would say that. In the end I will get them both, I'm afraid. My budget tells me otherwise but...
  14. Brine said: I recently ran a game with three other people who had never played before. During setup, I heard numerous comments in the vein of, "This looks ridiculously complicated." But after a couple of turns, everyone picked up the flow of the game without issue, and even made comments after the fact about how it was much easier than it initially looked. Exactly. I think setup takes much longer than understanding the rules. But it really gives a wrong impression at first sight.
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