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  1. guzzoid

    elf army

    Very nice neo!
  2. I just wish they had a supplement for owners of the previous book.
  3. I have the previous rulebook. Is it worth the money to get this one?
  4. guzzoid

    elf army

    I am not familiar with the units in this universe but I would like to just start proxying one of my armies for a new army. So lets start with elves: Archer units- just like humans but get 3 attacks and can substitute a single one sword result for a bullseye. Sound good? advice on the other units?
  5. Just got this game. Love it. Want more armies! Now!!!! This game was tailor-made for expansions. The draw will be its flexibility with the use of different armies. With just two armies it feels like half a game! Get a move on FFG!
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