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  1. Well, you could probably use an in-scale star destroyer produced for x-wing as your new gaming table. Can't you see all the advantages to be had from that?
  2. I've been checking FFG's website regularly for a while, but it's only since the armada announcement that I've done so multiple times a day
  3. It's too early to tell anything, but I really can't imagine I'll find it interesting. I would rather spend time to work out and then getting to know a fictional character who's in some way different than me or even just in a more interesting social situation, even if it's just something small like having siblings or some such element to mix it up. I think that for me that's part of the draw of most rpgs I enjoy. I need to try to put myself in someone else's shoes. I understand that that's a personal preference, and that the result might be that this simply isn't the game for me, but I've not yet decided. That's why I'm writing here, to get other people's input on this aspect of the game. What's the draw for those who find the idea great or at least good? Is playing yourself what interests you, or are you intrigued by how your friends are going to act in this game?
  4. This, to me, is the crux of the problem with this game idea for me. I see far less appeal in playing myself in a fantastical situation than some imaginary person I find more interesting than myself (which, finding myself rather boring, is easy to imagine).
  5. I really like the Ghost of Alderaan Imperial Star Destroyer (or a Harrower, if my feverish dreams ever come true) I'll use the name my gaming group have been using ever since we roleplayed a Starship crew in SWTOR (and then re-used the name for a Guns of Icarus' Galleon): "The Sword of Devastation" other ship names for the same group of ships: "Tyrant's Axe" - (Gladiator) "Emperor's Claim" - (ISD) Republic ships: "The Kraken" (Assault Frigate MK II) "Mischief" - (Nebulon B) Not yet sure about others but I'm very tempted to steal some of the suggestions here.
  6. Although you do have to ask yourself, whether anything they can create for X-Wing still feels like a Star Destroyer while being in any way working for the game. Star Destroyers have far too much firepower and are very bad at maneuvering. But maybe they'll create a small version for the game? A tiny Star Destroyer? Would that even still work, thematically?
  7. FFG already abandoed scale in favor of style (well done, btw!). Their official stance on big ships in X-Wing has been (paraprhasing) "not to scale, rather what feels right and works well for the game". So i wouldn't abandon hope for a Star Destroyer yet. But I would certainly forget it being to scale. That'd be sheer insanity.
  8. It really depends on which version of gray jedi you want to use. The Jedi path and Book of Sith paint it as simply not going down either path especially far. Anyone seems to be able to use powers from either side of the force though, with a light side version existing for almost every dark side power. KotOR and the story in which Luke becomes Palpatine's apprentice and turns Gray on the other hand, made it look like a hard earned status. One that allows you to access both sides which in this version isn't something just anyone can do. In this version both the light and dark side are presented as being tempting in their own way. In both cases you had to have experienced one or both extremes. One first has to decide and define the version you want to use and make sure everyone in the group is on board for that interpretation. Then you need to decide for yourself whether you want to tweak the rules to better represent your choice. I doubt the basic ruleset will have anything for something as obscure as the second variation of gray jedi and the first really isn't anything but a philosophical stance.
  9. It's a sticky subject. There are many interpretations of how the dark and light side work. Even if you reduce it to dark side = evil; light side = good, the current Morality system is still missing anything that I regard as advantageous about the dark side. In my opinion, you should always be glancing over at the dark side options and feel tempted. I'm not feeling that even a little. But, to get back to your point: Apart from what I mentioned, I agree. It would probably be far easier to throw out the Morality system and replace it with something akin to the Duty and Obligation systems. The problem, then, would be that you wouldn't have a system that tracks your standing in regard to dark side/light side. You'd need a new system for that Don't get me wrong, I think that'd be the best way to solve it, but it would still require more work.
  10. I'd take the Sorcerer as a rough guideline, turn all his skills and talents into xp by looking up the Allied costs, completely replace his Psyker trait, Psy Rating and the 500xp of starting Powers in exchange for a Mechanicus Implant Trait, a Servo Arm or Servo Harness and a Mechadentrite System. Change the equipment into something vaguely at the same level of availability and you should be fine, but don't treat him as having the Techpriest/Heretek discount for Cybernetics and Implants at character generation. This way you are paying with some xp to get a unique character class tailored to your tastes which is Marine as well as "Techie", also not able to boost yourself with quite the same obscene amount of "pick-whatever-you-like" Implants and Cybernetics the Heretek can easily start with, therefore conserving his validity, though obviously if you're really lucky with your loot and equipment upgrade opportunities in game you'll start closing that gap. This is only my suggestion, obviously you'll need to speak things through with your GM, but if you're willing to up-front pay for your concept with flexibility and a bunch of xp, I don't see any reason not to allow it.
  11. Not according to the Weapon Training talent. Heavy might have been like that once, in a previous edition of the book, but it's now just a category like Plasma and Bolter, though I guess it would be reasonable to demand both the talent for heavy and the weapon category in general, that'd be a GM decision though. As written, if you have the Weaon Training talent for Heavy, you could use every heavy weapon, though I wouldn't handle it that way in most cases. It would be a gargantuan xp dump/waste if you had to buy Heavy (Plasma) and Heavy (Flamer). Also, btw, I'd assume that the second SP in the Renegade profile is meant to be plasma.
  12. The Game Master's Kit, p. 29 mentions Infamy sacrifices to attain and improve Superior Minions of Chaos and says the rules are supposed to be somewhere below, but nope.
  13. SomVone said: Legion Plasma weapons are a step easier to get than any other Legion weapons. I'm pretty sure this is an oversight. Not necessarily. Overheat got a lot worse. It is now a normal hit with full Pen. That's pretty deadly.
  14. I have to agree, it is pretty much impossible to have even an average human with the current system, which is kinda "meh". I like the idea and basis of the system, but I think the minions should have had base traits of 10 or something like that.
  15. We've always handled it in roughly this way: You can roll once per category of item. A category, in this case, is something like "Any weapon Scarce or Rarer" / "Common+ weapon" "A Scarce or Rarer Armour" / "Common+ Armour" and so on. This allows you to try to roll once for a rare weapon, and if it doesn't work, you can settle for something simple rather than getting nothing at all or re-rolling every single item down the list until you get at least some very rare stuff you like. We also allow rerolls on stuff you've already rolled for, but use the slightly modified and rather nifty Acquisition rules from "Into the Storm". Simply put, you get some kind of trouble by looking too hard, be it attracting attention from someone else who wants the same thing, giving a group of smugglers the idea you're trying to root them out and so on. So if you're willing to take that kind of trouble, you can reroll at least once or twice, until you have to accept there's simply nothing there, if you stay unlucky.
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