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  1. My home town game shop doesn't carry any FFG I play. When I ask if they plan on carrying then they can place an order to get what I want. If I am going to wait on an order I would rather it show up at my home. Plus MM prices are what allow me to build my collection.
  2. Does anyone know why every product on the IA site say unavailable?
  3. If I could paint as good as you I would do my nexu based on my cats also.
  4. Can this be used on more then one group? Or once all figures in the group are defeated can it be assigned to another group of figures?
  5. R5 droid for scum to be used like R2 in skirmish. RA-7 for imperials like mentioned above. Sullustan rebel hero
  6. Never thought of it that way thanks for clearing that up.
  7. Boarwolves Mauraders from the Ewok adventure TV movie on Blurrg
  8. I don't see why you can't do that. Unless the 1st sentence where it says "figure in this group" and since Nexu are a single model and not a group.
  9. Maybe they will release campaign heroes like the Allies and Villains packs.
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