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  1. This is funny as crap. I go online trying to find some regular GoT LCG groups and this is the closest I can come up with. I worked at Powelton Pizza (on the same block as Redcaps) for more than 7 years and lived in the neighborhood for almost as long. I'm near Allentown, PA now, and can't find anything up here. I'd like to make it to Philly for one of these game nights but I doubt I can do it soon.
  2. I can use Zap-a-Gap or Duco Cement. I know that the Zap will work, but I want to use something that will actually fuse the plastic together into one piece, like Testors cement does with models. I tried Testors on my BoW figs after washing them in warm soapy water and the stuff failed miserably. Note: This is Duco cement, not Duco Model cement. The directions say that it works well on phenolic plastic, and to use Duco Model Cement for polystyrenes. Considering Testors failure, I doubt that these figs are polystyrene anyway. Does anyone know?
  3. I've had the base game for 3-4 years now, but haven't played in a long time because the poor (nonexistent?) playtesting of the base scenarios left a really bad taste in my mouth. I'm looking for a new 2 player game to buy, and noticed that my nearest Hobbytown has a copy of Fury of the Bear. Would I be wasting my time to buy it and have another go? Some of the threads here suggest that FotB has some big flaws as well. Right now, it's down to FotB, Battles in Westeros, or 1-2 deluxe expansions of the Game of Thrones LCG. Thanks for your advice!
  4. Ubercat


    Yes! Big help, thanks. Just to confirm, a defenders stronghold is always damaged even if he wins the battle, as long as the attacker still has standing units left before the retreat step. Edited to add: Is there any rule keeping players from discussing influence votes before carrying them out. Agreeing for example to each bid nothing in cases where the total bid has to be over a certain amount? This came up a couple times in my last two games. We wanted the bid to fail because neither of us wanted the effect that would result.
  5. Ubercat


    I'm seeing an apparent contradiction in the battle rules. On page 22, the explanation for rounds of combat indicates that for each type of combat effect (specials, routes, damage) the attackers are carried out first, which can lead to some defending units of the same initiative not being able to complete theirs; This is confirmed in the errata which uses the example of pegasus riders attacking berserkers. The pegasus riders special would preclude the berserkers special, even though they're both part of the same initiative round. The concurrent attack rule, also on 22, seems to directly contradict this however. "...if fate cards have already been drawn for a unit type, then all of the cards will be resolved regardless of whether those units are later destroyed or routed." Both players draw all cards for a specific round before any take affect, so it seems that this will always be the case. Which is it? I would also like to clarify some things about strongholds and developments Strongholds are damaged in 2 primary ways. 1. Attacker captures defenders stronghold, and replaces it with a damaged one of his own. (What if it's already damaged? Same result as if it were undamaged?) 2. Defender with full strength SH wins battle, but attacker still has standing units remaining (before retreating); defenders SH is damaged in this case. I imagine that there are also tactics cards that can damage SH's, though I don't have them sitting in front of me to check ATM. Can developments be built on damaged SH's? Thanks again, guys.
  6. Ubercat


    Thanks again for feedback. So, the mobilize order allows your second move to include an attack as long as your first one didn't?
  7. Ubercat


    7. If you move an army into a hex which only contains an enemy settlement (damaged or not), there isn't any fighting during the battle. You just need to be certain that your army strength is greater than that of the enemy settlement; otherwise you'll just retreat your army for no gain, correct?
  8. Ubercat


    Just played my 3rd game tonight, and have a few questions. 1. Is it just me, or are large monsters extremely vulnerable to being routed before they get to draw fate cards? It seems like dragons and giants should be pretty scary to face, but all you have to do is swarm them with a bunch of triangles and you can probably route them before they get to do anything. 2. Rally Support order: If you have more than one city, you can pick different bonuses for each one? The description on page 36 seems to say that, but it could also be interpreted that each city has to give the same bonus category (only influence tokens from all cities, etc). My opponent tonight had two cities to my one, and we both thought that gave him a HUGE advantage and made rally support a no-brainer order for him to use each year. 3 Dueling: can you tag-team duel in the quest phase? You have 2+ heroes within 2 spaces of an enemy hero. You move one hero and duel the enemy and your hero loses. Can you then keep moving heroes in and duel him one at a time until you win or all of your heroes have lost? 4. Unit Special attacks: Human footmen: How does this one work exactly? Your opponent just has to put the first damage on a 1 HP unit and the special is pretty much negated, right? It just becomes a regular 1 damage result. 5. Fulfilling Objectives: When a player fulfills an objective, he then draws a new one; correct? I thought that was the case, but it isn't mentioned under Objective cards on page 30. 6. Placing Map tiles: During board set up, it makes sense to me that cities should be spread out, though the rules don't specify this. Do many players have house rules that city hexes cannot border each other? Thanks for your feedback!
  9. I'm interested in buying the base set of aGoT:LCG, but was wondering if I should wait for the upcoming reprint or just snag it from Amazon. Does anyone know of a reason to wait? Would the reprint fix errors, or just be identical to earlier print runs? I don't know if the base game even has any errors or ambiguities; I just wanted to ask before committing to a purchase. Thanks!
  10. Lebatron said: Good and balanced beginner ones Blood on the Mountain Breaking the Line Chain of Command Tiger Hunt Crossroads (I fix this one by simple removing 2 US Shermans) DOTF-Hellfire Pass Liberation (Give the Germans 2 extra infantry squads) DOTF-Rescue Mission Road to Ruin Silence the Guns There really are many more that to me look pretty good without having played them yet. If I find a likable scenario out of balance I just tweak it. Don't be afraid to do the same. FFG will not be sending men in black suits to your home if you do By Breaking the Line, do you mean At the Breaking Point? It's the first scenario listed in the base game and seems to me to be very imbalanced in favor of the Americans. I've played this one twice so far. The first time was a team game a couple of years ago. As the Germans, my team mate and I never came close to winning, although I forget the details. The second time was a solo game a few weeks ago. I stuck to the divisional limits, so the two American mortars were in separate squads, but this still didn't seem to help much. The Germans had a lot of lucky attack and defense rolls, wiping out American squads left and right, while escaping destruction surprisingly often. The problem was that their units were simply irreplacable when lost, while the Americans kept getting new squads from the reinforcement deck. Even successfully taking out all 4 American MG's, while preserving the 2 German ones didn't make the difference. There was only one safe assault path that I could see, which didn't require a turn as sitting ducks on the barbed wire, being attacked from close range. The Germans sat back in the safety of trenches in the woods (engineer built), killing squad after squad, but never reached a point where that assault could be made without grave danger. Finally on turn 7 they had no choice but to go for it. The game was on the line. They charged through the hole in the wire, and got butchered on turn 8. Even very lucky rolling didn't give them a chance it seems. I'm in the process of setting up for another solo attempt. I'm going to try some new setups, Namely, the Americans are going to position some squads a bit forward to contest the 1pt neutral CP that the Germans get on their side of the map. It has some risk for the Americans but I'm guessing it will delay the Germans for a couple of turns and US reinforcements should still be able to make the difference. One thing seems certain. If the US player sets up a conservative defense, the German can't crack it. My question is how do you see the scenario as balanced. (If we're talking about the same one) What tactics do you think I'm overlooking?
  11. I dearly hope that they're Russian khaki colored, rather than red.
  12. To keep in practice between school semesters I wrote a small javascript program which gives the likely result of a given attack in ToI. It comes in the form of a simple web page when loaded (html doc). The user enters the number of attack dice, the to hit roll, and number of defense dice. The defense roll is hard coded at 5+. The user then has a choice between 100 and 1000 attacks. The program makes the attack the given number of times and returns the average number of hits scored per attack. The more attacks made, the tighter the prediction, as the wild result swings are more balanced out. The program is not currently set up to test one single attack (which could be used in lieu of dice to actually play the game if you had your PC next to your game) but could easily be modified to do so. There's also only limited error checking. I believe that entering a letter where a number is expected would not give useful results. I don't imagine the program to be incredibly useful, as it's not too difficult for an experienced player to guess the typical result, but if anyone's interested and FFG doesn't mind, I'd be happy to share the code. There is no mention of what game it's for in the program, and I'm certainly not making a dime from it. If this is not cool, then I'll say no more and keep it to myself. Please don't ban me for mentioning it. I didn't see anything in the Terms of Use which seemed applicable. I'll give mods a couple days or so to warn me off before I post anything (Assuming anyone is interested).
  13. Thanks, guys. I wonder if FFG would combine sending replacement figs with sending me DotF if I order it direct? As far as the infantry fitting in their slots, I'm probably going to go with magnets. No matter how careful I am, those little pegs will snap eventually. I don't see any way to remove the infantry safely without causing wear and tear on the peg. How do you remove the figures without holding it by the legs? For you guys who use magnets, what have you found that works best? Is there a particular company and product that is most conveniently sized for this game?
  14. Ubercat said: nath: said: I cannot recall extra german infantry being included in Days of the Fox, only tanks....again I could be wrong I had the same missing infantry problem when I opened my TOI box. Following a quick email to FFG explaining the problem, within two weeks I had the replacements in hand at no cost whatsoever....and I am in Australia. So dont hesitate to contact them. Thanks for the answers! I didn't expect that there would be extra infantry in DotF. What I meant was, are the elite German infantry figures identical in both sets? I don't expect to need to combine the troops from both games in one giant battle, so as long as there are enough figures between the two, then I should be set Could someone who owns or has played Days of the Fox answer this please? Are the DotF German elite infantry identical to the ones in the base game? Same cast, same color, etc. I'd rather not bother FFG to send me one single missing mini if I can help it. Of course, if they can replace the erroneous cards as well, it may be worth it. Some of the choices made in designing this game are very surprising. The fact that cards aren't kept secret was disconcerting, but I can see the strategic ebb and flow either way. The weirdest thing was the specification that the attacker rolls all dice, even the cover dice. People like to roll their own dice, and even though it doesn't affect the results in any way, it would have made more sense to have the defender roll the red dice. That seems like it would be the most obvious thing in the world to a board game company. I'm not complaining, just surprised. At this point in time, FFG for me is about 1 step below god. The same spot Games Workshop held 10 years ago! There are about 5 games of theirs that I want to buy.
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