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  1. My Imperial Raider collided with a GR-75 last night. We understood that we were able to take actions as normal, and to treat the touching ships as per the "rulebook page 17". This means the ships can't fire at one another, and we played it that way. BUT is there a rule I am missing somewhere that would allow the rear of the Raider to target and fire on the GR-75?
  2. I would argue that using Mission Control to recruit a soldier or interceptor is within the letter of the rules, but not the spirit of the rules. The card is used to make adjustments after they have been done. If you assign 0 Satellites to orbit when there were no UFOs in orbit, and then afterwards UFOs get placed in Orbit, you can use the card to get a Sat up there to fend it off. Or if you realize you are going to need 1 more Interceptor next turn, and your base can take the 1 damage from the Alien in it just fine, you can pull the Soldier back and get 1 credit back that you have already "spent" (i.e. the Soldier isn't tallying in the Audit phase).
  3. You need to match Gold-Border to Gold-Border. If only the Soldier has the gold border and the task/alien does not, you do not add a die. If a Sectoid Commander had 3 different Gold-Border icons and you threw at it 3 soldiers who matched 1 or more Gold-Border with their own Gold-Border, then yes, you would roll 6 XCOM dice vs. 1 alien die. (2 dice from each solider since they each have a matching Gold-Border skill)
  4. p.218 TIE Pilot and TIE Ace Should have Vacuum Sealed flight suits, like the Military Starfighter Pilot in EotE gets, as the TIE cockpit is not pressurized. p.220 Shadowport Mechanic Has the skill "Underworld" should be "Knowledge (Underworld)" p.223 Physician Has their Talents listed under Abilities.
  5. p. 211 Incom Engineer Has "Holdout Blaster Pistol", should just be "Holdout Blaster" to be consistent with the rest of the entries/book. p. 213 COMPNOR Agent Missing a rank for Knowledge (Galactic Civil War) p.213 Imperial Advisor Lists "Negotiate" not "Negotiation" p.214 Imperial Moff Supreme Inspiring Rhetoric description is has a "< or =" sign where a Success symbol should be (I think) P.214 Imperial Navy Trooper Same stat line as "Imperial Naval Trooper" from EotE, but name is different P.215 Imperial Intelligence Agent Name conflict with EotE entry. EotE entry is Rival level. Perhaps this should be Senior Agent? Special Agent? Operative?
  6. Pg 214: Imperial Army Officer "may perform a maneuver to direction one" should be direct, not direction (matching the previous sentence). Pg 215: Imperial Vehicle Corps Equipment lists both a Blast Vest (+1 soak) and a Trooper Uniform and Helmet (+1 soak). Stat line does not combine these bonuses. The Navy trooper right above has a "blast vest and helmet (+1 soak)" which should be replicated on this entry as well if that was the intention.
  7. If I recall correctly, barring Gain the Advantage, ships of Size 4 or smaller always get to choose where they take the hit. Nope, they just have 2 zones instead of 4 "When attacking a ship of silhouette size 4 or lower, the defender chooses which defense zone the attack hits." pg 235, paragraph 2. "In addition, the pilot also chooses which defense zone he hits with his attack." - Gain the Advantage Action, page 234, paragraph 3. So yes, CCarlson101, you recall correctly. This is one rule I'm not particularly fond of. It makes the ships having two zones completely redundant; every time there's space combat everyone will just pump all their shields into one zone and elect that it's the one to be hit each time. Might as well do away with the concept of zones entirely. That's what Gain the Advantage is used for. When the ship goes "double front" you can GtA and attack the rear with your shot.
  8. If I recall correctly, barring Gain the Advantage, ships of Size 4 or smaller always get to choose where they take the hit. Nope, they just have 2 zones instead of 4 "When attacking a ship of silhouette size 4 or lower, the defender chooses which defense zone the attack hits." pg 235, paragraph 2. "In addition, the pilot also chooses which defense zone he hits with his attack." - Gain the Advantage Action, page 234, paragraph 3. So yes, CCarlson101, you recall correctly.
  9. Fair enough. But slow ships generally don't/can't dogfight. Picture the difference between fighter plans and B52s during WWII. Allied and Axis fighter planes could dogfight each other. But the bombers were too slow and unmaneuverable to dogfight. But they can still do Evasive Maneuvers and Stay on Target and such (as long as they are at least Speed 3 vehicles). No arguing from me. That's exactly what she was doing, only her 4G2Y Piloting skill was never rolled the entire combat, since those are both Maneuvers and not Actions. I think it stemmed from the misconception that by putting a Pilot Specialization under the Smuggler Class that a Smuggler would be expected to actually roll dice in a space combat in a freighter.
  10. This is exactly what Gain the Advantage is, and it has a Speed requirement of 4+, which was the crux of my original problem.
  11. This has all been fantastic. I sat down with the player (happens to be my wife) and explained what you guys pointed out. I made sure the party has enough money to modify the ship (we only play once a month, so I have been lavish with XP and Credits so they can see some progression over the course of a year). She's also investing heavily into the Piloting tree. I explained that the game is tailored to what the players want to do. If she wanted to rewrite her character and write out the piloting stuff, I'd stress space combat less so, unless the players looked to initiate it. She said she really wanted to "be the pilot" so I'll likely have far more varied and interesting piloting scenarios in the future.
  12. 6 PC game, one player wanted to be the "bad ass pilot" so she built heavy into piloting, knowing that when space combat happened, she'd be a huge asset. She wasn't. She felt completely useless. Here's the problem we faced: Maneuvers that are "Pilot only" are vast, but none of them involve rolling ANY dice. The PC with a 1 Agility and no Piloting skill can do these just as good as the 4 Agility, 3 Piloting character. Next problem with Maneuvers: For "combat" it boiled down to two choices: "Evasive Maneuvers" (Increase Difficulty to be hit, and for your gunners to hit, by 1) and "Stay on Target" (Upgrade the attack dice of your gunners, and your enemies who are shooting at you, by 1). Since these both affected the ships' gunners, it was generally a consensus of "the best thing to do is..." which took control out of the pilot's hand. Maneuvering the ship became a "what's best for the group" situation, meaning the pilot's actions became a group decision. But let's get to the heart of the matter: Actions. For point of reference, 2 of the "Starter Ships" have a Speed of 3 (The Firespray, the smallest, is a 4) This group has a Speed 3 ship. This preventing the pilot from doing the ONE useful "Pilot Only" Action: Gain the Advantage (removes the penalty from Evasive Maneuvers for your gunners). You need to be going "4+" to use Gain the Advantage. So our Bad Ass Pilot was reduced to converting an Action into a Maneuver and doing two Maneuvers, which ANY character could pull off, no rolls required. (Yes, there is a whole list of other things characters can do in combat, but the only one of THOSE that requires a Piloting check is "Copilot" which helps out a Piloting check made by the Pilot, so... yeah, that was useless too). Had she been able to roll her awesome piloting she could have been getting Advantage and Triumphs to help out the group in interesting and narrative ways. In the end it became a puzzle like exercise that was playing out with Fly/Drive maneuvers forcing the enemy to use his actions just to get into gun range. Improving the ship's speed to 4 is a top priority now, just so she had dice to roll in combat, but I fear that the "you can only really do this one thing" is going to grate on her quickly. Is there something I missed? All the other characters had a blast boosting shields, slicing enemy computers, repairing the ship, etc. Pilots seem to have been forgotten about.
  13. Captive rancor page 415. Protip: Don't throw that Rancor against freshly made characters. Most of them won't even have enough dice to hurt it, and none of them can survive two hits from it.
  14. For Saga Edition, I ran "What if the PCs took Luke and company to Alderaan", the PCs ended up as the heroes of the movies instead of the usual crew. For this one, I am running the PCs all as agents of Jabba the Hutt, they have the ability to derail the movies if it comes to that, but so far I am simply weaving in the movie events into the background. http://www.deckofmanythings.com/?p=133 is the write up of the first session.
  15. I've scanned the book three times now and can't find this answer. It's entirely possible I might just be missing it. Is it possible to fire beyond the listed Range for a weapon? If yes, what is the penalty? The description of "Range" under weapon qualities tells me to read the Range Bands rules on page 208/9. The Range Band rules don't have any rules about weapon ranges. There is some implication that there is a penalty, but I'm not seeing anything concrete. If I were to make a call, I'd say it would be "add one Difficulty Die per move action it would take to get to the weapon's listed range". So a Medium range weapon firing at Extreme range would be +4 difficulty dice (the worst example I could think of). Players will be players, so they will always want to take a shot beyond the listed range of a weapon if the situation calls for it, so I am not inclined to say "you just can't do that".
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