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  1. Hi Tomkat, Thanks! I really like how Ravaella turned out, overall. I really thought she was going to be the worst character to work on and turned out to be the easier of the four. I definitely agree these figures were the worst cast yet. If you haven't already checked it out, take a look at my Instagram page, it's filled with my older (less skilled work). I really want to strip the paint off Dezra the Vile and fix her after my next batch. That figure is the bane of my previous painting runs. I also aim to have one figure done every week, or so. I only have a few hours in the week to paint them so I fit in 1-2 hours a night when I can.
  2. Hello everyone, I've been away from the FFG D2e forums for far too long but wanted to show off my miniature painting as well. I've painted the majority of the D2e heroes from the core through to the expansions and the conversion kits. I haven't gotten into the H&M Collections yet but I'll get there eventually. I was inspired to get back into painting thanks to watching many of Sorastro's videos. His thorough tutorials helped me understand the steps I was missing to bring my figures up to an even higher standard. I still need to balance out my thinned paints as some of my figures look better than others. Without any further delay, here are my most recent painted figures from the Shadow of Nerekhall expansion. Rendiel was the first hero I started painting before I stopped for about 1-2 years. I was trying to learn how to glaze and get really smooth transitions. I put close to 8 hours into this figure before I stopped painting for the long hiatus. I came back to this figure, after watching Sorastro's tutorials, and fixed a lot of areas. I think he came out pretty good for my first run after such a long break, he also took an additional 6½ hours to finish with my new skills. I then followed up with Orkell the Swift. Most of you are fairly aware how rough this figures face is unpainted. I did my best to fix the model up and came out with this. Sadly, my reaper metallic paints are not the best and I had an extremely difficult time working with all of his metals. I'm not happy with how they turned out and have since ordered Vallejo Air Metallics. From my research, these are the best metallics right out of the pot. I'm also really pleased with shading on his muscles and leather. In hindsight, I probably should have mucked up his boots a bit and made them a bit dirty for another level of detail. Another 6½ hour figure. Next was Tinashi the Wanderer. Another rough model to work with but I generally like how she turned out. I attempted to so some glazing techniques on the base to give a bit of a purple glow to the puff of smoke she's leaping out of. I don't think my transitional highlights are the best here on the purples. I think the paint was not as thin as it should have been. Again, the metal on the hatchet was just a product of poor paint quality, in my opinion. I really need to take my time on the transitions and thin out my paints better. I'm not sure if my ratios are right or when I need to add more water/medium. This figure also took 6½ hours to complete. Finally, I finished up SoN heroes with Ravaella Lightfoot. She was a very quick figure to paint thanks to the lack of crazy details on her. the leather portions should have been a bit darker in my opinion but I really like how her hair and cloth through her hair turned out. I'm a bit disappointed in the shading on her pants. Again, I didn't check the thinness of the paint before applying. Something I'll be certain to check before using on my next figure. Ravaella only took 4½ hours to complete, which was surprising to see. I'll be certain to show off more as I finish them. If you'd like to see my older minis and how my skill has progressed (and a testament to Sorastro's tutorials) see the link in my signature. Any comments, questions or critiques are more than welcome. Thanks for looking everyone!
  3. From the sounds of it, your players (heroes) have not grasped the consequences of either not finishing the quest as detailed (I've seen this with my players as they were used to Descent 1st edition) or not working to the strengths of their classes. If you feel they're just not working together as well as they could. I would suggest not using your OL cards. I've done this for one of my groups and it's helped balance the experience a bit. Well, I shouldn't say to not use the OL cards but use them sparingly. That's more of how I play with my one group. Doing this could help the group's moral a bit to keep the game(s) going.
  4. Another thing to note, since you've already mentioned it's you and your two daughters. The game can be very brutal to the heroes in a 2-3 player game. Currently, there is no balance for playing with less than 4 heroes. So the best suggestion anyone can give you when you finally decide what to get for D2e is: when you start playing, have your hero players play four heroes at all times. That is, until FFG figures out how to balance the game for 2/3 hero games. As Zaltyre pointed out: Stay away from Lieutenant packs until your players are more familiar with the game Big boxes add 4 new heroes/classes to the game and a new campaign Smaller boxes add 2 new heroes/classes and other mechanics Hero & Monster collections add more heroes, monsters and rumors to your full campaigns (or a single shot quest for short term fun) Good luck and enjoy!
  5. Don't forget, we know there are probe droids in the game already. So IG-88 can add to those figures during a skirmish game.
  6. I'm guessing there will be OP kits and probably (hopefully) game night kits (GNK) like they have for Descent. It'll be fun, can't wait to get my hands on the game and try it out.
  7. I was reading the new scum and villainy packs for wave 6 and came across Greedo's card: I believe FFG is stating that Greedo shot first.
  8. Okay, has anyone else noticed the dice set for this game? This looks oddly familiar to this set of dice: I'm really hoping they're not following the old Descent 1st edition dice with having 3 different dice for 3 different attack types (melee - red, ranged - blue, magic - white). Then you have the green dice (more damage) and yellow dice (more range) and then trait dice (black) based on how skilled a hero was using a type of weapon. For instance: A hero rolls 3 black dice when using a magic weapon. A starting magic weapon would usually be either 1 white and 1 green/yellow. So you'd start with 5 dice to roll. Then as you got a more powerful weapon and extra trait dice, you could be rolling up to 10 dice in one shot, lol. Just something I noticed.
  9. I totally agree with you FiendishDevil, just when I didn't think I'd get excited about more boardgames, they drop Armada and Imperial Assault(SW:IA) on us. Yeesh, my poor wallet! lolz
  10. Just get it off of Amazon, super cheap that way, you can get it at almost 30-40% off the MSRP and usually get free shipping.
  11. Just make an Amazon wish list and tell your friends/family about it. That's how I get the majority of my board games now. And yes, I'm super amped for this and Armada. I'm a huge Descent fan and I can't wait to see how this compares to it.
  12. I know this is a silly thought but the first thing I thought of, while I was reading the announcement post, was having a side game of X-Wing when x-wings and tie fighters came within range of one another. Effectively it would be a zoom-in on the action at hand there. So, depending on how the x-wings and tie fighters interact with each other, it would be a funny break form Armada to break off into a round or two of X-Wing to decide that damage there. I know I'm getting ahead of myself but this could be a fun variant here. /shrugs/ Just a thought.
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