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  1. Zabulus

    Invading enemy hex containing only routed units

    In the example given, the defending player might use a Summon Lightning card, killing off the berserker and winning the battle (the bowmen were not in the battle so would not get damage and the resulting 0 - 0 strength tally would be in favor of the defender).
  2. Zabulus

    Summer drought

    You get to choose which units you rout, however. Choose carefully... (Plus, the enemy suffers from the same card, his "routed" units will be destroyed as well).
  3. Zabulus

    Are Tactics Cards able to be played repeatedly?

    In my original rulebook on page 6, all components are listed. In the "tactics cards" part, it reads "These cards are provided by a number of sources and are discarded after use." (my emphasis) You are right, some of the cards are very strong, and they would unbalance the game if they were kept in continuously.
  4. Zabulus

    Summer drought

    The drought card reads: "Any units or heroes that become routed during this season are instead destroyed." (my emphasis) The units are not routed, so they can't be affected by Rally Cry. They are destroyed immediately.
  5. Zabulus

    Archers as Infantry and Multiple Targets

    It may also be worth noting that because these count as separate attacks, things like damage reduction from buildings count for EACH of these attacks.
  6. Zabulus

    Dream came true tonight :)

    I seem to recall reading about this on de BGG boards. Didn't someone reach in his heart and send you the expansion after that?
  7. Zabulus

    to play Bands of Brigands before a battle

    From the wording on the card, I think you should be able to do just that. For clarity's sake: the stolen neutrals have to be routed, so you can't steal them to fight on your side in THIS battle.
  8. Zabulus

    Some questions about the game. :D

    1) Yes 2) Routed heroes can still defend themselves, so the duel would take place normally. 3) They can only do those things in de quest phase.
  9. Zabulus

    What happened!

    It appears they moved the forum to the archives: http://community.fantasyflightgames.com/index.php?/forum/51-runebound I do not know whether this was an accident or if they no longer support the game (or other reasons). I can't find any official message about it. It looks like you can still post messages on it, maybe they will move it back if people do.
  10. Zabulus

    Some questions

    As per the rulebook page 17, being "Fast" only gives you an extra movement during Mobilize and Conquer orders (not even during Strategize), so it would be of no help during the quest phase.
  11. Zabulus

    Some questions

    The original owner gets to choose where the units retreat to. He could either choose the empty or the neutral land (and technically even the enemy land, "giving away" the neutrals). The card does not say you HAVE to lose control. If it were possible (though it is not, in your example), he could retreat them to an area of his own, thereby keeping the units allied. They would still get routed there, though.
  12. Zabulus

    Lopsided Battles

    I think (but you got me doubting now) that this is only true if you have only a single unit type in that initiative level. If you have for instance Latari archers and allied sorcerers, you have to choose for which ones you draw faith cards first. It would be possible for the enemy to kill the other type of units before they have a chance to draw cards, even if they have the same initiative.
  13. Zabulus

    Runewars on Orphan Black

    Based on these comments, my wife and I checked out the show and we really liked it. That's some excellent acting!
  14. Zabulus

    Some questions

    Phew. After reading all of this, I do have one clarification on the first question: 1) You mention "damage" for the Uthuk, and an orb for the Necromancer. Results are resolved as: - Orbs for the attacker - Orbs for the defender - Routs for the attacker - Routs for the defender - Damage for the attacker - Damage for the defender So if the Uthuk player really drew 2 damage icons, the Necromancer ability would trigger first, and the Uthuk would then destroy both the Necromancer and one of the Reanimates.
  15. Zabulus

    Knights and Necromancers in combat

    1. See above answer 2. It depends on whether they are actual neutral neutrals, of allied neutral units. When they are neutral, I think the player left of the active player gets to place the neutrals. If they are allied, however, the player whose units they were gets to choose (and he has to retreat to friendly areas first, empty areas second).