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  1. And making a new rulebook, gathering information about a subject in one place, writing more clearly, not saving words to explain the rules, with more illustrations about complex situations. And with Advanced Rules, has a bunch of them in variant section of any forum.
  2. Lebatron said: Super simple facing rules. In the arc of the front 3 hexes a vehicle may fire without penalty. To fire outside of this arc a vehicle must either turn or rotate its turret. If the vehicle rotates its turret to fire it suffers a -1 die penalty to its concentrated fire attack roll. If the vehicle must turn to fire it suffers a -2 die penalty to its concentrated fire attack roll. Half-tracks have MGs. They are is treated as a Turreted Vehicles? Lebatron said: When performing a fire and move action (remember turretless vehicles may not fire and move, see below) But they can move and fire forward, against a target in their face, in their arc of fire (not in targets out of their arc of fire).
  3. 7times7is49 said: MGBM said: What would you like to see next for ToI? Well... For starters... TIDE OF IRON expansion ideas Dragon’s teeth (same size as tank traps, razor wire? impassable for vehicles?) Crater (same size as entrenchment, pillbox? Mv penalty for vehicles?) Underground Bunker Boats Civilians Different ammunition for tanks. HE, AP--probably covered by op cards Trench (same size as entrenchment, pillbox? Or in shape of razor/tank trap? No MV penalty if moving contiguously to/from another trench hex, bunker, pillbox, or entrenchment. Does not trigger OpFire. ) Wall (same size as razor wire, tank trap? Impassable for vehicles, -1 mv to inf?) Anti-Tank Mines (for AT specialization?) P.O.W.’s (taking routed squads.) Operation Cards Snow Frostbite Night. Firing Range/LOS is halved? (Supposedly in designer series) Low Ammo. May only make Concentrated Fire actions or support attacks. Zeal. Gain 1 CP for each enemy squad routed or destroyed. Blitz. Your squads do not receive movement restrictions for Fire and Movement or Assault Actions Hero. Similar to Elite Tank. +1 FP +1 MV “Zimmerit” thin concrete over tanks vs. magnetic mines (+1 armor vs. infantry?). Exhaustion/Illness. Camouflaged vehicle or equipment? Concealed vehicles/equipment? Strategy Cards Scorched Earth. Target controlled command objective. Remove command objective from the game. Retreat. Play during opponents turn between actions. Target non-fatigued squad gains +1 movement and may only Advance to a hex not containing enemy units. Molotov Cocktail (and rules on fire?) Tank crews escaping when vehicle is heavily damaged (1 squad of regular infantry?) Allow set-up of entrenchments during deployment Demolish enemy command objectives Reinforcement hexes must be controlled in order to receive support Flares (for night rules? Normal los & visibility w/in area of effect? BAR or LMG differentation. Lower range and firepower, allow fire and movement? (R/F=4/3 vs. inf. 2/1 vs. vehicles?) SMG? Lower range and firepower, allow fire and movement? (R/F=3/2 vs. inf 1/1 vs. vehicles?) half track mounted guns 105mm, 47mm, etc. i.e. 75mm Ranger Cannon Co. between 57mm & 88mm. R/F 6/6 vs. inf. 10/8 vs. vehicles. Destroyed Flamethrower squads cause damage Death of Officers=change of Operation Cards use of rough hexes when buildings/roads are destroyed (covered by Normandy!) eliminate rounds and play to the death New terrain tiles* Large/Wide Bridge Large/Wide River Hill with cover Dam Railway Station Railway Tracks Church with Steeple Swamp Ruined Building Industrial Building/Factory Radar Station Airfield Oil Depot Warehouse City Blocks Windmill Multi-Level Building Multi-Level City Block Ditch Ammo Depot (Covered by Normandy!) note: this is from an old forum thread Finally I found a way to speak in variants without using this word that scares so many people ... 27. Move and OpFire: In the Fire and Movement Rule a new option Move and stay in OpFire. 28. 29. Wreckage: Destroyed vehicles stay in the terrain and can be used as cover. 30. The crew of a Heavy Damage Vehicle can be abandon it. 31. Weapons on the ground: when a squad is destroyed his weapons stay on the terrain. 32. Anti-Tank: Anti-Tank weapons can fire against buildings, trenches, pillbox. 33. Flamethrower: can defend in assaults.
  4. Unfortunately I can not edit this topic. So, for better viewed: http://boardgamegeek.com/thread/633214/plateau-ad-infinitum-a-simple-rule-about-hills-and
  5. I saw that some ideas can be applied in two situations: - Only to Concealed Squads: in this case the rules for Concealed Squads are applied normally (move by terrain with cover, not being attacked when is n the , etc.). - To all squads: in this case the squad is not Concealed and is revealed as soon as they enter in LOS of some enemy unit. VanCamper said: You can set up all squads with just regular infantry units, assign each squad a number, and write on a sheet of paper by each number what the actual composition the squad is and what its actual support weapon is. Once one of the squads is revealed, add the weapon token to base, and if MG or elite, replace appropriate number of reg. infantry figures with the elite/or MG figure. I like your idea, is similar to my "1. Concealed Squad", just substitute tokens by regular squads, but the idea is the same and applying to all squads. I think option "4. Concealed and Invisible" can apply when to use Concealed Squads in the game, using coordinates system as in chess and writing on the paper the unit localization. This system is used in Coflict of Heroes and can be used in TOI. Of course, the player must be honest in their moves and when have to reveal his squad.
  6. After rereading the rules and try to understand what they really say (without having to interpret something that does not exist), I reached the same conclusion that some friends have already posted previously. OpFire units can support Assaults, but not can lead it. --------------- The Rules: Resolving an Assault Attack All assaults attacks are resolved using the sequence below: 1. The active player declares which (if any) friendly squads are supporting the assault with combined fire. Up to two friendly squads in hexes adjacent to the target hex may support the attack, even fatigued squads (but not pinned or disrupted squads). --------------- In the game, Fatigued Squads can not perform any further action, nor even provide LOS. However, in Assault, "even fatigued units" can support the assault. If "even fatigued units" (they can not do anything else in the game) can support an assault, why should OpFire units (which can still act) could not support an assault? If OpFire could not support an assault, the manual say it in two ways: 1.Up to two friendly squads in hexes adjacent to the target hex may support the attack, only fresh and fatigued squads (but not pinned or disrupted squads). OR 2. Up to two friendly squads in hexes adjacent to the target hex may support the attack, even fatigued squads (but not pinned / disrupted or OpFire squads). The error is in the manual, saving words to say what is possible or not, leaving us a legacy of doubts. --------------- A Fatigue Squad already taken an action in a space of time. He has raced like crazy, he crossed the field dodging bullets, he may have lost one of its soldiers during their action. But even so, the Fatigued Squad still finds the strength to support your friends in a Assault. Meanwhile, a OpFire Squad is a "good life", sitting in a sheltered spot, just watching the field, waiting for some enemy appear to have to do. The OpFire Squad does not need to risk, run like crazy, cross an open field taking shots and losing their soldiers. So if a Fatigued Squad can support an assault, the "good life" OpFires also has to support a assault!
  7. Hefsgaard said: Squads in OP-fire can not be activated with assault orders, as they already have been given orders. However the rules seem to indicate that they Can support assaults, as they are not fatigued. This is the problem, one time can do, another time can not do. OpFire unit can not (because already is ordered). Another time they can do (because they are not fatigued). We can see that the units can be in three conditions / situations: - Fresh. - OpFire. - Fatigued. But, about OpFire the situation is vague and ambiguous, and OpFire can be interpreted as "Fresh" one time, and as "Fatigued" another time, depending on the situation. This is a wrong in the rules! And after so many years, what the FFG tell us about it? A simple aswers solve all problems: 1. OpFire units can lead or support assaults. 2. OpFire units can not lead or support assaults. Simple. End.
  8. Really, well remembered. But I can not edit my topic (why not?). So, here is correct: HILLS COVER: 1 Units on Hills get +1 cover when they are attacked by units that are in lower terrains. But, higher positions do not cover from Mortar or Artillery attack.
  9. The rules above seem much simpler and more coherent than the official rules and I only play with them.
  10. The purpose of these rules is to facilitate the understanding of the hills rules, using a logical rationale about the hills and plateaus. PLATEAU ´AD INFINITUM´, When a unit is on a hill and adjacent to this unit there is hill with the same level, it is a plateau and the unit don´t have Line of Sight in that direction, no matter the distance of the target. If there is a hill with the same level some hex away, this hill also creates a plateau, blocking the terrains that are behind it and the unit don´t have Line of Sight in that direction. _________________________________________________ Example 1: A can not see B, C or D. __A__ ____ | L1 | L1 |_____,_____,_____ , __B__,__C__,__D__,_____ _________________________________________________ Example 2: A can not see B, C or D. __A__ ____ | L1 |_____,_____,_____| L1 |__B__,__C__,__D__,_____ ________________________________________________ Example 3: A can not see B, C or D. __A__ ____ | L2 | L2 | | L2 | L2 |_____,_____,_____,__B__,__C__,__D__,_____ _______________________________________________ Example 4: A can not see B, C or D. __A__ ____ | L2 | | L2 | | L2 |____,_____,_____| L2 |__B__,__C__,__D__,_____ _______________________________________________ LEVEL 1 HILLS When a unit is on a Level 1 Hill and between it and the target there is a Forest, Building, Bunker, etc, this obstruction causes a 'shadow' of two hex, which blocks the Line of Sight of units in this terrain. ________________________________________________ Example 5: A can not see B or C. __A__ | L1 |_____,_____,_____#####__B__,__C__,__D__,_____ _________________________________________________ LEVEL 2 HILLS When a unit is on a Level 2 Hill and between it and the target there is a Forest, Building, Bunker, Level 1 Hill, etc, this obstruction causes a 'shadow' of one hex, which blocks the Line of Sight of units in this terrain. ________________________________________________ Example 6: A can not see B. __A__ | L2 | | L2 |_____,_____,_____#####__B__,__C__,__D__,_____ _________________________________________________ Example 7: A can not see B. __A__ | L2 | ____ | L2 |_____,_____,_____| L1 |__B__,__C__,__D__,_____ _________________________________________________ And to complete: HILLS COVER: 1 Units on hills get +1 Cover when they are attacked by units that are in lower terrains.
  11. Hefsgaard said: The machinegun only gets to fire in Op-fire, if actual movement occurs. If the assaulting unit starts adjancent to the target hex, there will usualy be no movement. But, if your squad is adjacent to the enemy terrain and left a vehicle, trenche or pillbox to make a assault, he can be attacked by OpFire. And the Machine Gun in OpFire (or other unit in OpFire) can defend agains the assault, as other squad. BuddhaBob74 said: Additionally, an advance AFTER an assault (taking the free ground) is also not subject to Op Fire. Base rulebook pg. 34, part 9 of resolving an Assault. It is right. During a Assault, OpFire units can not attack units that retreat after being assaulted nor units that advancing to a terrain that was empty after a successful assault.
  12. flatlander37 said: Then I can activate the fresh squad in the transport and exit the transport, using 2 movement points and then assault the enemy squad? Yes, you can!! And when your squad jump out of the vehicle, he can be attacked by a unit in OpFire. Remember: Exit from vehicles, trenches and pillbox can activate a OpFire, but enter in these places not. If the OpFire squad is in the terrain that will be assaulted, this unit can make a OpFire attack against your squad that left the vehicle and after, this unit can defend from assault, attacking your squad again. Assaults and counter-assaults...
  13. To summarize: 1. Squads in OpFire can lead assaults? ( ) No. ( ) Yes. Then they can move to occupy the terrain that was empty after a successful assault? ( ) No. ( ) Yes. 2. Squads in OpFire can support assaults? ( ) No. ( ) Yes. Then they can move to occupy the terrain that was empty after a successful assault? ( ) No. ( ) Yes. Bazookajoe said: I look forward to the final ruling from FFG. And what was the final ruling from FFG?
  14. Ideas, only ideas.... 1. CONCEALED SQUAD. You can also leave a numbered token on the board instead squad with his concealed token. Off the board you have a litle plastic cup with the same number of your concealed squad token, and under the plastic cup is your concealed squad. Your enemy does not see which squad is concealed until it is revealed. Write in a paper would be ideal, but ... 2. TRANPORTING SQUADS. I think you can apply this idea in transported squads. The transported squads is hidden under the litle plastic cup, without your enemy know who is in transport. 3. FOG OF WAR. And I thought further. Early in the game all units start hidden and are revealed as you enter in the line of sight of any enemy unit. Then there would be several numbered tokens on the board (representing the units) and tokens with the corresponding number in the player's play area, where the units are hidden. Whenever a unit come out of the line of sight of a enemy unit it return to stay hidden. 4. CONCEALED AND INVISIBLE: We can apply the system of coordinates, as in chess. A1, A2, B2, C3, D4 ... When a unit moves, the player writes on a paper the coordinate that the unit is. This annotation is very simple and does not make the game harder. Imagine you move toward the enemy territory, when faced with a lot of woods in your front. Scary to get close knowing that there are hidden units somewhere and that any time you may get shot, not knowing where.
  15. OpFire!! Exit vehicles, trenches and pillbox can activate a OpFire attack, but enter in these places no.
  16. neo_love_maggie said: how does mortar crew works in combine fire?does it attack the single target or the hole hex? The mortar attack the terrain and all units there, not a single unit. Mortar can only combine fire with others mortars. Mortar can attack a unit without LOS, but a non-fatigued unit need to see the enemy to pass his position and coordinated to the mortar. Mortar can not make Attack and Movement, can not make Assaults and can not defend himself from Assaults. Mortar can not attack adjacent hex. Mortars can not stay in OpFire. But the others soldiers in the same squad with mortars can defend by Assaults, can attack adjacent hex, can stay in OpFire and can combine fire with other units.
  17. Exiting Vehicles, Trenches and Pillbox can trigger OpFire, but enter in these sites no.
  18. We can conclude that: A Tank can only make a Overrun if he can enter in the enemy terrain, Pin ??all "pinnable" squads and then leave the terrain. To make an Overrun, a Tank must have enough Movement Points to do the Overrun completely. That is, the Tank needs to spend 1 MP to enter in the terrain, 1 MP to Pin each squad "pinnable" in the terrain and spend more 1 MP to leave the terrain. That is why, when a Tank enter in a terrain to make an Overrun, the Tank may suffer an attack OpFire before anything else. If the attack to leave the Tank Heavy Damaged it must go back to the vacant lot and Overun had no effect. (PS: If my english is wrong when I say "to Pin the squad" and "pinnable squads", correct me ok).
  19. Lebatron said: Flamethrowers can not target units 2 elevation levels above them, nor can they fire beyond 1 hex range. ie no long range fire possible. I agree! I hope that FFG become official. Remember: 'Flaming Death: When a flamethrower squas attacks an adjacent enemy unit, the attacking squad gains +2 firepower and the target unit receives -5 cover". Rule Book, page 44. The bonus only applies to adjacent attacks. Flamethrowers can only burns the adjacent hex.
  20. Lebatron said: For one thing I kind of disagree in giving tanks the concussive bonus against bunkers. These bunkers had feet worth of concrete protecting the troops inside. [...] Personally I would not allow concussive against bunkers. In the TOI rule book, page 40: Concussive Firepower: When a tank attacks a squad located in a building or pillbox, the tank receives +3 firepower and +3 range. I dont have "Normandy", but apparently it does not says anything about it. So, I believe then what matters is the oldest rule cited above, the "veteran rules".
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