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  1. I agree. We need an update! And I also agree that we just need more of what we have, don't add more mechanics.
  2. Played again this weekend and had a great game! Made me decide to come check the thread to see if there was any news of an expansion...I really want one!!
  3. When will we get these?? It seems like it has been forever. The unofficial FAQ on BGG works very well, but I would still like to see an official one sooner rather than later. Also, I am dying to here about any expansions for the game. I hope they don't add much in the way of new mechanics since the game takes a long time as it is. One good idea I saw on BGG was to have the objective tokens be worth something and even have it be worth something to defend them successfully. That could be cool. But I hope the expansions focus mostly on new races, units, and maybe upgrade cards. PS. It seems like Space Marines could use a bit of a buff...
  4. People are referring to their "shades" and "glazes". At least I was. Shades will be the most important and useful for you. I Have been using Nuln Oil, Agrax EarthShade, and Seraphim Sepia a lot on these minis, (I used Beil-tan green for the trandoshans). PS if you like the "dirty" look of some of the storm troopers out there, they do use a black wash (like Nuln Oil), but some of the cleaner paint jobs that I have prefered (in the movies they look immaculately clean lol) just get the black parts with thin, black paint and no shading, but that can be tedious.
  5. I think it is unnecessary to Gloss and then Matte. It does provide better protection, but *can* make the model look a little "thick" (its not as bad as it sounds). If you are planning on just throwing these models in a box when your not using them, then by all means gloss then matte, but if you are going to keep them in foam, a good matte finish (like testors) will be just fine.
  6. In my experience, you get more even, thin coverage when you spray vs handpaint. but its just preference. And it is faster.
  7. Good choice on the Vallejo. I have the game color, game air, and model air lines. I'm mostly using game air and game color, but I also airbrush as much as I can. Even if you don't have an airbrush, you should consider the game air line because the paints will already be thinned for you and they have finer pigment (if you don't, ALWAYS THIN YOUR PAINTS). As for washes, I typically use GW citadel washes and glazes, they really do seem to be the best. Vallejo makes a gloss coat (it's just called Gloss Coat I think) that is basically what ard coat is and it's what I use for the shiny helmets and storm troopers and such. unless you are going to gloss the whole model, be sure to give it a matte or satin (you'll probably want matte) finish. Testors is the best (get it at hobby lobby), but any matte coat will work. Use a spray can for that, don't hand paint it on. Then hand paint any areas you want glossy. Hope this helps.
  8. Yeah, I wouldnt be able to do it this coming week either. I am also up for either as I'm pretty excited to play and I don't know who or when that will be. I also have all of the xwing ships, but unfortunately I rarely get to play.
  9. I might be interested. I should have the game soon (I'm trying to sweet talk my girlfriend into letting me have it before Christmas...I know it is under the tree!). What time are you thinking about playing? Campaign or skirmish? Do any of you play xwing as well? Adam
  10. Checked with miniature market today and was told they were expecting their shipment within 24 hours and they should ship this week.
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