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  1. It is a great game that is easy to learn and play, but the game is best with 3 or 4 players. However, I have had entertaining games of Nexus Ops with just 2 player, and there are suggested special setups for this. If someone wanted to teach a new player to the game (especially if they are not a wargamer), I would say that a one on one game is the way to go and even guide the new player when certain conditions or situations come up that new players might not be aware.
  2. Grand Stone said: What if both engineers are killed before they can claim the tiger? Does the russian win then? The game is a draw. The Soviets win if they destroy the Tiger tank. Grand Stone said: A second question, what if the russians occupy the vicotry hex before the germans? Can they then do anything to destroy the tiger? If the Soviets occupy the hex with the Victory Objective Marker, then the Germans need to take it away from them somehow. The soviet player cannot destroy the Victory Ojbective Marker.
  3. Ray's Scenario Pack for Tide of Iron is now available for download on BGG (Board Game Geek). Are you tired of scenarios that are not thoroughly tested, and as a result you start playing a scenario only to discover that it seems a bit unbalanced and not very entertaining and/or challenging? Well, try the four (4) scenarios that come with RSP4TOI.zip and you will discover this is not true. In fact, two scenarios have very good replay values due to their design, and you find yourself playing these over and over.
  4. Oops, typo… just ignore one of the L's in "ballance" on page 3.
  5. Yes, an official Fury of the Bear errata is greatly needed! I'll repeat that… an official Fury of the Bear errata is greatly needed!
  6. I haven't played all teh FOTB scenarios yet, but I have played the first five, and I can say that as a whole, they have been a bit of a let down. Especially since most of them have been one sided. However, a few can be easily corrected as I have mentioned in earlier posts.
  7. We played the "Tank Fight at Prokhorovka" scenario three times last weekend, and we discovered a major flaw in the scenario in that the Germans can almost always win if play it right. In fact, two very good players worked together as Russians played against one German player, and the German player still won easily. How? Basically, the trick for the Germans is to get one VP more than the Russian player. Once the German player achieves a VP advantage, the Germans pull back to good defensive positions and forces the Russians to come to them. When that happens, the Russians tend to get the short end of the stick. To make a long story short, we think the victory conditions should be altered to reflect the need for the Germans to keep advancing. This hasn't been test played yet, but the victory conditions we came up with, and we think might work better would be simply this: Russians get 1VP for each German Tank destroyed. Germans get 1VP for each MkIV and 3VP for each Tiger that exits. Needless to say, the Tigers still draw attention as before, but with different results. Again, this has not been tested, but seems more interesting than the original victory conditions because now the only way for the Germans to get VPs is to keep advancing. Game Note: We played this a few times using the Ground Support Deck I, but I think it seems to make more sense if it were the "Combined Air Support Deck I". Need an official ruling about this typo in the scenario.
  8. Scammer said: In the Tank Fight at Prokhorovka scenario in Fury of the Bear, the Germans are supposed to start with the Operations Card "Elite Tankers". There is no such card as "Elite Tankers". Do they mean "Elite Tank Crew"? Bill's already aluded to the fact that there appear to be typos in the Prelude to Breakout scenario. Although what typos exactly, it hasn't been said. I'm assuming Elite Tankers is supposed to be Elite Tank Crew. Do FFG pay anyone to proofread before they go to print? And as an aside, has anyone played any of the scenarios in FotB (besides me)? I've seen a lot of talk, but not too many people playing. Also in the Tank Fight at Prokhorovka scenario, it says "Ground Attack Air Support Deck 1" Is it supposed to be "Combined Air Support Deck I" or "Ground Support Deck 1"
  9. VolksCamper said: Redesigned hedgerow map sections (hedges along hexsides instead of in middle of hex),hex tiles with edge stone walls I was actually shocked a little that they didn't run hedges along hexsides. When the Normandy expansion came out, that was one of my biggest complaints. Also by using hexsides, they can introduce fences and walls. But currently, they way they do things is that each "hex" is a terrain type. As for limiting the number of units that can perform a Combined Fire, I actually like this. Limit number of units in a Combined Fire attack to 2 units for green or untrained troops, 3 units normal or regular troops, and 4 for veteran or elite troops. Though, I would still make a Combined Fire attack one action regardless of the number of units that participate. That way it doesn't mess up the game mechanics. Also if you only have two actions per turn, how would you fire three units in a Combined Fire?
  10. I don't visit this site (FFG forum) as much as I would like to, but here is the link Malcolm (Brummbar44) is talking about: http://www.boardgamegeek.com/thread/839589/new-scenario-from-brummbar44-com-worthington-for Also, you will find some tactical notes, but try to play the scenario first before you read the tactical notes.
  11. Dam said: Yes, you can bring them with you and yes you can use his ability.. Dungeon has space for a Dragon, Colossal Ogre, even the Battle Hulk looks like being quite large but they are arguing over a horse's size ? Good point. Maybe the dungeon is very large like Moria (underground complex) that lays under the Misty Mountains in The Lord of the Rings. However, even within Moria, it would be very difficult to impossible to ride a warhorse much less drag along a horse and cart in some parts as you journey through it, and yet you can still encounter large Trolls and even a Balrog.
  12. Something interesting came up not long ago. A player with a warhorse and a mule decided to go into the dungeon. Another player said, "But if you do that, you will lose your warhorse and mule." The other player said, "Really? Are you sure?." We looked in the rules and found nothing about this. To make a long story short, nowhere in the 4th edition of the Dungeon rules does it say anything about taking a warhorse or even a horse and cart into the dungeon. However, we decided to look in the 2nd edition of the Dungeon rules, and there it was in black and white. Players cannot take mules, the horse and carts, etc. into the dungeon. So, my question is two fold: 1) Can a player bring their warhorse and mule into the dungeon? 2) If so, can a player use the warhorse's ability while in the dungeon? Logic seems to say to "no" to both, but it is not in the 4th edition rules.
  13. RayGuns said: The question above was posted on 25 January, 2012, or over a year ago, and there seems to be no official answer yet. Much less the needed FAQ as there are several errors in the rulebook and scenarios. Was supposed to say, "…was posted on 25 January, 2012, or over half a year ago, and…"
  14. remkowal said: Hi, Last week I came across the following issues when using the sabotage 'Infiltration' card. I Might be interpreting the rules around this card wrong so please share your ideas/clarification about this card. According to the game flow a sabotage card (in this case the infiltration card) is drawn and executed during the 'Status phase' Step 1. The infiltration card gives the opportunity to fatigue 1-3 units but during step 1 of the 'status' phase, the tokens are not removed yet (which is step 2). So it does not seem to make much sense (also because most units are fatigued anyway at this stage). I can only suggest that this card is resolve during Step 3 (place in Op Fire mode) of the status phase. Does anyone have any ideas how this can best be resolved? In addition… In our situation a 4 was rolled which mean that one of the 3 selected units is chosen by the opponent and switches sides (so is under control of the opponent). The opponent chose a unit which shared the hex with a tank. How is this situation resolved? Does the unit (which changed sides) 'retreat' to a free hex nearest to the opponents side? Cheers! Great question… The question above was posted on 25 January, 2012, or over a year ago, and there seems to be no official answer yet. Much less the needed FAQ as there are several errors in the rulebook and scenarios. If you play the "Shock and Awe" scenario, there is a good chance one of the situations above will happen. In fact, we were playing the other day, and had it happen. The three units picked were not only one top of tanks (Tank Riders - Operations Card), but in one hex there was one infantry squad and two T-34 with one of the T-34s carrying an infantry squad. It turned out that the squad riding on top of the T-34 switched sides, but what was to be done? Surely, the squad had to dismount - while on top, wouldn't they have an excellent chance to take the tank? Anyway, since the hex was full, and enemy units cannot be in the same hex, we just simply rolled a D6 to randomly determine which adjacent hex they were to be placed in - provided it was available (no enemy units). By no means is this an official ruling, but at the time seemed to be the most logical way of dealing with the situation. What have others been doing to resolve the situation(s) mentioned in the original question? Also, we agree. If the unit is fatigued, it is for the next Game Round, and not the current as that would make no sense.
  15. TheKaiser33 said: You do need to declare what type of activation you are doing when you activate the unit. However, if you are doing a fire & movement there is nothing that says you have to declare how far you're going to move. So: 1) You declare a fire & movement action. You have the squad fire at an enemy squad that is in op fire mode and try to pin it. Your attack fails so you decide that your squad will not move any hexes, thus denying the enemy unit a chance to op fire you. 2) You declare a fire & movement action. You advance into a hex that is in LOS and range of an enemy unit that is in op fire. Then enemy decides not to attack you with the opfire in hopes that you will move closer. You decide that's as far as you will advance and fire from there, thus avoiding enemy op fire. This is where the historical tactic of "Overlapping Fields of Fire" come in handy. This will take care of situation #2. As for situation #1? Well, you got the drop on them, or they couldn't get a good fix on your position fast enough, or there wasn't enough time to focus on the target after being fired at, or the fire from you unit was just enough to cause them flinch for a second. Remember, if those moves are carried out in Action Turns, it sorta all happens at once. If your opponent really wanted to attack your unit before it dove into cover or out of line of sight, then they should have made sure they won the initiative so they could take their action turns first.
  16. neu.descolado said: You declare a ASSAULT action. Ops...STOP! I will attack! Not if the squad making the assault is already adjacent to the hex it tends to assault. In this case, then you cannot perform Op Fire. But yes, when you choose to Op Fire is somewhat important at times, and tricky. If you wait to long, you might loose your opportunity to fire. Also, if you fire to soon, an enemy unit taking a Fire and Move action might just get a range one attack on you. Tactical Hint: Placing units in Op Fire is usually a good tactic - especially for MGs because of their Rapid Op Fire ability - but there will be times Op Fire will be a bad choice because those units will only be able to fire if the enemy actually move. For example, let us say the British move first in the Action Phase. As a result, the German player would like to place their anti-tank gun in Op Fire because it has LOS on a British tank, and wants to fire at it when it attempts to move out of LOS. However, if the British tank does not move, the German anti-tank gun will not be able to attack it. The British tank on the other hand might get a free shot at the German anti-tank gun as long as the British tank does a Concentrated Fire action, or a Fire and Movement and fires before it moves. The latter being the more risky of the two because if the attack does not take out the German anti-tank gun, it will no doubt fire at the British tank when it starts to move.
  17. RayGuns

    Assault question

    San said: Hi! Can an "assault" action be performed without moving? Thanks a lot. As in you are in an adjacent hex? As long as its a possible situation to assault the hex you are adjacent to, then yes you can can assault without moving since you are already in an adjacent hex. You might be thinking, "When can you not assault an adjacent hex?" Well, if its a cliff (two levels) like what you see in some of the Normandy expansion scenarios, then it is not possible to assault even if adjacent. Though, there might be a special card that allows it. If you are asking about the movement after a successful assault, then yes you can. The advance after a successful assault is optional. The player does not have to if they do not want to advance into the hex the defender moved out of.
  18. RAF1945 said: Officers alone should not be able to shoot if there are only officers in the squad... It was almost comical when my friend had an 2 squads with only officers left that were flame throwers and had Merciless assault... EACH GOT 5 DICE ON A HEX WITH ITS COVER TAKEN OFF! Very useful bit of info from the RCD (Rules Clarification Document) which can be found on BGG: Q: In Tide of Iron, does each figure represent one soldier? A: No. Each squad (one base with up to four figures) is a representation of somewhere between 10 to 24 soldiers – it varies a little from scenario to scenario. The easiest way to look at this is to think of each base as a small group of soldiers (about 12 maybe) and the figures – and specialty tokens – represent what type of squad it is and its threshold level (2 to 4 hits) before being removed from play.
  19. RAF1945 said: Can some one explain the smoke munitions in FotB clearly? I think it says that you the range against vehicles but how dice do get? Also can any squad of vehicle use munitions? Munitions tokens that can only be assigned to specific vehicles (including pieces of equipment). Not squads. Smoke is not normal ordnance. Instead, the attacking player targets a hex and not a unit. The round creates smoke in the target hex. When attacking with a smoke round, the attacking player uses the same number of dice as if attacking a vehicle regardless of what might be in the hex itself. If at least two hits are rolled, place a smoke token in the targeted hex. If only one hit is scored, roll a red and a black die to determine drift. The colored dice indicate how many hexes away the smoke round drifts and in what direction it drifts. If no hits are rolled, then a misfire has occurred; discard the smoke munitions token with no effect. Important Note: the colored (red and black) dice for drift in FotB are different from that in the base game. To be consistent with the base game, the black die should be used used for distance and the red die for direction. But hey, that's me. I think it would be good to keep it consistent.
  20. RayGuns


    I feel the rules are pretty clear about this, so I will just quote the rulebook: "Overrun: Unlike other units, a tank may move through (but never remain in) a hex containing enemy units (even through a hex that is at the stacking limit). The movement cost for an overrun is the normal cost to enter the hex plus one movement point for each enemy unit in the hex. Immediately after the active tank leaves such an overrun hex, every enemy squad in the hex immediately becomes pinned (vehicles are unaffected, as are squads being transported in vehicles or located in entrenchments/ pillboxes). Squads already pinned or disrupted are unaffected. A tank may never end its movement in a hex containing enemy units." However "entrenchments/pillboxes" should now say "entrenchments/pillboxes/trenches" due to the new fortification type added by the FotB expansion. 1) units = squads, vehicles (tanks, trucks, half-tracks), anti-tank guns. Counting all units in a hex including those in a fortification (entrenchments/pillboxes/trenches*) 2) only squads get pinned unless they are in entrenchments/pillboxes/trenches 3) squads already pinned or disrupted are unaffected. (clearly stated in rules) 4) Panzerjaeger is correct. Tanks can enter the hex with entrenchments/pillboxes/trenches, but cannot enter the entrenchment/pillbox/trench fortification itself. So a tank could overrun a hex with entrenchments/pillboxes/trenches in it, but couldn't occupy the trench itself and take advantage of its cover. Example: if a tank wants to overrun a clear terrain hex containing 1x tank, 1x truck, 1x squad that is in an entrenchment. The movement cost to overrun that hex would be +1 for the terrain and +3 for the three units in the hex for a total of 4 movement points. So it would need a minimum of 5 movement points to pass through the hex as it can never remain in that hex. If it doesn't have the 5 movement points, then it can't attempt it. Immediately after the tank leaves the hex, nothing is pinned.
  21. I get the strong impression that FotB was released before it was ready.
  22. Yes and Yes. Basically, you can Op Fire at the enemy unit anytime you want, but you can only attack the enemy unit if it just moved into a hex that is in range and in LOS.
  23. Hefsgaard said: I will be looking forward to the official errata then! It will indeed make smoke more usefull, though perhaps not enough. But the rules still states that it only lasts one round. Rob mentioned that it will get updated, but experience tells me that could take some time. Maybe when add the FotB errata? Note that this is an official clarification. If you want to wait until the FAQ on FFG's website gets updated, well, you might just be left with no smoke :-)
  24. I've already posted this on the smoke thread: http://www.boardgamegeek.com/thread/172614 But because this is significant, I'll be posting it here as a new thread and on FFG's forum to spread the word so more can be informed. This will shock everyone... For years I have always had a gut feeling that the Tide of Iron rules were meant to imply something different than what is actually written in the rule book, but I would always get overruled by other players who simply say, "Let’s just play the game as written." The rules clearly state on page 47 that, "Smoke markers are removed during the next Status Phase." Which means that smoke is removed during the same Game Round it is placed! Because the "next" Status Phase comes after the Command Phase which is performed after the Action Phase during the same Game Round. Being the case, the sentence could have simply just said, "Smoke markers are removed during the Status Phase." No need for the extra word "next". However, the word "next" has always made me wonder if it was supposed to say something like, "Smoke markers are removed during the Status Phase of the next Game Round." Well, not long ago I was chatting with Bill Jaffe about this over email and I had asked him, "How long is smoke suppose to last? That is, if you lay smoke on Game Round 3, is it removed on Game Round 3 or 4? If you go by what is written in the rule book, its removed during the same Game Round. That is, you lay smoke during the Action Phase of Game Round 3, it is removed during the Status Phase of Game Round 3. But that really limits smoke quite a bit and I have always had a gut feeling that the rules were meant to be a little different than that; if you lay smoke during the Action Phase of Game Round 3, it is not removed until the Status Phase of Game Round 4. This would make smoke more useful for sure. As it is, if you lay smoke towards the end of your Action Phase, its pretty much useless since its only going to get removed during the status phase. So, if you are going to lay smoke at all, it should be done at the very beginning of your action turn because if you lay smoke at the very end, say your last action - its completely useless as it will be removed during the Status Phase of the same Game Round... which had always seemed very odd to me." His response was, "Hmm... I've always played that if you lay smoke in round 3 it gets removed in round 4. I don't know if that's what they meant; I just presumed from the word 'next' it would last one full round." Which of course started a series of replies, but to make a long story short, we decided to see what the designer had intended it to be. Bill emaild FFG and here was the response he got: "As per the core game designer, smoke is meant to last for at least one full turn. If this poses a memory issue, when smoke is placed, place two markers instead of one and remove one smoke per stack per Status Phase." I’m told that Rob or someone at FFG will update the official FAQ to include this significant information as to how long smoke is supposed to last in Tide of Iron, but to be honest, I’m not sure how long that will take. However, I will certainly be updating the RCD file to reflect this startling new clarification because currently the RCD is wrong since it refers to what is written in the rules and not what was intended!
  25. He was probably just pulling your chain or maybe teasing you. True or not, until I hear something official or see the game itself, its just rumors to me. Personally, I can wait. Providing they are using the extra time to get it right and find most of the errors before being released to the masses.
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