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  1. That would add to the cost of the Conversion Kits, and that would be bad for those that need to buy more than one of the same Conversion Kit. I do agree that there should be a cheaper "core set lite" for veteran players with just the 2.0 damage deck, core specific pilot/upgrade cards, maneuver dial/templates. One of the easier ways would be to just package the same core set but without the miniatures. Of course FFG would need to print up some small fliers to cover up the display window that would normally show the ship miniatures. Anything else would require a new package.
  2. The new 2.0 damage deck The new 2.0 maneuver dials The new 2.0 rule book The new looking game tokens The game templates The new asteroids and other game markers Core-set only pilots cards Core-set only upgrade cards ...and a few other things. What long time owners of X-Wing do not need are more TIE Fighter and X-Wing miniatures. They could very much use the new 2.0 maneuver dials, but not more miniatures.
  3. FFG would not be competing with itself. The No-Ship option would be a first print production only because it will fill in a gap that fans really want. FFG has done this with other games. For example, remember when FFG took over Talisman 4th? Not only did they release the full game, but they also released an upgrade kit for those that owned the Black Industries version of the game! This No-Ship option core set for X-Wing 2.0 would be even better because the upgrade kit would not be for a competitor's game. I'm certain that the fans would be very grateful if they had an option to purchase the 2.0 core set with no miniatures because the majority of the players with sizable collections are not thrilled at the prospect of adding two more tie fighters and one more x-wing when they already have between six to twelve tie fighters and three to six x-wings. Having the option to get the core set that still has everything a player need but without the ship miniatures would be most welcomed. For the first print run only, it would be a superb idea for FFG to offer a No-Ship core set. I just hope they make enough of these because we can already predict that the Core Upgrade Kit - Miniatures Not Included will sell out fast!
  4. You and a lot of other people feel the same way. This is just one of several reasons way FFG should have a No-Ship core set, or better known as a Basic 2.0 Upgrade Kit. Basic Upgrade Kit - Waring: Ship Miniatures Not Included! This 2.0 upgrade kit is for the owners of the 1.0 core set.
  5. That is a good point, and it really should be called a Basic Upgrade Kit. Everything would be included in the standard core set except the three ship miniatures. Basic Upgrade Kit - Waring: Ship Miniatures Not Included! This 2.0 upgrade kit is for the owners of the 1.0 core set. or even something like: Basic 2.0 Upgrade Kit - Waring: X-Wing 1.0 Core set required. Ships Miniatures Not Included!
  6. I agree. They seemed to have made evade less effective and it didn't have to be. It was great just the way it was. However, even though evade seems to have been weakened, we have not been able play 2.0 yet, so maybe it will all make more sense when we finally start playing 2.0. We will see.
  7. Scum and scammed are like peanut butter and jelly. The go well together. ? Actually, three good reasons: Players will need to buy multiple Conversion Kits. If the core basics (rulers, dice, rule book, damage deck, and so on) were in each kit, that would be a lot of waste! Including all the core basics as well as all the other Conversion stuff would increase the cost. Offering a No-Ship Core will be a big help because a lot of fans have already bought the original core set and so already have the ships and only need the new core basics (rulers, dice, rule book, damage deck, and so on). So offering a No-Ship Core set and Conversion Kits would be a better choice. And because there are no ship models in the No-Ship Core set, the cost would be significantly less. Having the option to buy a No-Ship Core set would be most welcomed by the X-Wing fans. For those new players just joining, a 2.0 core set with ship miniatures would also be available. For the first print run, they will print more of the No-Ship Core Sets than the Core Sets that will have the ships, because I can already predict that the No-Ship Core Sets will sell out fast!
  8. That is the beauty about this No-Ship Core Set option. You already have lots of TIE Fighters and X-Wings, so all you need is the core set (2.0) without the model ships included. I just hope if they do actually use this wonderful idea that they would print more of the No-Ship Core Sets than the Core Sets that will have the ships, because I can already predict that the No-Ship Core Sets will sell out fast!
  9. Several people have mentioned in the threads the idea of offering a No-Ship (no models) Core Set. What a brilliant idea! The countless numbers of people who had bought the 1.0 core sets certainly do not need the three models that come with the new 2.0 core set, so why not offer a No-Ship 2.0 Core Set for these people? Brilliant! FFG could release a No-Ship Core Set Upgrade Kit that does not include the ship models and the standard Core Set that will include the ship models. Now only if we can use our 1.0 "Proof of Purchase" tokens. Sending them to FFG to get the exact 2.0 upgrades we need for example. ?
  10. For many people, this is a personal choice, and it depends on several factors. To get right to the point, a few people have more money to dump on this than others, and they have because some people have bigger X-Wing collections than others. But more importantly, most people have collections that vary greatly in type and number of models. What also seems to be overlooked is that FFG has little concern other than wanting the fans' money. Remember when Flames of War released a completely new rule book? Owners of the original rules were given the opportunity to get the new rule book for free! In the end people will make the final decision once they get all the details (seeing the actual rules will help), and then decide what will be the correct choice for them. However, some people lecturing other people that they're being stupid about this is most certainly not helpful and very narrow minded.
  11. A No-Ship Core Set option... what a good idea! What FFG should do with 2.0 is offer a No-Ship Core Set as well as a standard Core Set with ships. Also, because fans have already given FFG lots and lots of money by buying all those original 1.0 expansion packs, offer the Conversion Kits at a more reasonable price. To bad we can't use our 1.0 "Proof of Purchase" tokens for anything like to send to FFG to get the exact 2.0 upgrades we need.
  12. Rebels 4 x X-Wing 3 x Y-Wing 3 x A-Wing 2 x B-Wing 1 x E-Wing 1 x Z-95 1 x HWK-290 1 x Falcon Imperial 8 x TIE Fighter 4 x TIE Interceptor 2 x TIE Defender 2 x TIE Bomber 1 x TIE Phantom 1 x TIE Advance 1 x TIE/AD x1 1 x Lambda Shuttle Resistance 1 x T-70 First Order 1 x TIE/FO
  13. Fantastic idea!!! A system where players select the quantity of each ship card and maneuver dial they need and order it as a bundle. However, shipping for overseas fans will be costly, and FFG will never offer free shipping. Even if with a special case like this.
  14. What about all the of stuff the average fan does not need/want? That means spending $50 on a single Conversion Kit with items they do not need. Fans will feel they are paying for things they do not want.
  15. Hope FFG reads this, After doing more research, I'm thinking 2.0 might be a good reboot for this game. However, like many other X-Wing fans I can't wait to actually read the new rules before I commit to this 2.0 reboot. They must not be finished because the PDF is not listed. I think the main problem a lot of fans are having is with the Conversion Kits. A lot of fans are saying things like, "I cannot justify spending another $200 or more to re-buy basic components (to make it 2.0 playable) after already spending several hundreds of dollars buying all the original core sets and expansions." The other problem is with the Conversion Kits themselves. For many fans the Conversion Kits fall short or will have a lot of stuff the average fan does not need/want. That means spending $50 on a single Conversion Kit with items they do not need, and this is bad because fans feel they are paying for things they do not want. Also, there is going to be short-comings! Let us be realistic, most fans have more then 4x TIE-Fighters and 2x X-Wings! This means fans will need to buy two or three of these Conversion Kits (FFG's plan all along I suspect) to get enough of what they need, and of course more of what they do not need (higher wastage). Surely there must be a better way for FFG to help their fans update to 2.0! Sadly I can't think of it, but there must be a better solution. Does anybody have ideas how to make this better?
  16. Okay, bye Alpha17, but you are giving up on the game a bit too soon. You should wait until you see the new rules first before saying "Bye".
  17. These facts are usually missed on the fans wearing blinders.
  18. I just learned of the new 2.0 reboot. To be honest, I'm not surprised. Of course FFG couldn't say it outright, but after reading FFG's press release, they are basically saying they are forced to reboot X-Wing because the game is messed up beyond repair. They did it to themselves by wave after wave after wave. Like many other X-Wing fans, this 2.0 reboot might be the switch that turns the game off for me. I'm still waiting to see how it plays out, but one thing for sure is that I'm not happy at all with how FFG is forcing us fans to pay for their mistake. We need to "update" our collections to make them 2.0 compliant. On top of that, their Conversion Kits are a f&%#ing joke!! That alone will probably end the game for me!
  19. But there are a lot of ships that over extend their small bases.
  20. Hello fellow X-Wing gamers. Now that most X-Wing players have seen Rogue One, I'm surprised that no one has said anything about the U-Wing expansion yet. Maybe some have already said something, but FFG pulls their posts. Anyway, looks like they dropped the ball on this one. This is what happens when you release your miniature before waiting until the final version of the movie as well as waiting until you can get all the details and data needed for your game. I think had FFG waited until after the Rouge One movie was released, I'm pretty sure the U-Wing would have seen a different U-Wing: 1) 1 or 2 shields instead of 4. 2) K-2SO would have been included in the pack. 3) Have a U-Wing Shuttle card (like the TIE Shuttle). 4) Would have used a small base rather than a large one* 5) Maybe no need for the Pivot Wing card? Shuttle card instead. 6) and few other things, but the ball was already dropped, and it rolled away. *About the size of the U-Wing. Sure, it has a ridiculously long wingspan, but in the movie, viewers can clearly see that the overall size of the U-Wing is about the same as the X-Wing. The U-Wing is slightly bigger, but there are much bigger ships than the U-Wing that use the small bases instead of the large ones in the game. I think I will have to convert my U-Wing to take a small ship base instead of a large one. It now just doesn't seem right on a large base.
  21. Has this been resolved? All I know is that its not a +1 movement bonus. It simply states, "...move 1 extra hex." so #2 mentioned above is out (but can move one extra hex after jump?), and #3 is out because the Monolith Wyrm says, "Pay 1 rubium for each hex beyond the first", so even with the forced march you still pay for each hex beyond the first. Now #1 is a possibility, and seems okay, but are there any official rulings in the FFG forums, or is there an official FAQ that I have not seen?
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