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  1. Nice to see the variant is worth sharing. Don't forget that also available on BGG are hex maps that players can print to make heX-Wing play mats, but there are a lot of choose from. Might not be practice for mediafire.
  2. I received a few PMs asking if there will be a heX-Wing 2.0. Short answer is that we will have to wait and see. Yes, the movement fundamentals will be the same, but there are a few new features in 2.0 that will need to be considered. I originally created heX-Wing to keep my friend interested in the game. He hated the "fiddly nature" of the game so much that he was going to burn his game! To prevent this, I had to come up with a solution, so back in December, 2012, heX-Wing began to take shape. No pun intended. If someone told me at the time that converting the game to use hexes was going to be popular with many players, I would have been surprised. However, if you think about it, I guess I shouldn't be surprised because there are a lot of advantages to using hexes. For one thing, the speed of play is increased dramatically, accidentally bumping ships out of place is a thing of the past, and the overall "fiddly nature" my friend complained about is completely removed from the game. Also, there are many other advantages including how easy it is to play heX-Wing by chat, e-mail, text messaging, Skype, phone and so on. Even more interesting are the added features others have created. For example, the hidden movement or double blind movement idea the heX-Wing fans have developed.
  3. I would think FFG would make this feature a must. We certainly hope. That being said, it has not been officially announced that it will have this feature. Edit: RedHotDice beat me to the app reply by 20 seconds.
  4. Most people do not carry around printers in there back pocket. Especially for pick-up games. A pick-up game is a game that has been spontaneously started by 2 or more players.
  5. I just realized something. Pick-up games might be more difficult with X-Wing 2.0. Especially if you do not have a computer or smartphone handy. Yesterday my friend and I decided to play X-Wing. We didn't plan this (pick-up game), but we just happened to have our X-Wing materials with us. While we were setting up and creating our 100 point force, it occurred to us that pick-up games might not be as easy with X-Wing 2.0 because batteries are required. When I say batteries, I mean a computer or smartphone that uses batteries, and of course, you will also need the X-Wing App. I guess these days almost everyone has a smartphone or something, but did they charge the battery?
  6. I looked at FFG's site and a few of the more popular websites/forums, but I could not find any online chats and/or video interviews with the original designer of X-Wing. I was just curious what the original designer thought of all the changes, and if he had any input or influence with the development of 2.0.
  7. That is just silly! Is the FFG police going to kick down the doors of gaming clubs and arrest the lot? No. The ones that are not changed will be okay to use if players want to use them. They will probably not let you use them for official FFG tournaments.
  8. How does Jay Little feel about X-Wing 2.0?
  9. FFG did their unboxing for all three Conversion Kits. I missed it because of work, but I plan to watch the unboxing if and when FFG adds it to their website, or when fans put the video(s) up on YouTube. I'm pretty sure a lot of fans watched this unboxing. Did anyone take notes about the ship's maneuver dials? Long story short, except for that green is now blue, which maneuver dials from X-Wing 1.0 are still exactly the same as X-Wing 2.0? We can start a list of those dials. This can be useful for fans that have a lot of 1.0 ship miniatures. More than four TIE-Fighters for example - did they change the final number of TIE-Fighter dials that you get with the Conversion Kit?
  10. Do you know what the biggest difference between 1.0 and 2.0 will be? The 2.0 miniatures will be twice as big! ?? I'm just joking. ??
  11. Surprising news... for me this is new. Some of you might already know this, but did you know that you can have a B-Wing with articulating S-Foils? https://www.shapeways.com/product/M336ALXAH/4-pack-b-wing-s-foil-hinge Has anyone "Turn your factory stock B-Wing into the ship it was meant to be" using these parts on one of their B-Wings? If so, is it something you recommend?
  12. We all know that the S-Foils upgrade was added to the X-Wing to beef up this iconic star-fighter, but should other ships that have S-Foils (such as the B-Wing) also have special S-Foil rules?
  13. If you think the X-Wing's articulating S-Foils are pretty cool, you are going to go crazy when you see the articulating winglets of the ARC-170. ?
  14. And we already know that we are going to hear, "Lock S-Foils in attack position" in every game with a 2.0 X-Wing.
  15. I have to say that the articulating S-Foils are pretty neat, but how delicate will they be? Will repeated opening and closing of the S-Foils every time you flip the card cause them to eventually malfunction and/or break? In the demo video FFG posted, they look like they soft-snap into position (pretty cool!), but in a demo game video on YouTube you can see Alex having to fiddle with them to get them to stay open. Closing the S-Foils should be easy enough, and this will be useful when storing the miniature... or landing. This is what happens when a 1.0 X-Wing (fixed S-Foils) tries to land.
  16. True, but a lot of players worry about not having enough maneuver dials for their collections, so each 1.0 dial that can be used for 2.0 will help a little.
  17. Will the new 2.0 U-Wing get a K-2SO pilot and/or crew upgrade? When the 1.0 U-Wing was released, I was surprised that K-2SO wasn't represented.
  18. As far as other dials go, the Y-Wing seems to be unchanged.
  19. We still do not have the full details, but from what little information we can gather, there seems to be some good news regarding the maneuver dials. Some of the 1.0 maneuver dials might be usable for playing 2.0. This is good news because this should actually help those fans with extensive miniatures collections. Unless FFG plans to change this, it looks like the maneuver dial for the TIE Fighter seems to be the same - except that blue replaces green. This is good news! Why? Because the conversion kit only has dials for only four TIE Fighters, but if you can use your older 1.0 dials, then at least you should have enough dials for that flight of eight TIE Fighters. Remembering green is blue shouldn't be difficult. Obviously some ships will have new maneuver dials like the X-Wing and the TIE Advance, but I wonder how many other ships will have the same maneuvers from 1.0, thereby making it possible to use the older 1.0 dial for playing 2.0. Except of course that blue replaces green. Does anyone have more information about maneuver dials for other ships for 2.0? If so, please share here.
  20. If they are not careful, X-Wing 2.0 will have balance issues and flaws upon release if they do not take the time to properly check and test everything. I say this because there are way too many pilots and updates to try and check/test/balance with the limited testing time they are giving themselves. I would like to see FFG take there time and get 2.0 right the first time, but money talks and balance walks. Yes, I know about the special app, but that will only fix the hidden cost value and not fix the actual wording on the cards. Even if they take their time, will 2.0 be perfect? No, but I think players would appreciate a smaller Errata and FAQ than a larger Errata and FAQ.
  21. I must be in the minority because it is not as important to me as you might think. I have four perfectly good 1.0 X-Wings that will work just fine if I play X-Wing 2.0. Just need the proper 2.0 dials for them, and you only get two in the Conversion Kit. Besides, I prefer the look of "lock your foils in attack position" and would just keep them that way. Only flipping the card to and from when called for.
  22. From information that we have gathered so for, it seems that players with moderate 1.0 collections will really only need from the 2.0 core set the new rule book (will also be available as free PDF), the new unique pilots and upgrades, the new damage deck, and the new maneuver dials. Everything else (tokens, templates, and so on) is just so you have the same look as 2.0.
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