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  1. A different U-Wing than in the movie

    But there are a lot of ships that over extend their small bases.
  2. Hello fellow X-Wing gamers. Now that most X-Wing players have seen Rogue One, I'm surprised that no one has said anything about the U-Wing expansion yet. Maybe some have already said something, but FFG pulls their posts. Anyway, looks like they dropped the ball on this one. This is what happens when you release your miniature before waiting until the final version of the movie as well as waiting until you can get all the details and data needed for your game. I think had FFG waited until after the Rouge One movie was released, I'm pretty sure the U-Wing would have seen a different U-Wing: 1) 1 or 2 shields instead of 4. 2) K-2SO would have been included in the pack. 3) Have a U-Wing Shuttle card (like the TIE Shuttle). 4) Would have used a small base rather than a large one* 5) Maybe no need for the Pivot Wing card? Shuttle card instead. 6) and few other things, but the ball was already dropped, and it rolled away. *About the size of the U-Wing. Sure, it has a ridiculously long wingspan, but in the movie, viewers can clearly see that the overall size of the U-Wing is about the same as the X-Wing. The U-Wing is slightly bigger, but there are much bigger ships than the U-Wing that use the small bases instead of the large ones in the game. I think I will have to convert my U-Wing to take a small ship base instead of a large one. It now just doesn't seem right on a large base.
  3. Official clarification of Forced March

    Has this been resolved? All I know is that its not a +1 movement bonus. It simply states, "...move 1 extra hex." so #2 mentioned above is out (but can move one extra hex after jump?), and #3 is out because the Monolith Wyrm says, "Pay 1 rubium for each hex beyond the first", so even with the forced march you still pay for each hex beyond the first. Now #1 is a possibility, and seems okay, but are there any official rulings in the FFG forums, or is there an official FAQ that I have not seen?
  4. How Is The Game

    It is a great game that is easy to learn and play, but the game is best with 3 or 4 players. However, I have had entertaining games of Nexus Ops with just 2 player, and there are suggested special setups for this. If someone wanted to teach a new player to the game (especially if they are not a wargamer), I would say that a one on one game is the way to go and even guide the new player when certain conditions or situations come up that new players might not be aware.
  5. Ray's Scenario Pack for Tide of Iron

    Grand Stone said: What if both engineers are killed before they can claim the tiger? Does the russian win then? The game is a draw. The Soviets win if they destroy the Tiger tank. Grand Stone said: A second question, what if the russians occupy the vicotry hex before the germans? Can they then do anything to destroy the tiger? If the Soviets occupy the hex with the Victory Objective Marker, then the Germans need to take it away from them somehow. The soviet player cannot destroy the Victory Ojbective Marker.
  6. Ray's Scenario Pack for Tide of Iron is now available for download on BGG (Board Game Geek). Are you tired of scenarios that are not thoroughly tested, and as a result you start playing a scenario only to discover that it seems a bit unbalanced and not very entertaining and/or challenging? Well, try the four (4) scenarios that come with RSP4TOI.zip and you will discover this is not true. In fact, two scenarios have very good replay values due to their design, and you find yourself playing these over and over.
  7. Oops, typo… just ignore one of the L's in "ballance" on page 3.
  8. Petition for Updated Errata

    Yes, an official Fury of the Bear errata is greatly needed! I'll repeat that… an official Fury of the Bear errata is greatly needed!
  9. I haven't played all teh FOTB scenarios yet, but I have played the first five, and I can say that as a whole, they have been a bit of a let down. Especially since most of them have been one sided. However, a few can be easily corrected as I have mentioned in earlier posts.
  10. We played the "Tank Fight at Prokhorovka" scenario three times last weekend, and we discovered a major flaw in the scenario in that the Germans can almost always win if play it right. In fact, two very good players worked together as Russians played against one German player, and the German player still won easily. How? Basically, the trick for the Germans is to get one VP more than the Russian player. Once the German player achieves a VP advantage, the Germans pull back to good defensive positions and forces the Russians to come to them. When that happens, the Russians tend to get the short end of the stick. To make a long story short, we think the victory conditions should be altered to reflect the need for the Germans to keep advancing. This hasn't been test played yet, but the victory conditions we came up with, and we think might work better would be simply this: Russians get 1VP for each German Tank destroyed. Germans get 1VP for each MkIV and 3VP for each Tiger that exits. Needless to say, the Tigers still draw attention as before, but with different results. Again, this has not been tested, but seems more interesting than the original victory conditions because now the only way for the Germans to get VPs is to keep advancing. Game Note: We played this a few times using the Ground Support Deck I, but I think it seems to make more sense if it were the "Combined Air Support Deck I". Need an official ruling about this typo in the scenario.
  11. Tank Fight at Prokhorovka Typo?

    Scammer said: In the Tank Fight at Prokhorovka scenario in Fury of the Bear, the Germans are supposed to start with the Operations Card "Elite Tankers". There is no such card as "Elite Tankers". Do they mean "Elite Tank Crew"? Bill's already aluded to the fact that there appear to be typos in the Prelude to Breakout scenario. Although what typos exactly, it hasn't been said. I'm assuming Elite Tankers is supposed to be Elite Tank Crew. Do FFG pay anyone to proofread before they go to print? And as an aside, has anyone played any of the scenarios in FotB (besides me)? I've seen a lot of talk, but not too many people playing. Also in the Tank Fight at Prokhorovka scenario, it says "Ground Attack Air Support Deck 1" Is it supposed to be "Combined Air Support Deck I" or "Ground Support Deck 1"
  12. What expansions would you like to see next?

    VolksCamper said: Redesigned hedgerow map sections (hedges along hexsides instead of in middle of hex),hex tiles with edge stone walls I was actually shocked a little that they didn't run hedges along hexsides. When the Normandy expansion came out, that was one of my biggest complaints. Also by using hexsides, they can introduce fences and walls. But currently, they way they do things is that each "hex" is a terrain type. As for limiting the number of units that can perform a Combined Fire, I actually like this. Limit number of units in a Combined Fire attack to 2 units for green or untrained troops, 3 units normal or regular troops, and 4 for veteran or elite troops. Though, I would still make a Combined Fire attack one action regardless of the number of units that participate. That way it doesn't mess up the game mechanics. Also if you only have two actions per turn, how would you fire three units in a Combined Fire?
  13. I don't visit this site (FFG forum) as much as I would like to, but here is the link Malcolm (Brummbar44) is talking about: http://www.boardgamegeek.com/thread/839589/new-scenario-from-brummbar44-com-worthington-for Also, you will find some tactical notes, but try to play the scenario first before you read the tactical notes.
  14. Dam said: Yes, you can bring them with you and yes you can use his ability.. Dungeon has space for a Dragon, Colossal Ogre, even the Battle Hulk looks like being quite large but they are arguing over a horse's size ? Good point. Maybe the dungeon is very large like Moria (underground complex) that lays under the Misty Mountains in The Lord of the Rings. However, even within Moria, it would be very difficult to impossible to ride a warhorse much less drag along a horse and cart in some parts as you journey through it, and yet you can still encounter large Trolls and even a Balrog.
  15. Something interesting came up not long ago. A player with a warhorse and a mule decided to go into the dungeon. Another player said, "But if you do that, you will lose your warhorse and mule." The other player said, "Really? Are you sure?." We looked in the rules and found nothing about this. To make a long story short, nowhere in the 4th edition of the Dungeon rules does it say anything about taking a warhorse or even a horse and cart into the dungeon. However, we decided to look in the 2nd edition of the Dungeon rules, and there it was in black and white. Players cannot take mules, the horse and carts, etc. into the dungeon. So, my question is two fold: 1) Can a player bring their warhorse and mule into the dungeon? 2) If so, can a player use the warhorse's ability while in the dungeon? Logic seems to say to "no" to both, but it is not in the 4th edition rules.