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  1. I've worked for movie companies, and I'd be pretty surprised if anybody in the licensing department had any understanding of, or interest in, X-wing power levels and metagame balance.
  2. In case you missed it (I just happened to check today), they put up Quick Build PDFs with Wave 14 and the rest of the conversion kits. I'm a happy man!
  3. I agree, and I admit that I'm kind of counting on the QB cards to make the game more of a "pick up a few ships and play" experience for me. I understand that in a way, it's the same as netdecking, but I'm not looking for a premade squadron so much as "here, try this out" builds for ships. (If that's something that exists, I'm just not far enough down the rabbit hole to know where it is.) At any rate, there seems to be more enthusiasm for the quick build cards than I expected, so maybe we'll see more soon!
  4. There was a post here with somebody's thoughts on a fan-made version: I'm with you, though. I've got a large collection, but I've never played as much as I might like because I'm a little boggled by all my options (and, frankly, not that into list building in the first place). Especially so because I play with the kids in my family, so I'm often having to build lists on the fly that incorporate their whims about what ships look cool to them at that moment. I'm hoping that FF or the community jump on board and we see a lot of quick build love before too long.
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