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  1. Zach at ffg has given an official answer to this: The entire Command Section must be eliminated before a player must nominate a temporary Command Section. If a Command Section loses its Unit Leader, a new one is promoted from amongst its remaining miniatures during its next activation. I hope this has answered your question. Happy Gaming!
  2. I have just asked ffg for an official answer and will post the response as soon as I get it.
  3. I am not an experienced miniature gamer, although I have dabbled in the past. The big plus for me with dust is that the minis are ready to go with no assembly (except minor work for walkers) and a quick lick of paint. I have enough allies and axis for a decent game if you ever want to try it out. I also play a lot of board games and rpgs and have a decent collection and most of my friends have no interest in the hobbie so I generaly have to rope my wife into playing, so let me know if you ever want to try a game out sometime.
  4. Any official clarity on this one yet? I'm leaning toward a command section is a command section until it is completely destroyed, but it is the wording in the core rulebook that brings confusion saying that "if a players unit leaders of all his command sections are lost"
  5. Hi All, Just wondering if there are any local players out there. I'm in Worcester. Thanks
  6. Ryukem


    Hi All, The rule book contradicts itself on page 70 under the heading Barricades, it says that they have a damage capacity of 3 and then underneath in the small summary it says they have a damage capacity of 2. This was not picked up in the recent FAQ. Which is it FFG?
  7. Hi All, Anyone noticed that the new faq v1.1 is exactly the same as the last faq v1 just layed out a bit different. What a waste of printer ink!
  8. Hi All, In the rule book is states for Broodlords "Brood Lords have 2 movement icons, and their swarm will move when either icon is activated". This is clear and simple but i'm wondering if you have a swarm that includes the a Brood Lord and the event card shows a movement icon for 1 of the Genestealers in the swarm but not the Brood Lords icon does the whole swarm still move or does a Brood Lord swarm only move when you get a movement symbol that is on the Brood Lord card. Cheers
  9. Ryukem


    Hi All, Hope your enjoying this awesome little gem of a game. 1 question: The rule book states that the marines will travel to a new location at the end of any phase where 1 blip pile is empty. So what i want to know is this. Lets say it is the resolve action cards phase and you activate the teleport location card (beacuse 1 of the marines has activated the control panel) which means you discard both blip piles and move to a new location. You then set up the new location but do you then carry on with the Genestealer attack phase or do you start a new round so choose action card phase. So basically what im syaing is that whenever you trave do you continue the round from where it left off or do you start a new round (as far as i can tell the rule book sates nothing about this). Most the time you travell it will be at the end of the eventy phase so a new round begins but with the Teleport location card you will travel after you have activated the control panel and so im guessing the round just continues from where it left off which will likely be the genestealer attack phase. I would appreciate your thoughts on this one. Cheers
  10. Great thanks for the info, im glad i having been playing these rules correctly. Hopefully we will get a FAQ soon!
  11. The Rule book states that support tokens are limited to those provided with the game, so if your supply of tokens runs out you cannot use any more until support tokens in play are discarded.
  12. Hi All, 1. Both sides have leadership cards that say "Rally all units" Does this mean rally all units under 1 leaders zone of control or rally ALL units on your side? Playing to the rules I believe it means rally all units under 1 leaders ZOC but would like clarification. 2. Adam Marbrands ability (not outrider but the other one) says "when engaged, treat you attack as a flank attack instead of a normal attack". Does this mean that whenever Adam attacks a unit, it is always a flank attack even when attacking a unit for the first time, as you place an engagement token before attack dice are rolled or does it mean you treat his attack as a flank attack if a battle with the enemy unit and Adam has already occured and so an engagement token is already in place? As the rules state you place an engagement token before attack dice are rolled i have been playing it so that all Adams attacks are treated as a flank attack. Anyone have any idea if an FAQ is in the works? Any help is very much appreciated.
  13. Quoted from FAQ Q: If you bombard an area next to a fortification and get a breached result, do you place a breach marker even if you didn’t actually target the fortification? A: Yes. Was anybody playing it this way before? If yes do you have any feedback, does this ruling make the game easier for the traitor player?
  14. 2 questions 1. When fighting from 1 palace area to an adjacent palace area does the defending player get the benefits of fortificaion? Currently playing yes to this. 2. When using the flying units and Khans move to join an attack ability can they do this if the area they are currently occupying is activated? Currently playing no to this as the rules state that when you move a flyng unit to join an attack you must activate its destination area and Khan follows same rules as flying units. Seems a bit of a waste to activate the area they move to just for them to zoom off and join another attack as soon as the oppurtunity arises but then again they are supposed to be super fast units and in the posts i have seen peole say yes to Khan but no to Thunderhawks yet Khans ability says follow rules for flying units so both should be the same. Come on FFG time for an offical FAQ.
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