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  1. Angel of Death said: Nice Balls of Steel, Brains of Jello And armor of toilet paper.
  2. It's quite common that two undermanned companies to merge into a new company if there's no chance of reinforcement. Let's say that the 5th Krieg and the 45th Catachan's both suffer heavy casualties during the siege of city X on planet Y during the "For the emprah!"-crusade, with no chance of reinfrcement in the forseeable future. They'd merge into a new company where the old parts would take specialist roles in the new. In this case the catachans would most likely be forward scouts and the Krieg the shock troops.
  3. Colonelchuck said: Its moot anyway because everyone knows that the Fallen are the ACTUAL Dark angels, and the "Sin" the current Angels are trying to make up for is the fact that THEY are the ones who turned from the emperors light, and attacked their brothers. The only reason they are trying to catch the "fallen" is because they dont want them to tell anyone the truth. just sayin. Whaat?Yeah anyways, I can't remember what I was going to type after my boss caught me surfing FFG on worktime, but anyho. Disobeying the big =I= is not unheard of in the hunt for the fallen, and even making sure curious individuals disapear is suprisingly common. If the fallen talks to the kill-team on board, I doubt they would be around long ebough to tell. The first Legion will obviously go to great lengths to make sure the secret stays secret. Fun fact by the way, the Dark Angels are still operating as a legion, where all the descendant chapters still answer to the supreme grand master.
  4. LockLock said: voresia said: Wow what a lazy group of players. How much do they know of WH40k? Send em a link to lexicanum and tell them to read up on the lore (Horus heresy, the foundings etc etc) or you'll just not GM. No need for something so drastic... I don't think many GMs refuse to run a D&D campaign if the players don't know who Drizzt is. :/ No, but Drizzt aint nearly as important to the setting as the horus heresy or the foundings are for a DW game.
  5. Spoilers incoming, if you havent read the Angels of Darkness novel but plan to, then don't read. In the novel though the Dark Angels under command of Interrogator-chaplain Boreas stationed at Piscina V gets a hint of a small group of the fallen operating out of a meteor belt in their system. They go hunting for the fallen but it's soon aparent that they are led on a wild goose chase and that their Chapter-Keep on Piscina V is the real objective of the Fallen. When they return they find that every serf and potential initiate in the keep has been killed, and Apothecary Nestor reveals that the keep also housed part of the chapters geene seed storage, and that the fallen have made off with it. The keep also houses some sort of viral failsafe, built after the orks last waaagh! on Piscina V, that would, if activated, kill off all living things on the continent, wich the fallen rigged to activate when the Dark Angels returned. The only "inducted" members at Piscina V at the time is Boreas and Nestor, with the rest of the squad being inducted by Boreas during their week or so long hunt for the fallen. Nestor (the apothecary) is all for opening the doors, and thereby dooming the whole continent and planetary capitol, just for a shot at the fallen and the stole geene seed, but Boreas, after his interrogation of the fallen Astelan, is more of a humanitarian (if you could call a space marine that) and decides that the marines send a distress signal to the rock, and then commit suicide, instead of dooming the world by opening the keep up and going after the fallen. Though I think Boreas is the odd man out when it comes to the unforgiven (It's not just the Dark Angels chapter hunting the fallen after all) and their view on whats acceptable in their hunt, it does present some interesting questions. Would the commander in charge of the unforgiven be willing to openly challange the big =I= for the prize? One other thing from the AoD novel, Boreas openly fires a torpedo salvo at an imperial warship when they find the persumed vessel the fallen are traveling with. And now my boss is in the building so I gotta finish this post after work.
  6. socratim said: Thanks a lot for the offer, but I am specifically searching for audio-material, because many of my players don't invest much time outside of actual gameplay to prepare, so I was hoping for some audio-material to give them to listen in the car for example. For Warhammer Fantasy there is nice podcast (Small and Vicious Podcast), which explains many aspects of the game in detail in some episodes. Like the gods, the cities, etc. So I was hoping for something similar... Well maybe I will have to create such a thing myself sometime... :-) Wow what a lazy group of players. How much do they know of WH40k? Send em a link to lexicanum and tell them to read up on the lore (Horus heresy, the foundings etc etc) or you'll just not GM.
  7. LockLock said: While we're feeding the trolls.. I believe you've forgotten a detail about Lion El'Jonson's possible betrayal. He was, as you said, raised by a brotherhood of knights. He went as far as become the Grandmaster of his order, which in turn did rigorously nothing to make the life of its supplicants easy, quite the contrary. It would take way beyond a slight for the Lion to even consider betraying the Emperor (enough to perceive that the Emperor betrayed him in a significant way), let alone wake up one day and think, "hey, I've been performing pretty darn well and taken a lot less casualties than these other over-extended hacks... To the warp with my vows of loyalty, winner takes all!" That said, if the Emperor -had- made such a dumb move that the Lion thought himself betrayed.... Well, we all know what happened to Caliban. Just a freak accident! battle-Brother Eskel left the gas on in the Chapter-monastery's kitchen on, thats all. No heresy here.On topic though; If the Lion would turn traitor warmaster I think the loyalists would be facing an even harder chalange then they did with horus. The man was a real tactical genious. Led a crusade against warpspawned monsters on his home world with nothing but humans armed with low tech bolt pistols, chainswords and plate mail. Conquerd and defended a forge world from horus traitors with only two hundred battle brothers during the early days of the crusade. The man was smart, and he knew how to use every man under his command to the best of his abilities. And im to tired to type anymore:(
  8. When Interrogator-Chaplain Boreas and his squad go aspirant hunting in the Angels of Darkness novel he breaks the neck of one of the three "winners" of the initial tests because he chickend out when the apothecary had to go poking about in his tummy with his gear. Well, he didnt kill him because he chickend out, but because he'd seen to much of the chapter and the astartes, and this was still on the kids home planet. So let's break it down. First, the girl in question have to make it far enough in the initial trials, be it gladiatorial combat or whatever. Second, the initial apothecary tests, and here she's busted. What would hapen to her then? Well' depending on chapter it could be anything from serf, mindcleansed and made into a servitor (for use in the apothecarium or librarium perhaps?) or just, as in the example stated above, killed and burried and honored in a seecret cave with other failed aspirants.
  9. The group I'm in at the moment rarely carries anything that's bigger thena gun or a powerblade. Though, if we do come across a heavy weapons emplacement during a mission we make sure to use it. This one time we ended up in the middle of a underhive war (Two rival nobles had pumped lots and lots of money in to the two rival gangs so they ran with military style hardware). I can't realy recall how it came to that, but we ended up pissing both sides off and ended up in a small habblock with two heavy stubbers in each widow. Supressing fire down the relatively narrow lane they had to come down on while we waited for our inquisitorial arbites squad to comeand mop the gangers up.
  10. Lord Ork said: Would they have personal ambitions or the necessary pasion? I don't know much about these insects, but they seem too inhuman to be seduced by the ruinous powers. They don't talk the same language. I highly doubt they even are self aware.And even if they where, I highly doubt they would live long enough for them to make that decision tp turn to chaos servitude. I'm no real expert on nids myself, but I'm quite sure that they all jump in the reclemation pool and die, disolve and get restored as delicious biomass after a sucessfull assault on a world. That is if they even survive that long and dont bite the bolt/shuriken/plasma projectile or whatever during he assault. I dont see any way that a nid could turn to chaos, at all. A nid tainted is another thing though, but why would you want to play one in a RPG?
  11. Anonymus said: voresia said: chaos gods during a relatively slow day at work. I hope it helps, if not, well I had nothing better to do! And also, chaos gaunt? realy? A gaunt without a snapse creature close by is more or less a frenzied beast. Even whorse then Kharn! It could be done. Imagine a deranged Magos/inquisitor binding a deamon to a gaunt host? It is chaos. CHAOS! Edit: As for her assumptions about uncorruptible SoB's she is just wrong. Make her read the Grey Knight Omnibus. Yeah but that would just be a daemonhost in a flimsy gaunt shell. The chaos gods are a manifestation of the eldar and human races psyche, and therefor they can corrupt us and races with relative similarity to us, like the Laeran or whatever they are called (The snake-men from the horus heresy novel Fulgrim). Nids on the other hand dont have the personality, the fears, ambitions or drive as we do, their mind is just to alien for the gods to corrupt. The Death Guard legion for example. They got papa nurgles space aids, lotsa physical corruption and pain follows, but only after they made a concious decision to ask ol' Nurgle for help did they fall to real worship. Nid's dont realy have a choice, they just get affected and die. Though they can be affected by chaos in diferent ways. Like a sorceror casting doombolts at them, they are going to feel that. Or Nugle's rot. Just because they can be infected by a deadly neural virus dont mean they are chaos nids, just a rotting pile of soon to be dead nids.
  12. Well, chaos is so much more then violence, unless you're one of the cool guys of the world eaters. Tzeentch is the god of magic, sorcery, just as planed and change. If you want to play a scheming, manipulative, intelligent individual, tzeentch is your man. Nurgle, the god of disease and corruption, decay and space aids. Also known as the lord of all, because everything withers and dies over time, and nurgle got time to wait. Followers of nurgle often turn to him to ease their suffering (needless to say this dont realy work out as they planed). Also interseting to note is that nurgles power shifts almost constantly. When his servants bring out his plagues in to the mortal realm his power grows, but when his plagues burn them selves out so to speak, his power diminishes, but never goes away. He just lies in a sort of dormant state untill the next incursion of his servants and the plaguespread resumes. Slaanesh is the god of perfection, beauty and excess. He came into being when the hedonistic eldar empire reached its apex, and his birth led to the fall of the eldar. Anyone obsessing over perfection will find his prayers and dreams answer by Slaanesh. Artists, painters and just about anyone can fall to this lovable guy realy. And then we got Khorne, the blood god. War, violence, murder, this is all his domain. The oldest chaos god who came into being during the bloody middle ages of terra. Khorne realy hates psykers and sorcerors, whom he judges to be cowards and weaklings. Khorne cares not who's blood flow, his champions or his enemies, as long as the blood flows. There, a short write up on the diferent chaos gods during a relatively slow day at work. I hope it helps, if not, well I had nothing better to do! And also, chaos gaunt? realy? A gaunt without a snapse creature close by is more or less a frenzied beast. Even whorse then Kharn!
  13. Drauggurth said: voresia said: We currently have a player who wants to play a Sororita, but he dosent like to play female characters. I dont realy like to bend the lore all to much, and I am currently trying to find another loophole to allow for a male counterpart for the Sororitas, but I cant realy find anything. Well, if you don't want to break the lore why don't you simply try to find out what your friend likes about the SoB (Sisters of Battle) and then point out what other carrers offer the same choices. SoB are basically humans with a very strong religious bent that wear power armour and carry bolters... If its the gear that attracts your friend that it is easy for several other classes to use it. If it a specific skill or talent several other classes offer them I'm sure... If its the new Fait talent SoBs have access allow the player to buy it with another class as an Elite Advancement (possibly without charging him any extra XP). If it has to be the SoB specific carrer path... Well, just give a different name. Maybe you can say that he is a cleric with a particular martial bent and that, as an "elite advancement", he trained different skills and that the faith talent is actually miracles granted to him by the Emperor (maybe if the character dies you can even canonize him and have eclesiastic NPCs talk about him in future adventures! Now this was a very good idea! Thank you my friend, im gonna talk this over with my fellow GM-to-be and hopefully, this solves that.
  14. Brother Praetus said: First, Sororitas is a Female order. Like a Sorority. A male "version" would be a cleric. After the Age of Apostasy (if I'm remembering right) the church was forbidden to keep "men under arms." So the Sororitas is their loophole for having any dedicated military force at all. Individual clerics might be armed, but they are not soldiers per se. While the idea is neat, it violates the background material. Best bet might be to do an alternate career rank for the Cleric that fills one of those roles you're looking at. Or an assassin with a stronger than normal religious bent. -=Brother Praetus=- Yes, as the church was forbidden from keeping men under arms after the Age of Apostasy, and the Brides of the Emperor, an all female cult, was renamed the Adepta Sororitas, since they are not "Men at arms", being female an all. We currently have a player who wants to play a Sororita, but he dosent like to play female characters. I dont realy like to bend the lore all to much, and I am currently trying to find another loophole to allow for a male counterpart for the Sororitas, but I cant realy find anything.
  15. Well, first post ever. Anyway, I'm currently helping a friend of mine to develop some houserules to allow players to play male sororitas. Sounds wierd I know, but we don't realy like to tell our players what they can and can't play. We currently have this idea of calling the male sororitas "Frateris Brothers" (With Frateris Templar, Frateris Medicae and Frateris Ambasador as replacements for Militant, Hospitalier and Dialogus), named after the original armed forces of the Ecclisiarchy. But as they got disbanded in the lore and replaced by the Adepta Sororitas, we are still trying to come up with something diferent. Essentaily, what we want is a new name for male sororitas, anyone has any ideas, or perhaps even an own set of ruels?
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