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  1. In response to this thread, I've endeavored to flesh out a Rogue Trader in Dark Heresy 2nd Edition format. So far, here's what I have. The way I see it, seperating the Warrant of Trade and the Dynasty Aspect of the Rogue Trader works the best. Feel free to discuss pros or cons Shadow. Backgrounds: Dynasty Scion Background Imperial Navy Background Navis Nobilite Background Roles: Trader Seneschal Pilot Elite Advances: Explorator Elite Advance Warrant of Trade Elite Advance Navigator Elite Advance Void-Master Elite Advance Xenarite Elite Advance Other: Talents
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    Home Worlds

    I'm currently developing some home worlds for my Recidivist's Handbook project (log here). Thought I'd post direct links here to see if I can get some opinions and suggestions. War Zone War Waste Agri-World Feudal World Mining World Developing World Paradise World I Revision 1 Scion of the Night (Void-born from a Black Ship) Orbital World Chapter 1 Draft I Revision 1 I Revision 2 Edit: Edited versions up
  3. This is interesting. Looks like I'll have to update a new Askellon sector map soon. Let's do this - help make sense of where things should go, and I shall do it. I see the wikia places Juno in the Stygies Cluster, despite no actual confirmation of this (I went with a random guess between stygies and asphodel depths, rather quickly too).
  4. I'm going to be honest here, I didn't actually realize FFG had forum archives accessible until recently. And I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one. I think activity on these forums is going to drop to near non-existence once our beloved forums get stuffed away.
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    Keeping the Community Together

    I posted a link on the main page to share your site Pearldrum
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    Keeping the Community Together

    Ah cool, I don't know if this is related but I can only view PMs if I access R4H on my phone. I get a forbidden message when I'm on my laptop (definitely signed in on both). Is this all the time?
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    Keeping the Community Together

    Just wanted to put this here: R4H's servers are having issues today (the 20th). I got a notification that maintenance is being performed. Everyone will see a 503 Service Unavailable notification until it is resolved.
  8. I'd second dropping the third Navigator House. I'd recommend adding the Rogue Trader though! Just think about a canny and unscrupulous Rogue Trader who learns about the Navigator mutants and the leverage potential, might just want to use that to extort and blackmail the 1st Navigator House into signing very preferentially oathsworn contracts with his dynasty (perhaps his dynasty has no iron-clad alliance, his navigator house went defunct, or some other reason). Either way, this is a chance to tuck yet another asset under the trader's belt. Add's flair.
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    Keeping the Community Together

    Easy enough to implement (a few minutes), but only will be taken into consideration when traffic warrants separation. Still in infancy. Only due to lack of content at the moment. The site itself is geared towards multi-system submissions and separation, but my groups preference for Rogue Trader and Dark Heresy is what is currently dominating the initial content. My goal was to get more content creators along to start sharing lots of stuff for only war, black crusade, and Deathwatch, so I can get feedback on what works for those lines - and get a more balanced idea on how to display the content aesthetically. By all means don't let the name fool you - Roll For Heresy was meant to be fun and ambiguous. Whether your fighting against heresy, or for it, and using it earn profit, the site is for all the lines. =D
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    The Pandemonium in Askellon Sector

    Personally, I think having the Pandemonium possessing a secret passage to the Screaming Vortex, which then can be used to reach the Jericho Gate would be a far more enjoyable journey than having the Pandemonium directly connected to the Jericho Reach. Although there are two defining features of the Pandemonium I do like alot: 1. The Pandemonium has a core at it's storm - something quite like the screaming vortex. I wonder whats at the center of it. 2. I've always liked to think of the Pandemonium as a warp geyser, or a font of flotsam and jetsam of the immaterium. It may connect to anything and everything, but only from one direction - coming into dreadspace but never going into it. I.e. anything can come out of the Pandemonium, travelling as far from the Ultima Segmentum, but only death results from trying to go into the Pandemonium from Askellon itself.
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    GW licenses expired; not renewed

    archived most likely ghost
  12. Since my last thread is full of too many dead links, starting a new one with all my commissioned and non-commissioned arts for my year long campaign. Artist Links: Blazbaros Sarukin Covers I used in my Roll20 Splash Page
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    Shadow of the Imperium (New Thread)

    Astropath Palanza Myriana
  14. liking this servitor! Woo
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    Lord Inquisitor - Prologue!

    worth the ++redacted++ wait!!
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    Mandragora Apocrypha

    This is just going to be a little dump thread of new updates as I launch another campaign following the exploits of my last, in the Dread Mandragora Sector. Greatly perished by this point in history. Campaign Introduction Narration It is the year 442.M39. The Mandragora Sector has fallen to the darkness and depredations in the five decades following the fall of the sector fleet. In light of the crippled state of the sector, the Inquisition of the Ordos Mandragora have fallen back to Phaenon Prime, to reconstitute their center of power and military assets as they prepare for their own, clandestine crusade to reclaim the sector. Inquisitor Gerin is one such man. He has traveled far and wide across the remains of the perished Mandragora region, searching for the answer to the sector's Salvation. After decades of research, contending with the threat of heresy blossoming across the sector, he has discovered the location of the Pillar of Penitence; Once a might flagship to the Mandragora Black Fleet, the Pillar holds within it many secret weapons of the Inquisition and dread chaos artifacts that could be used to turn the tide against the Xenos, the Heretic, and the Malleus. Long lost to the warp rifts of the Discordian Wells, a passage in the warp has opened for the first time in decades. In his haste to procure passage to the Void-Yard of Mandragora, he has absconded with six of his acolytes to investigate the remains of the hulked warship. It has taken him many tireless months, racing against time to arrive at the Void Yards before the calming swell closes. Thus, the acolytes find themselves absconded from across the Mandragora Sector aboard the Spirit of Saint Elnar, a modest and humble Fueler Transport, to unveil the secrets held beyond the shattered hull of the Pillar. Setting New Mandragora Sector, 430.M39 The Void-Yard of Mandragora The Void-Yards of Mandragora exist in the Sea of Cindars (former sub sector region) The Sea of Cinders The Sea of Cinders was always a perilous region of space long before the warp rifts opened in Mandragora. Hundreds of celestial stars, bursting with solar flares across the region made the region nigh inhospitable to human life. Gaseous bodies that drift in the region constantly setting aflame have caused many wayward ships to have been destroyed or crippled in the past. As soon as the Spirit of Saint Elnar emerges from the warp, the void shields of the ship react immediately, protecting the crew from the constant bombardment of the deadly solar flares and radiation that seep throughout the region.
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    Mandragora Apocrypha

    Work has been progressing on Vol I. Here's a bit of an early preview http://www.rollforheresy.net/Images/Mandragora/Volume_Id.pdf
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    Dark Heresy fanmade bestiary

    This entry is completely cheeky, and was made to mess with my players on a humorous occasion. Salt Daemon Profile (Master) WS BS S T Ag Int Per WP Fel Inf 15 15 15 15 60 60 60 60 60 -- Half: 6 Full: 12 Charge: 18 Run: 36 Wounds: 1d10+8 Fate Points: 1d10 Skills: Dodge (Ag) +30, Logic (Int) +30, Common Lore (All) (Int) +30. Scholastic Lore (All) (Int) +30, Forbidden Lore (All) (Int) +30 Talents: Mastery (Common Lore, Scholastic Lore, Forbidden Lore) Traits: Daemonic (6), Warp Instability, Baneful Presence (6) Weapons: Daemonic Salt (Melee; 1d10+10 I; Pen 0; Warp Weapons, Corrosive) None of My Business: The Salt Daemon purpose and existence in the materium is to torment the unfortunate victim of it's focus. The Salt Daemon will challenge and mock their victim in a series of questions and philosophical debate, pitting the challenger against opposed Lore Tests. For every Degree of Failure the victim takes, he gains 1 point of Insanity. The Salt Daemon can be banished by physical means, or banished by defeating his debates with at least 12 Degrees of Success over an extended amount of time. Additionally, insanity points caused by the daemon count towards satisfying Warp Insability.
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    Mandragora Apocrypha

    Updated - 8/16/16 Been working on finally codifying the sector settings I've been running my games in. After a few flip flops in ordering, I'm going to release the first nearly completed supplement for review. Please provide any constructive criticism or feedback if you take the time to read the document. Volume II more or less in a complete state now. Volume 1: Historica Mandragora Volume II: The Black Run
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    Mandragora Apocrypha

    That is what they're based on.
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    Mandragora Apocrypha

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    Mandragora Apocrypha

    No, it fires three rounds at once (semi auto), resolving the bonuses with each ammo type in order. I.e. The first hit is standard ammo, the second hit man stopper round, third hit etc.
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    New Background: Imperial Fists

    More input later, so far like the pitch