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  1. Let the past be. Move on to the future. On with the show. or in this case....On with the topic. Alright, so laughmask.....I was thinking about taking contents from the original book. Winnie the pooh was a book way before it was cartoon. As noted on a different forum, I for one dont see cartoons being able to be used for this game. BUT.....and thats a big BUT....only if the game was set in a world with cartoons....Like Kingdom hearts. If that is the main plot, theme and setting. Then yes a cartoon world would work. Alright back to winnie the pooh. I never read that much of the book. I was to young and wasnt that interested when i did. But im not sure if the Heffalumps are in the book. Just like the gopher and........possiably the owl. Hey was there any agreement about adding Captain hook, Long John Silver, And Captain Ahab as a major villian in the game. I had mentioned them just never got any input on it.
  2. Christopher Robin! Alright i was thinking that Christopher Robin found himself lost in the world of grimm. Over there years he has now grown up to be like in his late teens....lets say 16 or 17. Christopher has developed a strong power of imagination. His favorite stuffed animals have grown to life as his servants causing havoc and blood shed to help their master. This idea would require winnie the pooh and friends to be also enemies in the game.
  3. UGH!...... So i was thinking more about monsters? The greatest monsters a person could face would be something the players create. So in order to do this would be get the players to talk about the inner minds of their characters. What are their fears, ticks, makes them sick, makes them quiver? After you find that out, create a monster that would bring forth that experiance to the characters in the story.
  4. WOW! wait....is that in the book. Or did you make that up. I hope you did...cause ive been looking though the book and never found it. So i hope im not going crazy. Well if you did make it up. I like it alot. That would really work. Thanks.
  5. Well moving on back to the main topic of this Forum. So gremlins as monsters? I think that can work. Gremlins are everywhere causing havoc.
  6. Well the characters themselves would be best to have a reason for there actions. Only they dont necessarily have to. Like the Queen of Hearts. Always cutting peoples heads off. Does anyone really know why? The world of GRIMM doesnt have to make sense. With that in mind the players can imagine all sort of things and not have it make sense. You know it barely dawn on me....Has anyone suggest adding gremlins to the list of monsters.....You know like the evil looking gremlins from the movie...or from The twlight zone movie.
  7. The title doesnt really explain much.....I took it as CLASS room 101 rewards. You know.....Or like Art class 1506.03........You know from college courses and all. Just saying that of course...But Now...that we know the max of this forum is 101 rewards. Lets continue.
  8. well yeah, there was like three other sequels after the first....I think the last one....either part three or four was the worst....
  9. Well you know the more and more i think about that ability....Idk it just doesnt sound good. It actually makes me laugh.....it seems like the game designers ran out of ideas....so they let the people fill in the blank. Oh well, I guess so. None of the players that play with me pick the normal kid.
  10. was that what it was called?....i dont remember i havent seen that movie in like ages....my favorite was part two.....so yeah the ivory tower....i hope your right. But that seems like a good Babylon idea.
  11. Well thank you laughmask. Only its okay. Gremlin believes what he wants to. I've notice he knows alot about the rules of the game only not the Big aspects of the game. While researching all the nursery ryhmes, short stories, fairy tales, Folk songs, and folk stories. Alot of the components in the game GRIMM, are not and never where written by the Brothers grimm. EXAMPLE: Jack and the beanstalk, Little bo peep, Little boy blue, the old women who lived in the shoe, The three bears, beauty and the best, King Midas, oh and the checkerboard kingdom itself The game grimm takes every fairy tale, folk tale, song, ryhme, and short story, then twists them around to be coming wicked. I hate to break to you gremlin but the the Grimm lands has the Checkboard kingdom which is a major part to the world. That Checkerboard land is from Through the looking glass (one of lewis carroll's alice stories) So there doesnt have to be a why for anything. You have alot of creativity gremlin i'll give you that. Just easy up a little. You seem like a cool guy.
  12. Yeah i liked gremlins idea. It does sound like a very EPIC campaign model. Oh and as for the musical instruments that kind of what i was going for. Instruments that were in nursery ryhmes to stories. I've been reading alot of stories after i came across grimm. Its become like my research to improve the game but at the same time find lots of knowledge.......No joke my head was hurting alot after. Hey i was thinking for babylon.... that temple thing...i forgot what it was called....But the place that was in never ending story. Thats something people could use as a version of babylon. All filled with bright lights and purity.
  13. Hmm....i never actually thought about it....Players aides does seem like a great idea. Normally in the campaigns...I try to get the players to remember nursery rythms and stories. But they have to be the original storys if not they wont figure alot of things out or refrences. Candy, items, and i would say self reflection would help a player. Get them to open up about what they wanted to be when they were kids.
  14. This is just a idea...im not really sure how any of you would feel about it........What about the FOUR HORSEMEN?.....LOL.....just putting it out there.
  15. No its okay. I actually Like that idea. Though i've never heard of the nine muses.....I'll look them up. Thanks alot. Just reading the muse of comedy to me i invision like a comedy mask. instead of the stone juggling balls....cause one item would be better to care and connect to the statue. I had got some of the idea from watching "Into the woods". Its a musical set in the world of grimm. In it the Witch tells the bakery if they wanted a child they would have to obtain four items for a potion. A cow as white as milk(jack and the beanstalk), A scarf as red as blood (little riding hood), A slipper made of silver (Cinderella), and hair as yellow as corn (rapunzel). They rest i just made up and put together. Gremlin, Just thinking about it though.....That would be an EPIC campaign. Nine items.......The players can reach 12th grade by the last item. Its still a great idea.....Maybe the Nine muses can be part of the monster book. Turn them into a dark form.
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