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  1. Similar problem arises when the Nekro clones the Saar "Floating Factory II" tech: What happens e.g. to space dock in hexes without planets, or when multiple space docks are in the same hex (with just 1 planet) when X/Y token is switched (or the Saar is eliminated)?
  2. Added "Skilled Retreat", "Courageous to the end" and agenda card questions
  3. In case someone didnt read the last TI4 article on the website: The release date was moved. It is not announced as fourth quarter of 2017, but as third 2017. That means: within the next 35 days!
  4. Error on the "Hyper Metabolism" tech card spottet: "2 instead of 1" makes no sense, as you gain usually 2
  5. Thas was the same thought I got. You are allowed to produce for that value, but that does not mean, it is paid for (actually I dont have TI4 in my hands, so I dont know the exact wording, so maybe it is).
  6. The 3 instead of 2 just depended on your TI3 play style. We often played with the standard 4 - Logistics. There the exchange rate was 1 CC = 3 influence. But you are also right, that simplicity/streamlining was a reason for it. I just think it could be both.
  7. I thought it would be a good idea to collect the errors/unclear parts of the rule book, so we have a collected page, which could be used as a first errata source. (I try to collect all things from the thread into this first post, ordered by the numbers. Things where it is not certain that they were intended as written, or if its just not clean written are marked as [uncertain]) Rules: 2.6, 2.8: Does a canceld action card count to the "multiple action cards... cannot be played" limit? 19.3: What happens if the reinforcements are empty, and one has to be placed from the reinforcements? Taking from one of the pools is just ruled for the Diplomacy Strategy Card in 30.2 20.2: Commodity is supposed to be limited by the number on the faction sheet, not the number of commodity tokens (factor 3 difference, as there are tokens with a value of 3) 52.13 [uncertain]: 5 Stage I, 5 Stage II objectives: same numbers for a 14-point game? (similar: is three the limit for the secret objectives in a 14-point game?) 59.1: In the 3rd paragraph "... towards the space dock's production limit..." should read "... towards the producing units production limit...". 60.3 [uncertain]: According to rules, a player can trade his own card back. When a card is "returned" this way, 60.3 should not "trigger" (the wording should be "If a promissory note is returned to a player due to resolving it,...") 65.3 [uncertain]: Does a ship have an attribute, when its not "0", but "-". Point: Fighters have "-" Move, and flank speed increases this by one, but assuption is: "-" fighter dont get "1" movement. (Assumption: the only reason that the move is printed on it, is to indicate, that it can be improved with upgrades). 67.5: Bad/Wrong Example for paragraph 6: Destroyer roll vs. Dreadnought roll. According to paragraph 4, the roll of the unit with the lower combat value happen before the one with the higher. Afaik (I dont know the actual techs & action cards) there is no scenario possible that a destroyer has a lower roll than a dreadnought. So, in the beginning there is now way the player rolled for his destroyer first. 87.4, 87.7: If playing 14-points game, replace all instances of 10 VP with 14 VP 88.3: Rules have different wording than the Strategy Card "Warfare" itself. (My assumption) The rules are correct, the SC must be corrected (i.e. not only production with one space dock, but with one unit). Cards: "Hyper Metabolism" tech card: "2 instead of 1" makes no sense, as you gain usually 2 CC. Intended: "3 instead of 2". "Skilled Retreat" Action card: "Then, place a command token from your reinforcements in that system" leads to 2 questions: Is it allowed to retreat into system when there is already an activation token from the retreating player? When the answer is yes (which I assume), do I place a second token? (I assume no) "Courageous to the end" Action card: Are the two dice rolled considered "combat rolls" of the ship? I.e. are moral boost, race abilities (Jol-Nar, Sardakk Norr, Letnev) included that modify combat rolls? And can other effects regarding the selected ship be applied (e.g. Winnu, Sardakk Norr, Hacan & Lizix Flagship)? "Research Team X" Agenda card: If the elected planet has already a tech ressource, does exhaustion of this planet allow ignoration of two tech requirements? "The Crown of Emphidia", "Shard of the Throne", "Holy Planet of Ixth" Agenda cards [uncertain]: Does the player having this card lose the VP in case he loses the card due to other effects (Judicial Abolishment, Miscount Disclosed, New Constitution)? (RAW say no). Strategy Cards: Warfare: The secondary ability allows production with one space dock, the rules (88.3) say that Warfare secondary ability allows production with one unit. Races: Nekros "Valefor Assimilator X/Y" race tech: What happens if the copied race tech is removed due to elimination of the other race (problematic with Muat and their war sun tech => it allows to Nekro to have a unit, but no tech on the command sheet after elimination; also what happens when in this case the X/Y token is moved away from the Muat race tech? Similar problem appears when the cloned tech is the "Floating Factory II" from Saar: What happens when the space dock is in Space, not on a planet and then the tech is gone?)?
  8. I am not sure if its good to have the transfer action. From what I have seen with the rules I would assume that you have slightly more CC in TI4 than in TI3 (e.g. because you never have to save pure influence planets for voting, and I would assume that the Leadership card is always one of the picked cards). So I think, it would make sense to have some kind of CC-sink, and making positioning more expensive (by having no transfer action) would be the right amount to compensate for that more of CC. Disclaimer: I havent got the game, so I havent played it yet => just assumptions and theory.
  9. Sure . 16.4: "Fighters and ground forces are not assigned to specific ships, except while they are being transported." That means, e.g. that when you loose a carrier through Gravity Rift, the units that are carried with that specific carrier are also lost.
  10. No. Because this "redistribution" is on possible after combat. Else they are assigned for transport and the units are "pinned" to the carrier (for this topic, I have to write a disclaimer: As I interpret it)
  11. It is different when you got systems with multiple planets. In 3rd the play was: You select your first Planet (lets call him) A. There you assign the troops that go down, you make PDS and then the fight. Afterwards you make planet B (the other one) the same way. So when e.g. the first invasion was total fail, and you dont want to risk all your remaining other troops, you could say, that e.g. you just go down with 1 unit (or not at all). In 4th the play is interleaved, you make planet A at the same time as with planet B. You have to commit your troops to all planets first. Then you do PDS for all. And then you do the actual Ground combat (now first A then B). So, for example, here it can happen that you already know you lost the other planet invasion before you do your actual fight for the first planet (if the PDS of the other planet kills all invading ground forces).
  12. Another thing: You dont kneed to have your home system to claim objectives You maybe have more techs (they are cheaper), but they are often less powerful, some needing to be exhausted, i.e. they can be only used once per round
  13. So they are already print, and we can make no more suggestestions. Already found some points which need clarification/correction (e.g. 20.2 is for sure not intended as its written, because they do NOT want to limit the number of tokens, but to actually limit the commodity).
  14. Imagine you are bringing 2 carriers, each one having 1 ground force and 1 fighter. Now you get 3 hits, and assign two to the fighter and one to the carrier. In 3rd edition the ground force in the carrier is killed with the carrier. And when I read the 4th edition rules correct, this is not the case, as you can redistribute them after combat (and as both fighters are dead, you can assign both ground force to the surviving carrier).
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