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  1. True, Once ES gets its own expansions we can compare them. In the meantime, AH is the best Lovcraft game out there.
  2. There is a big problem with using a bag for monster picking though. The thing is everyone tends to "shake" the bag quite often, thus exposing the monster markers to a great deal of wear. It is useful, but your monster tokens will wear very rapidly if not used with extreme care.
  3. One hour? Wow, you made sure it was completely random then...
  4. True, I too don't see character abilities to be overpowered. Perhaps the major issue in this game is Hastur. Otherwise I see ES to be well balanced.
  5. Perhaps the easiest fix for these characters is that their abilities work only once per day, once the Ancient One awakens.
  6. I'll certainly be waiting for an expansion to ES. My playgroup enjoys this game very much, and we usually go for a game or two before our weekly gaming session. It's fast and you get you quota of H.P. Lovcraft as well
  7. Thanks for the review, I got my copy today and I must say I welcome the easy set up and quick play that AH does not offer. Elder Sign will certainly be played in my gaming sessions, if we ever get tired of battling in Arkham. Oh and I surely be waiting for future expansions.
  8. Got lucky last week and dropped at my local game store. they had one, so I sold my soul to Ctulhu and got myself a copy.
  9. Santiago Chile, really far away but our comunity is growing. Cheers!
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