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  1. Thank you. I should not have read the interweb threads on it. It looks awful. I took 1d10 Insanity Points. I'm serious when I say all my interest in playing Dark Heresy just died.
  2. I just finished reading the core rulebook. Is there another book that spells out what the Tyrant Star is?
  3. Check the errata. The errata added a rule that you can also add an extra 1d10 for every two degrees of success on aimed accurate weapons up to an additional 2d10 damage. Thank you!
  4. My rulebook just says Accurate adds +10 to BS when Aiming.
  5. Why? They both do 1d10+3. (I'm assuming no armor.)
  6. But a near-max damage shot to the head - or anywhere really - has no effect? I didn't miss anything? If so, it basically takes a 10 on the damage roll to kill a sentry.
  7. I sneak up on the cultist's guard post. A lone fanatic (TB4, W10) is standing there under the light. I lift my lasgun, take aim and shoot him in the head. I hit. Yay! I roll nearly max damage (9)! Yay! He yells for help, draws his weapon and dives behind cover. What? Is that really how Dark Heresy combat works? 9+3=12-4=8 points of damage. The fanatic suffers no ill effects, not bleeding, incapacitated, stunned or anything? Please tell me I missed something.
  8. "We opened the door to Area 3 with 10 conquest tokens, and all three heroes died. The overlord did this by spawning 5 monsters behind us in Areas 1 & 2." "Maximum 1 spawn card per turn." Aaaagh! There it is. He spawned Beastmen War Party and Sorcerer Circle behind us.
  9. We've read the rules. Everybody's read the rules. We're used to reading rules. Is there one that's commonly misunderstood or poorly worded? We've learned a couple basic things. I opened a door at the end of a turn because I had some extra movement. That apparently is a catastrophic mistake in Descent. What else?
  10. Last night we played quest 3, Problems of Life and Death. We died in Area 1. We started over. We opened the door to Area 3 with 10 conquest tokens, and all three heroes died. The overlord did this by spawning 5 monsters behind us in Areas 1 & 2. We can't keep characters alive. The overlord constantly runs past the melee types and kills the wizard with standard monsters. The wizard had 12 health and 1 armor. Two beastmen can easily kill him. What are we supposed to do?
  11. Our heroes can't win Descent. We get murdered a couple rooms into every quest. Our Overlord isn't trying hard and he's killing heroes with ease. So far we've played the first 3 quests in the basic game (the last one twice because we died so quickly). We've read the rules several times, downloaded FAQ's and errata. All of us players are very experienced gamers. No tactic we try works. 1. What advice do you have for players to win Descent? 2. Is there some commonly-misunderstood rule that gets heroes killed?
  12. Does your group choose your heroes, or do you draw them randomly? We're competitive and I don't want us players to have an unfair advantage on the overlord.
  13. Thanks. We're about to start up a Descent group, probably in campaign mode. (I have all the box supplements.) What should we expect in terms of balance or playability? Descent is pretty highly rated. You mentioned in the other thread about it being too easy with 4 players and too hard with 2. What are the common complaints about the game, and how noticeable are they?
  14. The Descent box says 2-5 players, meaning 1-4 Hero players and an Overlord. Is there any way to play 5 Heroes and an Overlord?
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