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  1. Avoid Ascension until you have a solid grasp of the basic rules, for every reason written above in addition to the fact that it's just poorly written and designed. Inquisitor's Handbook, Radical's Handbook, Disciples of the Dark Gods, Daemon Hunter and Blood of Martyrs (in roughly that order) should be your first acquisitions on the basis of overall usefulness and also quality of production. Avoid Creatures Anathema, if you have a decent imagination you can come up with better rules and better statlines for more interesting creatures, and save yourself some cash. Ascension really only works when you have a GM who is very comfortable with improvising, a core of players with solid concepts who don't abuse rules, and some time on the water in basic DH. Alternatively, if you disallow Inquisitor as a career then you can just use it as "Super Dark Heresy" and it requires a bit less from the GM because you still have some significant sway over your players' actions.
  2. Our Moritat Death Cultist in Ascension eschewed Power Swords and went for Lathe Blades instead. Sanctifying them is a huge advantage as previously mentioned. Also consider asking for Toxin Dispensers from Rogue Trader: Into the Storm or else just acquire poison you can apply to your blades before combat. Toxic pretty much closes up the damage gap with anything that's not Daemonic or Machine, and with Daemons Lathe has the advantage of bypassing Daemonic Toughness (when Sanctified) so it pretty much evens out. Power weapons will still be better against mechanical enemies.
  3. Imagine all the people, living life in peace... yoo hoooo hooooooo.
  4. I agree that it is the writer's responsibility to balance classes against each other, at least modestly. Combat classes should roughly equal other combat classes, but look at the gulf between the Vindicare and everything else and you see this is not true. If the player likes the fluff or the feel of the Vindicare, they won't mind if you tone down Temple Assassin a bit. If they like the power of the class, they aren't playing the game for the right reason, and you should explain that one character being overwhelming more powerful makes the game less fun for the others, and as such you have to bring the class in line. Simple fix. We shouldn't have to fix it, but we do, so that's life.
  5. As most others have noted, the Vindicare class is wickedly broken. Rather than address the symptoms of the brokeness, address the cause. Fix Temple Assassin, nerfing it to either 1 Additional Reaction a Turn or AB Reactions per Session. If the player complains too much, he likes the class for its power and not its fluff, and probably shouldn't be playing it anyway.
  6. Out of character? Yeah, I know that it's probably going to ignite a war in a subsector already riven with conflict. But in character, my Inquisitor is still new/idealistic enough that she wants to do something monumental to try and actually fix problems rather than perpetuate them. She's just optimistic like that. I'm sure it won't end well for her, or maybe it will (our GM isn't very harsh generally) but it'll be fun to try no matter what.
  7. The whole "cloning his psyche" thing got me really intrigued, so now I'm thinking of adding that layer. Of course, this involves the extremely heretical notion of (1) Capturing a Blood Angel or Successor and provoking the Black Rage, (2) somehow delving into his maddened psyche to find the sliver of Sanguinius within and then (3) transferring said psyche, perhaps using Soul Stone technology. That would require dealing with the Eldar to learn how they transfer intact psyches to and from bodies, which is of course another whole bag of chips in itself. But, it will make for an awesome and incredibly characterful arc of adventures!
  8. Out of character, I'd probably prefer to clone Sanguinius just because he's the most decent fellow. In character, my Inquisitor may select him because he has the most readily available genetic material. With Forbidden Lore Mastery as well as Scholastic Lore: Archaic and Legend, she's likely heard about the Red Grail and it would seem to be the most obvious choice. Picking up the Psychic Imprint from the Black Rage is a very interesting twist; this would allow her to clone Sanguinius not just in body, but in mind. Thanks for the very in-depth response, Lightbringer. I'm not as well versed on the history of the setting as I would like so a few of those slipped past me. I'm thinking I'll go for Revolutionary as an Influence Talent, and begin to pick up Peers and Good Reputations with various appropriate groups. Hereteks/Ad. Mech are a necessity, obviously, and having a bit of sway with the Blood Angels may help me pick up information about the Primarch and his relics. Any other suggestions as to how to build my web of influence?
  9. Hey everyone, we're just starting an Ascension campaign and my Psyker/Inquisitor is still brimming with confidence that she can truly save the sector, and even the Imperium as a whole. In character, she's still unsure how she will do that but has a fairly open mind and can be wooed easily to grandiose plans as long as she thinks they will contribute to the greater good. As a player, my long term plan is to try and clone a Primarch and perhaps even have her surrogate the child as a son of her own. I figured: this is Ascension! Think big, think game-changing! Maybe you'll fail horribly and be burned at the stake, but at least you tried! I'm posting this here for advice and input. Which Primarch do you think would be best to clone, taking into account availability of genetic material? How would you go about it, in terms of group affiliations and systems of influence? These questions and more I am interested in your responses to. For the record, I'm aware it's a somewhat outlandish concept that will "wreck" the universe, but in character my Inquisitor quite fully wants to cause permanent and lasting change to this galaxy... she's not aware it is a published setting that must stay relatively constant.
  10. It's similar to Sprint, but Sprint only works on a Full Move or a Run action. You can't use it to increase the distance of your Charge action, which is something a Death Cultist would very much like to do. Also, thanks for pointing out the other Ascended stuff I missed. I completely glossed over most Paragon Talents because I assumed them to be strict regurgitation of the previous talents, simply grouped. Evidently I was wrong!
  11. Hey there, I just put together a few more combat talents mainly aimed at our Ascending Death Cultist who was a little upset that there were no new combat options available to him during Ascension. I tried to focus on giving more utility or versatility rather than straight "power" when making these talents, but let me know what you think. Acrobatic Charge Prerequisites: Ag 40, Acrobatics The character is capable of charging in an erratic pattern, able to run full-force into the enemy after any number of sharp maneuvers. When making a Charge action, the character is no longer subject to the restriction that the last four meters of the move be in a straight line. In addition, the target of the charge need only be two meters away at minimum. Burning Hatred Prerequisites: Frenzy Seething with barely controlled fury, in combat the character is never more than a step away from flying into a destructive rage. When initiating a Frenzy, the time required is reduced to a Half action worth of swearing, self-flagellation, or other ritual actions in order to bring their anger to the forefront. Normal: Without this talent, beginning a Frenzy is a Full action. Counter-Time Prerequisites: Counterattack When wielding a pair of weapons, the character has the skill and versatility to use them in concert when defending. After making a successful Parry against a melee attack, the character may choose to perform a Counterattack with either the weapon which was used to Parry or with another weapon they have at the ready. Normal: When performing a Counterattack, the character’s free strike must be with the same weapon used to parry. Fleet of Foot Prerequesites: Ag 40 The character is a blur whilst charging their opponents, able to reach incredible speeds before launching their attack. A character with this talent increases the maximum distance they can charge by an amount equal to their Agility bonus in meters. In effect, this raises their Charge range from 3*AB to 4*AB meters. (For example, a character with an Agility of 43 may now Charge a target up to 16m away, rather than 12.) Mighty Fortitude Prerequisites: Toughness 40 Shielded by divine providence or simply possessing an unreal level of grit, the character is able to shrug off blows that would kill a lesser man. In combat, the character may spend a Fate Point in order to halve all damage received this round (after reduction for Armor and Toughness bonus). This lasts for one full round from the time it is activated. Rapid Feint Prerequisites: Ability to make multiple melee attacks The character has mastered the art of swordplay, and is capable of misdirecting an opponent’s defense much more gracefully. The character may substitute one of their attacks (such as those granted by Two-Weapon Wielder or Lightning Attack) for the Feint action. This must be declared before you roll against your Weapon Skill for that attack. Normal: Without this talent, Feint requires a Half Action to use. Rapid Takedown Prerequisites: Takedown, Ability to make multiple melee attacks You are even more skilled at taking an enemy alive, capable of weaving non-lethal blows into your flurry of strikes. You may substitute one of their attacks (such as those granted by Two Weapon Wielder or Lightning Attack) for a Takedown maneuver. This must be declared before you roll against your Weapon Skill for that attack. If the attack succeeds and does at least 1 point of damage, that damage is ignored. Instead, the target must make a Toughness Test or become Stunned for one round. Normal: Without this talent, a Takedown requires a Half Action to use. Swift Disengage Prerequisites: Acrobatics, Agility 50 Able to spin away from combat in a dazzling display of athletics, the character no longer need fear retributive strikes when moving away from attackers. When using Acrobatics to perform a Disengage action, rather than reduce the Disengage to a Half action the character may instead utilize their Reaction to perform the Disengage. Normal: Without this Talent, testing Acrobatics to perform a Disengage is a Half action. Two-Weapon Mastery Prerequisites: Two-Weapon Wielder, WS 50 The character has spent countless hours perfecting their talents with their weapons, mind body and blade becoming one entity of murderous intent. The character may choose a specific weapon, such as a Chainsword. When wielding this weapon as part of Two-Weapon Wielder, the penalties for fighting with two weapons are reduced by 10. This means a character with both Two-Weapon Wielder and Ambidextrous as well as this talent suffers no penalties to fighting with two weapons, provided they are the type selected for this talent.
  12. I used some of the ideas here to make my own ruleset for a game that I run via PbP. I already have posted a link, but here's another, to the Resources page of my forum. Hope it helps stir up some brainwaves. eldarrp.freeforums.org/resources-f24.html
  13. To me the most limiting thing about Deathwatch at the moment is the really low number of Specializations. So I'd like to see a few more Core specializations, if they could manage it without making them feel same-y. Or even a book of Deathwatch-scaled and sanctioned non-Space Marine Characters. Temple Assassins, Ordo Xenos Inquisitors, whatever. Because if you tried to make one in DH and port it over you'd either break your game into tiny little pieces or would have to rewrite the system. Other than that, Chapters. Mostly the rest of the First Founding ones.
  14. THE THUNDER HAMMER. Apparently better than a Relic Blade.
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