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  1. That's not false in theory. By experience it quickly devolve into people quickly looking at charts to see how they can consume the mechanical bonus they got on their dices ...
  2. Well, it change if I'm gonna use the system or not! I invested a lot in this campaign and I want to like what I see here but ... It's a massive change. I really really like most of it but there are deal breakers to me... If I have to modify everything out of the box, i'm better to just not do anyways and that makes me feel kinda sad. I guess I'll have to wait for the system to grow and mature and maybe if I do a follow up to this campaign i'll run this ... But in it's current state, it's more and more apparent that it won't make me switch my currently active campaign.
  3. Nah I don't want the last edition back. I just want to be able to upgrade with least disturbance to my players ... I kind of have something alive and I don't want to kill it! And I agree, but I'd still like more optional rules... That's kind of my condition to buy into the system ...
  4. Near but not exactly ... Still needs for them to have a say in the roll.
  5. Vagnaard


    I think we'll need to use stats for this one ... We need to map out odds to see what really happens.
  6. Yes but ... It's really not equivalent. It's not the end result that interest my group, it's the tension that choosing what will happen to their character that they want ... If they call 5 raises, and I just have 3 levels success prepared ... I'll move the TN in my head, and they won't know what happened ... This is important to the experience I'm trying to give.
  7. Yeah, well, they don't need their roleplay to be dictated for them, which is exactly what these kind of mechanism are about. When one of my players does an outburst, it comes from him because his character really had enough... So we don't need those. But I really liked the tension that raises added to the action of rolling dices. The way I am playing right now, when a players fails, it's mostly because he tried to over-reach more than because the dice were mean to them ... But I play with blind TN only, which means that the players don't do math. They know if the roll is easy for their character or hard. They then consider their skills and tools and check what level of success they want. My players like that because it adds a dimension that they can roleplay when they throw the roll.... Also happy honey moon and congratulation on the wedding! Oh ... right. My campain is 3 year old ... We played every week once missing only a few which I find impressive ... With that much sessions, my players are rank 6 going on 7 ... This complicate things greatly!
  8. Nah, it just does not have the risks that the raise system had. All in all, this is way too gamist for my group. Edit : After talking to my group - both the no real raise and the ninjo/giri mechanic is a deal killer for them. That's sad because I really like what you guys did ...
  9. Hi! First, I think you guys did a good work with this. I have just one strong issue with it. Raises are missing. I don't want them to be part of the default mechanics but I want them to be at least optional. Do you guys have a better idea than just let people raise their own TN ? I'm not sure the system statistically can support that because of the custom dices ... What I mean by that is that with the old d10 system, you could kind of predict what kind of roll someone would have with the dice pool he had. The nature of this custom dice makes this impossible ...
  10. The best example would be Intimidate (st) There are far more ways to intimidate someone than to flex your muscles. I'd rule that if he shows a better way of intimidating, let him use another stat. The same goes for any other skills. If it makes sense, roll with it.
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