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  1. USA. Preorder from Fantasy Flight!
  2. my preorder is out for delivery today!
  3. Just letting everyone know Arkham 3e is on its way! I got my ship notice late yesterday. Says it will be to me by Tuesday 10/30... just in time for All Hallows Eve!
  4. So it sounds like the vast majority of the book is fluff? Which sounds awesome to me! Can someone with the book give us a rundown on the table of contents and how many pages in each section? Also wondering if there are a bunch of NPCs in the book, i really love a setting book that's crammed with NPCs for my players to interact with. mal
  5. Source? Not calling bull, just want to know where you get these numbers from. I absolutely love RTL and can see why it could lead to more people coming back to D2E (or simply buying it because they had a nice session at a friend). Tripled the sales and in the sequence he announced the Imperial Assault app ... Well, I think RTL dont make any sucess Wait! They announced an app for Imperial Assault? If so that is awesome! Love the games hate the overlord mode!! mal
  6. thanks for the advice. What about the other small card decks? DO you organize spells, unique assets, assets, items by sub group or just alpha or not at all? mal
  7. How do you organzie your small cards? I think it's best if Condition Cards are kept in alphabetical order cince they're always call for by name. How do you keep your assets and unique assets? by subtype (ie Ally, Tome, etc)? Just wondering what's best... mal
  8. Thanks for all the input folks! We managed to beat Azathoth last night! Woot! It was still a hard go, and we still used our easy mode (ie everyone action, everyone encounter, then everyone action again, then everyone encounter again, then 1 mythos). Next time we're going to 4 investigators and normal mythos phases. Wish us luck! mal
  9. Hey guys I'm pretty sure I'm right here, but I just want to be sure. The only items I need to keep from my old edition of Mansions is the Investigator Figures, the Monster Figures and bases, and the map tiles. Correct? thanks mal
  10. So my group and I are long time RPG players with a bunch of computer gaming experience as well. We're big Call of Cthulhu fans too. We're on our 4th attempt to play Eldritch Horror now and we continue to fail spectacularly! In our 3rd attempt we finally managed to solve the 1st mystery card, and that's the best we've ever done. Starting with the second game we are doing mythos phases only every other turn, and we still can't seem to get anywhere!! We're a group of 3 and we're playing Silas Marsh, Leo Anderson, and Diana Stanley. Any advice on basic strategy that we're just not seeing/doing, or perhaps a better group of characters we could be playing would be greatly appreciated. I think one of our problems is we're not proactively closing down gates. Typically we when monsters spawn we try to stay away from them which leads to gates staying open and more and more monsters generating... Again, dumbass beginner help requested!! thanks malcolm
  11. Hi all I'm a complete dunce when it comes to making decks... Does anyone have a simple to use and thematic/flavorful deck for the Angmar cycle? I just picked up the Lost Realm and the First adventure pack, I also have the core set, Khazad Dum, and Numenor. Plus the entire Shadows of Mirkwood Cycle, and Darrowdelf cycle. Any help would be greatly appreciated. thanks Malcolm
  12. thanks guys... i admit i only looked in each thread, i didn't go multiple pages in ... sorry to be such a bother...
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