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  1. I am soooo happy we are getting Iden Versio, and it looks like Infero Squadron too. I'd love to see more of the new characters (Gallus Rax, Adea Rite, Count Vidian) as well though I'm hoping Iden's presence means that we will see a Corvus title card for the raider.
  2. The only thing that would have gotten me more excited than Clone Wars would have been Mandalorian/Jedi Civil War period. I so would love to run a Mandalorian fleet or a Sith fleet commanded by Darth Revan.
  3. I'm not really one for "competitive" play (as in tournaments) as I've always been a firm believer in there being no "right way" to play a game. Especially when most of the competitive builds I've seen don't even seem to touch the large ships... at that point you might as well be playing X-Wing. The goal was simply to make a build for a "total annihilation" game centered around getting away from the Sloane/Carrier build and getting her into a proper command ship. I favored the Ravager over the Eclipse, though I suppose either way would work. The design is pretty straight forward. Use Sloane's strength toward fighter squadrons (though it would have been more fitting to have her strength be in commanding multiple large ships) to absolutely decimate any enemy fighters and clear the way for the unrelenting firepower a fleet of Star Destroyers can bring to bear. The real challenge now is designing a Ackbar fleet to put up against it. Given that a rebel "super ship" has yet to be revealed, I have a feeling I'll be needing more Mon Cals. I'll definitely take your suggestions toward 'leading shots' under advisement, though I was also looking at Overload Pulse. I was also debating adding Howlrunner to take more of an advantage of the swarm tactics a SSD, 2 ISDs, and 2 VSDs allow, but decided against it in favor of more squadrons.
  4. I've got to admit, that out of all the characters from the new canon (with the possible exception of Iden Versio) Sloane stands as one of my favorite Imperial characters. So I was dismayed that when she was finally released for Armada, they religated Grand Admiral Rae Sloane, commander of the ISD Ultimatum, then the ISD Vigilance, then the SSD Ravager, and finally the SSD Eclipse, to a mere light carrier commander. With the coming of the SSD and sector fleet rules, that is something that (thankfully) can finally be rectified. Here is my first test build for a proper Sloane build: 1194/1200 points (Flagship) Executor II-class Star Dreadnaught "Ravager" Admiral Sloane Lira Wessex (Since there was no Adea Rite officer card) Quad Laser Turrets Boosted Comms Quad Battery Turrets "All Fighters, Follow Me!" 2x ISD II-class Star Destroyers Quad Laser Turrets 2x VSD-class Star Destroyers Assault Concussion Missiles Interictor-class Suppression Refit "Interdictor" G-8 Experimental Projector Targeting Scrambler Morna Kee (Sloane's personal pilot) 6x Tie Fighter Squadron 6x Tie Interceptor Squadron 5x Tie Bomber Squadron 2x Tie Defender Squadron
  5. I hope it’s Tannhauser. Was really disappointed with Modiphius and their terrible handling of Dust Adventures, and feel like FFG is giving Genesys enough support to make it worth picking up should the sourcebook ever be released. Who knows, we might be able to get them to make a new version of the board and card games.
  6. Waiting on news of a Tannhauser sourcebook, seeing as it’s given a section in the core book.
  7. If Genesys had been released as a complete game, then we should wait for something like that to be decided. The big issue is that until sourcebooks and beastiaries for the included setting recommendations (such as Tannhauser) are released Genesys is nothing more than a toolkit. A toolkit that requires the GM to do everything to make a playable game. In that situation, yes, Genesys should have some manner of OGL in the same manner as D&D.
  8. *slightly confused* What does the camera have to do with anything? All it would have to do is track the players and itself. It already has all the tokens in the game already as evidenced by the tutorial. Players would then do all their rolling live and update hitpoint via the app (as was expected). Simply touch the token on screen it brings up the stats for that unit and boom. Done. Five seconds. They did something like this already with the Mansions of Madness app (tried it out myself, though I don’t have the game, since so many people have mentioned it). As per a previous comment, based on locations, of the players, some sort of logical targeting priority could also be obtained such as. 1. Attack player closest to objective. Or 2. Attack weakest player (Go for the kill) Or 3. Attack closest player. This would mean that on the AIs turn it can then use a combination of the preset difficulty setting, the aforementioned targeting algorithm, and the information provided by the AP (wounds and strain) to then roll for itself, behind the scenes, and decide the best option to take for itself on a case by case basis. Based on positions alone, even the most basic AI (any chess app out there) could make vastly better decisions, and those decisions would improve gameplay by making them a surprise for the player rather than be that GM who goes “Well these are my options, what do you guys want me to do?” As for the original campaigns, I suppose one could just play the core campaigns and use the app anyways. I get the feeling threat could potentially be off, and you’d just have to place new units willy nilly. But if the player is really the one doing all the thinking, and enemy movement is not based on either player location, it’s own location, or (realistically) the map itself (moving and attacking closest player and whatnot). Have to give it a shot and see what happens... All in all though, I think they did a better job with the MoM app. We’ll see how I feel after trying to play the game anyways. Though I wish there was a way to turn off the apps house rules and just use the actual game rules.
  9. Agree. The whole point of wanting the app was automation. Your having to play both the characters AND the “AI”. I’m also surprised that you didn’t mention that NONE of the campaigns from the boxes are playable. The “AI” (it really isn’t), basically just bull rushes with no strategy at all. At BARE minimum, it needs to be able to track its own location on the board, as well as player locations and wounds for it to even be able to act strategically and remove concerns about objectivity such as the ones mentioned. My only question at this point would be...what the HECK were they doing this whole time?
  10. Working on two casual builds for when I have someone over and want to play Armada, and this is what I came up with. My Imp fleet was originally designed with Motti in mind but I love Sloane so much, and they're the same cost, that I switched them out. Also dropped Rhymer to add in two more Tie squadrons. To counter the massive amount of firepower from three Star Destroyers, I went with more rebel capitals in exchange for less fighters. I mean, Luke DID solo the Death Star, so he should be fine...right? 400/400 Commander: Rae Sloane (Motti alternate) Flagship: Imperial I-Class Star Destroyer "Relentless" (123 pts) Enhanced Armaments Victory II-Class Star Destroyer (96 pts) Director Isard Overload Pulse Victory I-Class Star Destroyer (73 pts) Squadrons (84 pts) Mauler Mithel Sontir Fel Howlrunner Tie Interceptor 3x Tie Fighter 400/400 Commander: Admiral Ackbar MC80 Command Cruiser "Home One" (124 pts) Point Defense Reroute Slaved Turrets Assault Frigate Mark II B (72 pts) Paragon XX-9 Turbo Lasers Nebulon-B Escort Frigate (64 pts) Salvation CR90 Corvette B "Tantive IV" (42 pts) Squadrons (50 pts) Luke Skywalker Wedge Antilles A-Wing Squadron
  11. Here is my answer for the SSD: Executor Admiral Piett General Veers Note: Build synergy should be built around well coordinated attacks by multiple ships on a single target. Veers could provide some bonus to boarding parties (such as boosting their effective range) Ravager Gallius Rax Brendol Hux Build should center on the concept of Operation Cinder and represent their fanatical nature. Ships should receive boosts of some nature as more and more casualties are incurred to represent their fanatical nature. Eclipse Palpatine Yupe Tashu or Jylia Shale Build Synergy: Power of the Dark Side Build should center around Emperor Palpatine's mastery over the Dark Side through battle meditation and instilling fear in the enemy. This could be represented in the ability to reroll enemy hit dice. Thus, the fear would either cause them to miss, or further inspire them to fight to the death (as you have a chance for a reroll to go both ways). And for the rebel counter: The Starhawk-class Battleship Name ships: Amity, Unity, and the Concord Officer: Commodore Kyrsta Agate Upgrade Cards: Magnite Crystal Tractor Beam
  12. Lancer Frigate, Assault Gunboat, and the Arkhammer (with Phase III Dark Trooper boarding party). At the same time, now that FFG has established a precedence for re-releasing old ships: Imperial Star Destroyer Ultimatum (or the Vigilance) name card, in light of the fact that we probably won't see the Ravager make it into Armada and Rae Sloane needs fixing. Ultimatum should provide synergy with Rae Sloane's squadron ability (since there is no chance of getting a re-issue of her), boosting the attack of the ISD when attacking capital ships also under attack by squadrons. Thus Rae's squadrons would reduce the enemy's ability to fight, and her ISD would shred them to pieces. We would also then need Adea Rite as a crew card to also build on Sloane and the Ultimatum's abilities such as: "When target enemy ship would be forced to exhaust one or more defense tokens as the result of an attack, and those defense tokens have already been exhausted, discard those tokens instead."
  13. I don't really know how I feel about this. I definitely wanted some kind of expansion, but I would have hoped that we'd get more planets (Kuat, Jakku, Lothal, Korriban, Scarif, Nar Shaddaa, Taris, Rakata Prime, Jedha, Takodana, etc) and maybe rules for a longer, larger scale campaign. Still, it will be interesting to see more details on this as time goes on. Hopefully, since they are doing Rogue One first, we will see more character expansions. On my personal list: Governor Price Admiral Sloane Admiral Thrawn Count Vidian Yupe Tashu Jylia Shale
  14. Precisely. Thank you for affirming my point, even though I'm sure you didn't mean to ^_^. Bottomline, the Hammerhead (as in the line, not the individual ship) started with KotoR. The class of ship itself is completely irrelevant to the discussion..
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