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  1. The corruption of the space marines is a risk that is now as real as it was during the Horus Heresy. The novels tell stories of corruption of space marines from the Dark Angels, Blood Angels, and so on. In the Eye of Terror novel, they even describe the whole ritual for this corruption. Clonning space marines is also an myth usually told. It is even said that Abaddon the Despoiler, form the Dark Legion, is a clone from Horus himself. Have fun and keep rolling!!!
  2. Remember that psychic healing may have some mutations side-effects if you are using it too often. I recommend you to take this fact to a next level and make them do a Corruption test everytime a player is healed using warp magic. This will eventually make them reconsider if its worthly to take the risk of gaining corruption points in exchange to be healed. Have fun and keep rolling!!!
  3. Remember the Tech-Priest can have Electro Grafts that allow them to connect to a machine with a tech use roll or so. The thing is that know that you are connected, you may chat with the machine spirit of that artifact. I will recommend you to design a riddle and if the tech priest solves it, he may deceive/hack the system. After all, hacking is about breaking security, so try that and it may give you a nice storyline. Have fun and keep rolling!!!
  4. In a month or so, I will send my players to the Eye of Terror and of course that they will have to defend their void against an invasion. I just want to hear some ideas about the best way to defend your void. Thank you. Keep rolling!!!
  5. Remember that the delivery depends on the judge. I mean if you ask to a puritan inquisitor, you are in deep troubles, but if you ask to a radical one he may even ask you to do the same thing to his weapon. A Tech priest will also say that its ok while no Zeno-artifact is used. I recommend you to think in the "personality" of the planet or void where this thing happened. If you are in a shrine world, feral world, or imperial world, then your soul and flesh are damned. If you are in a exploration void, research center, or forge world, then you are just safe. Have fun and keep rolling!!!!
  6. I just ran a void combat scene 2 months ago. The cool thing is that you can start playing with the environment and the inestability of: temperature, gravity, pressure, atificial lightning, vacuum, etc. Well Im an engineer so I find that super cool hahaha At high temperature, the SP Amunition may explode, at a ver low one the Laser Amunition may not work (cause they are like batteries in winter), without gravity is really complicated to move for the not-void born characters, etc... Now, about the suite... I recommend you to use the quality status (excelent, good, average, poor) to define penalties or even some bonuses. I also recomend you to consider the suites as a mechandrite implant for the matter of damage. This means, that the person is going to receive the damage, not the object. This will make the scenario simplier and you can focus more in role-playing stuff and less on mechanics. Have fun and keep rolling!!!
  7. Remember that a power weapon needs to be activate to count as a power sword and the energy that this weapon uses has a limit. After the energy cell or battery or whatever a power weapon uses, runs out of energy thay need a new "battery" or else the power sword will be only a sword. (This is explained under the Power Weapons description) I recommend you to make this "batteries" difficult to find and expensive to buy. The players will have the posibility to open something with their power sword, but they will know that they are wasting the energy that they will need later during combat. Have fun and keep rolling!!!
  8. So I have a really nice story with 5 DH PCs and 1 RT PC. The Rouge Trader PC is a Navegant, which makes the story pretty interesting ´cause he is not consider a psyker but has strange powers and there are pretty valuable due to their abilities to navegate through the warp... BUT NOW... I´m have troubles with the Charaters developing because the DH Character can level up really fast and the RT PC needs a lot more experience for that. Does anyone know how to find a balance between both games? Thanks for your ideas. Keep rolling and have fun!!!
  9. Ok, here is something that doesnt match. To be a good psyker you need a lot of mental characteristics and skills, and to be a good figther a lot of physical ones. This means that your player has a lot, but I mean A LOT of experience. If it is so, well then he had owned to have a high level character. Now, he is an assassin so I will assume that his physical stats are the highest, and he is also a psyke, so I will like to think that his WP is pretty high too. If you want to give him a challenge, you should confront him against a NPC who is great in Fellowship and Manipulation. You can also try a NPC psyker that is good with mind manipulation. He may have the streght to kill everthing in front of him, but he must want to kill it first. Confront him by twisting or changing this will. Try to put him against his Inquisitor or his party members, I dont know... try something fun. There are some deamons (some kind of high level daemonets, look for them in the Creatures Anathema) that their power is to make PC gain Corruption Points. In Dark Heresy is pretty complicated to kill a PC, due to Faith Points and so... but is really easy to make them go mad or corrupted. Try that. Keep rolling and have fun!!!
  10. I think you need to think in two parts of the punishment. First the preventive messure, and then the corrective one. This punishment think can be the seed of a nice story. For example, when i had a similar situation, my inquisitor decided that all the retinue, except for the most responsible member, will wear an explosive collar from now on. Now that all the PC are mad against the "bad desition-taker", the inquisitor says: "Now is the time for you to decide your brother´s faith. As the Left Fist of the Emperor is your right and your duty to do so. I want him alive, because I still have plans for him, but be fair or my warth will be against you" This idea will give allow you to have a very interessting trial. I have 7 PCs in my story and belive me that 6 heads thinking about a punishment are better than one. Always remember that the purpose of everything in the RPGs is just to tell a cool story and have fun. Keep rolling!!!
  11. I always recommend to take a look to the Witch Hunters CODEX. There you can find a description of the Calexus Temple Assassins, the Callidus Temple Assassins, the Evesors Temple Assassins, the Vindicare Temple Assassins, and my favorite ones: the Death-Cult Assassins. They all have different weaponery and abilities, like polymorphous equipment, legendary weapons and even strange poisonous substances. In the Inquisitors Hanbook you will be able to find enough gear to build any of these assassins, except for the toxins part that you will find it in the Game Masters Kit. Have fun and keep rolling!!!
  12. You can find the term Arco-Flagellant in the Witch Huntes CODEX from GamesWorkshop page: 28. If you dont have access to it, I will quote a brief description from the codex: "Arco-Flagellation is a judgement taht can be carried out on those found guilty of heresy or any of a multitude of crimes against the Emperor. Augmented with extensive physical surgery and mental reconditioning, their bodies are implanted with a fearsome array of lethal weaponery and chemical stimm injectors. Pacifier helms that project soothing hymmals and the images of saints into the Arco-flagellant´s brain keeps them into control until a trigger word is spoken that removes all such restraints. Once activated, the Arco-flagellant´s body is pumped full of deadly combat stimms that turn it into an unstoppable, berserk killing machine that feels no pain and has no sense of self-preservation." You can also find an image of this creature in the Inquisitor´s Handbook in the page: 141. I hope this will help you. Keep rolling!!!
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