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  1. Hello fellow GMs! So let me start with the reason why I wrote this systems. My players are all hardcore wargamers. Warhammer 40k, Flames of war, Warmachine, Infinity Etc. And they constantly ask me about “If I arm my crew with better lasguns how will it affect the boarding roll”(as an example) and so on and so forth. So I came up with this systems. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1W9MyOUAC0dKDMBrWMEf2eHsqVGNV098suByNdrriOL8/edit?usp=sharing So there are 2. Crew traits and Deployed Squads. While crew traits are simple. Basically a collection of ...well traits to give the CREW of the ship some character. And I want to workshop them with you guys. Right now I feel that I haven’t touched The Zeal aspect of the crew. And I would like to hear you out. Deployed Squads….well it’s a bonus. I don’t want to go into detail here but if you have comments or ideas I am happy to read them!
  2. Some updates. So I revisited the chart with a few minor tweaks. Nothing major. We had another session of deathwatch (finaly). And oh boy is it fun to break armour on players but lets get to the point. Observations from play: Surprisingly players dont forget about their state. ( The printed out chart certainly helped.) Legs NEVER GET HIT! 70+ roll is imposible Reduceing AP value on every point is too harsh. Firing a semi-auto at 0 wounds PC is not a death sentence and then reading out how their armour shreds on 3 hits from bolter is awesome. Players are actualy are stiking to cover more now. Wounds can heal but armor will not repair itself. So I had a couple a thoughts on further improving this system. I would like to make charts for each weapon type. But it would require a rework of the core mehanic (the crit alike system) as it is no longer a single chart that you can referance. Basicly a lot of book keeping and my god their are alot of it in this system. Another thought is to introduce cosmetic damage: burned robes, scared emblams of aligance. Something that can be a done just as flavour text but its great when hard rules force such events. Maybe stretch the chart to 10 points with a mix of both cosmetic damage and armour reduction (removing the reduction on every level ofc).
  3. Couldn't this be solved easily just by making the AP reduction part of the other effects in that list? If you can remember the other penalties, the same should work for AP modifiers. And I assume you only allow armour repair (proper maintenance) in-between missions? Maybe maybe. I also have a party of 6 players and reminding every single one of them becomes tedious. No I let them do it in mission. It becomes an interesting time managment game. (We have tech marine in our group so I dont see why not).
  4. I did. So a couple of observations. (my original system) AP value reduction is forgotten constantly. We have a tech marine in our group so repairing armour is not challenging. And right now they are fighting marines so they are cannibalising armour all the time. The reductions to stats are sometimes ignored/forgotten because they are very incramental. (-5 for example) Something like "Can no longer make a Called shot as a half action" is remembered much better then -10 to BS and recived( laughter, a muttered "****" ) too. Keep the sheet on the table and remind player to look up if they are not forgettin anything. Here is a logic behind the system. To add more caracter to damaged armour but not to make it a hindrance. Power armour is an incredible asset even if damaged and the idea of taking it off BECASE its damaged should not come up. Again this is my view and approach. Also it is a narative reminder in what state your armour is. After a couple of more sessions I think Ill make new char sheet with power armour. Maybe remake the original one.
  5. The critical dmage is taking after the armour is "destroyed". Yes it make PC that much more survivable. Its another 7-15 more wounds (because the hit areas don't share damage points). The core book offers only 2(effectively) states for power armour "On" and "Off" without the fine gradient. Becasue of that I am replacing the system wholesale.
  6. Hello fellow DMs! So a while ago here was a tread about sustained damage to power armour. It got me thinking but I was DMing a RT(rogue trader) campaing at a time not a Deathwatch one so no solid ideas formed. Now I got my hands on DMing a deathwatch combat and to make it feel more ...hmm impactful. The night lords by Aaron Dembski-Bowden was a huge inspiration and the reson for this system. After each engagement the autor described how worn and barely functioning the armours were. So I came up with this system. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0Bw4LgrNDpRPCcTdBdUktcG9XdTQ/view?usp=sharing Each area(head, body, arms, legs) of armour have 5 extra points. When PCs reach 0 wounds before they start taking critical damage their power armour starts taking damage. Damage to power armour is halfed if pen is less then AP value of area - This is to represent the general toughfness of the armour.It is Important to remember that EACH area have this points. So if arm area took 3 critical damage the head area will still have 5 points. Each level of critical damage inclueds the above damage. Also for each point of power armour critical damage the coresponding part loses 1 AP(this could be forgot easyly(and it did)I am considering removing this rule) . Tech-use -30 fixes 1 level of damage.Aprox 1h with tools. Levels marked with " * " could not be repaired without parts(Cannibalized armour or just have avaliable part on strike cruiser or forgeworld imortant that it will be extremly difficult to find this parts in the field). For 3 DoS repair 1 extra level of damage. Example: If arm area is damaged at level 4 then you can not repair it until you find spare components. Cannibalize armor have 25% to provide a spare part (If they maraude armour of the person they killed if they find a power armour in storage the chance should be much higher(85%) but not 100% to represent missmatching MKs of armour etc.). Sorry for typos and cluncky english. It is not my 1st language. Thank you for taking your time and reading and considering all of this =). All feedback is welcome as alway.
  7. As a GM what would you like to see in the new edition? For me I would like to see 2 things. First is production. My PC Tech-Priests are allways trying to craft and mass produce something and I house rulled an entire system for them to play in. With resourses and the tech - heresy options. Second is acquisition. Trade , broker agreements, one time deals...and so on I would like to see more detail on that topic.
  8. So as the title says. I cant find rules for multiple ships in the boarding action. I have couple of ideas how to approach this scenario but I want to hear your ideas. So the way I want to play it is to give a + 20 for a command check for "ganging up". The resolving of the combat is a bit more fussy. The scenario is something like this. 2 PC raiders with hull int~25 Pop 100 Turet rating 1 Board a Cruser with Hull int 70 pop 100 and Turret rating 2. Lets break down the + and - for comand check for players. +20 "ganging up" aaand that it right? The cruiser gets + 10 (turet rating) +50 for Hull integrity = +60. So here I have trouble figureing out how it happens. Does both players make their comand rolls and add the DoS vs the cruiser Command roll. Then calculate who have more DoS to determine the winner. So by this method we have clear winners and losers. The 2nd option is to have the opposed check vs each player individualy. A much harder to win for the "Gangin up" side but I feel it's more fare for a bigger ship. Resolving each boarding separately and once one side loses on a morale check it is no longer effective in the boarding action.
  9. Yeah that will sound just about right. Thanks alot! That we do =)
  10. Close...Russian =) ...Love how you touched things up.... But I want to make the sentance about about "paying the price" the last, and by blood and souls I mean their own.
  11. Hello again guys! I was thinking on a speech for my players the 1st time they leave Imperial borders to set the mood. Our gaming group is roughly 6 players and me. 3 of those know warhammer universe like the back of their hand while 3 others not so much. So far we are operating within the Imperial borders. Setting the administratum/Transition hub into the kronus expanse (And you can count on me shareing the storys about that endavour.) As a GM I want to make their 1st venture outside the Imperial space memorable (they are jumping to Footfall) and jolt them to be more ambitious and self reliant. The hole thing have 3 points 1. Imperium no longer protects you/ nor will it bother you much 2. Danger is very real strap in. Bad guys have no need to hide here. 3.The sanity(or insanity more likely) and corruption goes hand in hand with profit here. So far: " As you enter real space you have a foreboding realisation, you are no longer under the wings of the aquila. ******* (I want to work the pharase " stars seem colder then ever"in somehow)******* They crys of help attract vultures not salvation.*********** The law of the Expance is simple who have the bigger gun is right , who saw it first owns it. ********* The laughter of the dark gods and the tread of the xenos goes unhindered.**** For great fortunes of the Kronus Expance the price is blood and soul how much are you willing to pay. " I am missing the linking sentences also I will be translating it into our naitve Language so if some parts seem awkward its due to the exact translation. Can you give a few suggestions? Greatfull for your time.
  12. The profit rating is around 50. And they will lose only ~5 when they lose a ship as their wealth are more in trade agreements and not in coffers full of gold. I dont want to have a deliberate "adventure" where they lose the ship. But I want to be prepared when they do. So I was thinking that they will be able to buy ship by spending profit factor SP=PF. With the opportunity to have a price cut for a favour or two.
  13. LEt me correct the question. The getting out of a stiky situation is an adventure on its own and its all good and fun but what happens next? What is left for a rogue trader with no ship?
  14. So I was entertaining the thought…..What happens when the group loses their last ship. Right now they PC have 2. Iconoclast and Turbulent but thats beside the point. Lets say they escape the death in the stars and are stranded on some planet. The planet in question really does not matter? With profit rating of around 50 they can not possibly just buy a new ship out right. What is left to do for a shipless Rogue Trader?
  15. Kapelan


    You guys are a god sent! That is amazing. We will use skype for communication and the Roll20 for visuals. For our first session online we used only skype and the lack of visual aid was contributing to a lot of " where am I ? And where is he? Oh he is THAT close?"
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