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    Nottingham, Notts, United Kingdom
  1. I'm in Nottingham...Anyone nearby fancy a game? Can't see anyone on the Player Locator that close [nearest seems to be Sheffield and Birmingham] but maybe there are people in the East Midlands who havent yet registered on there...?
  2. Hi Guys I'm in Nottingham, England, if you could add me please? No one within 32 miles [or 1 hours drive] of me...Nearest is Sheffield.. Regards
  3. Hi I am in Nottingham if anyone ever wants a game!! There are two comic/games shops here, Mondo Comico and Chimera, that both allow table space for anyone wanting to play - the only trouble with Cthulhu is that players are hard to find!!! So, get in touch if you are near enough to call in.
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