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  1. Since they all have different card numbers at the bottom, I'd say all of them are different cards. So you can have 3 of each.
  2. 1) No. No valid target means no action 2) You can do it multiple times in a turn. 3) Yes it stacks
  3. Duregan + Greatbook of grudges = lots of hurt
  4. Anyone know if scouts attacking a burning zone and surviving would trigger the scout ability? Especially if they weren't opposed in combat?
  5. Read the whfaq 1.2, under playing cards. It states that playing unit/support/development/quest card are actions with special restrictions. Scouts and savage seem to take place whenever their conditions are met. So I don't think it can be responded to with an action, although i'm not sure on this.
  6. Regarding no. 3) I think what the original poster meant was can he respond to a tactic that will deal enough damage to a unit by playing an attachment, Dragonmage awakening, from hand as a response action. The answer's no. You can respond to attachments but you can never respond with an attachment. Same with units.
  7. Just out of curiousity, what ISN'T a card effect? Seems like white tower aspirant could have just said 'indirect damage is uncancellable'
  8. If you're not making decks and just playing with the core set cards, the gameplay can be a bit bumpy at times and certain factions are obviously stronger than the others.
  9. Corruption every turn sounds like the best way to fix WE that I've read so far. I haven't played the WH40K card game but isn't that no longer in print? I also didn't hear many good things about it, mostly lots of grumbling about eldars being broken I think.
  10. TBH, I don't think having many decks play the same few cards is particular only to WH:I. It just happens in every single card game where there are usually a few good cards that most people will include. So it's more a question of 'is there something wrong with the cards' or 'is there something wrong with the players?' Although my most enjoyable deck right now is an empire/lizardmen deck and not the dwarves. And I'm still trying to come out with a new HE deck that works well against dwarves
  11. Considering one of the achievements in the league is to win with a pure neutral deck, you can play with an all neutral deck
  12. Compared to the other 2 cards, it's probably the most overpowered one. Although by your definition, none of them are overpowered either. I don't think there's any real way to nerf WE without changing the way it works dramatically other than making it limited. Could always ban it but I'm not sure it's worth banning.
  13. Out of all 3 cards, I think only WE is fairly overpowered. Probably needs something like 'limited' in its traits to balance it.
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