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  1. So I've really only been playing with this one friend, and neither of us really wants to commit that much financially to the game. So the way we've basically been playing is as follows, we have one core set, the martell expansion and have been picking up some chapter packs that we think look cool and effectively creating a communal pot of cards. When we want to play, we each choose a house and give each other all the cards of that house. We then take the rest of the cards (houses not being played and nuetral cards), shuffle them and divide them up evenly. We then build 60 card decks with what we have and BATTLE. Anyway, he plays Martell/bara/targ I play lanni/stark. I've been winning a lot of the games we've been playing, and he has started claiming that with the sets we have, the game is biased towards the houses I play. I say that while there may be some variation from pack to pack it is designed to be fairly playable with any and all packs. I can elaborate which packs we have if vital, but the question is is it possible that the packs we have could be biased towards lanni/stark? And is the way we play in anyway inherently inbalanced?
  2. I'll play with you, I too would like to play with more people.
  3. Ok, I'm sorry for the whole cloggin up these totally active message boards thing.
  4. It is summer and dragon sight is in play. Targaryen player controls multiple, but not all, characters with stealth. He declards the challenge type, is he also allowed to declare stealth on the other players characters and then be forced to use them? My view is that since stealth is an ability linked to attackers, to use it one must declare attackers and is not able to use stealth with dragon sight. My friend playing Targaryen, obviously, thinks differently.
  5. Oh, and with Devious Intentions, there is a rules thing I've been wondering for a while and might as well ask it as we are on the topic... This card gives a character infamy, which is a House Lannister unique keyword so if you, as you said, had this in a Baratheon deck and attached it to a baratheon character, would he gain the advantages of infamy?
  6. How good would a card have to be? Like Tywin Lannister, great guy, well, not really, but really powerful with cool special abilities. But paying 7 gold for him would, in my opinion, make him sort of worthless. Is this just a matter of artistry, will I get the hang of it as I play more or will I be doomed forever to scour the world in search of this truth?
  7. Oh. Ah. Well. Um. hehe That is NOT how I pictured either sansa or bob arryn. Interesting artwork.
  8. And I'll probably be thrown out of a virtual window for my stupidity but... HOW DOES THE PLOT CARD ABOUT PORRIDGE IN ANY WAY REFERENCE ASOIAF AND WHO THE SPLEEN IS THAT DUDE?!?!?!?!?!?
  9. I'm relitively new to the game, but it seems to me that the 2 gold penalty is sufficient deterant to keep you from ever wanting to put in people from other houses if it can be avoided. The question is, is there not a rule restricting having things from other houses in your deck just so people can have their favorite character from the series if he is in a different house? Do you put in things from other houses? Why? Is it because you don't have enough cards of your own or because they are so good that the penalty is worth it? Or in a high income lannister deck would their cost be overweighed, making them closer to equivilent to the regular cards? Can cards from other houses be a stratagy?
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