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    Well, actually, if you read my document really carefully, it gives rules (that WFRP3 is missing) for brewing basicly anything. I just didn't have time to create larger collection of herbs & concoctions.
    For example - There is Sylra's Touch or Spiderleaf. You can find the cards from my site (the herb and the concoction). They are just examples to build more. Below are some very general ideas how you could handle the Healing Draughts:
    Average Healing Draughts (Healing)
    Basic healing herbs turned to draughts.
    Ingredient(s): Healing herbs (minor/average/major). Cost if bought: 2s/5s/8s. Market availability: Plentiful/Common/Rare. Availability if you try to find them: Common/Rare/Exotic.
    Application Form: Probably draughts will be Lotions or Poultice or Tonics
    Application: dont go details in here. my document has some ideas.
    Creation Difficulty:
    Easy (1d) First Aid/Medical Check (specialisation: Manufacture Drugs) for minor herbs (2 fortune die draught) Average (2d) First Aid/Medical Check (specialisation: Manufacture Drugs) for average herbs (4 fortune die draught) Hard (3d) First Aid/Medical Check (specialisation: Manufacture Drugs) for major herbs (6 fortune die draught) Creation Time: 12 hours
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    ozean reacted to Ralzar in The meaning of the symbol of Tzeentch   
    I googled some pictures of  solar eclipses and you can not really see any features of the moon during the eclipse, as the side of the moon facing the earth is in complete shadow (naturally, since it has the sun right behind it).
    However, I ran into this picture of an eclipse that I thought was pretty fitting for a bit of a mystical feel to the eclipse: http://solar-center.stanford.edu/images/vojto1_pub_eclipse.jpg
    I threw some quick filters on it to make it darker and greener:

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    ozean reacted to Ralzar in The meaning of the symbol of Tzeentch   
    Yeah, that's what I seemed to remember. The older versions of the symbol had a more apparent moon-like appearance. I remember wondering what the symbol meant when I was younger and got into Warhammer (via fantasy battles). THe other symbols were mostly easy to interpret, but not that one. And it turned out to probably be the most clever one
    I made a quick mockup in photoshop of what a Gehemnisnacht moon might look like when Morrslieb drifts in front of a waning Mannslieb.

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