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  1. Explanation: When you try poke your sword through the skeleton, it now finds resistance more often, not an empty space between loose ribs.
  2. Don’t forget the Adventurer’s Toolkit! A few of the careers in there are really nice, you get an extra set of cards, etc. It’s also quite inexpensive.
  3. r_b_bergstrom: very good point about the fortune points! I haven’t really thought about that before and I think it is crucial to allow players to distribute their good fortune themselves also in such occasions.
  4. Another possible exit (story-wise) for bounty hunter would be agent, at least as long as your delivering on your jobs has not exclusively been based on violence. A bit of diplomacy and cunning would qualify you then to also do other, perhaps more intricate jobs.
  5. But if you have wizards or priests, then you might also want to consider getting the Winds of Magic or Signs of Faith boxes after the Adventurer’s Toolkit. Creature Guide & Vault are best for you if you write your own adventures. If you prefer to play stuff produced by FFG then you don't necessarily need these particularly quickly.
  6. Sounds like a thread well-suited to the Gamemasters part of the forum. But to also provide at least a bit of useful information: Without having read most of the other adventures I think that getting either The Edge of Night and/or The Lure of Power will provide you with more connections and names, as both of these give more information about Ubersreik as the central hub for many of the adventures that FFG has produced. (With obvious exceptions such as Witch’s Song and The Enemy Within.)
  7. Yepesnopes said: Then, let me advice you to forget your training and adquisition of Education. The Wizard will have yes or yes a higer Inteligence score than you will ever have, since for him Int is his most important characteristic. Oh no! NEVER let a wizard be the only interpreter of written stuff in your party. They are always scheming, following their blasphemous little plans, succumbing to the ruinous powers etc. The written word needs to be interpreted by a wise and benevolent follower of Sigmar, so that he may reign in confusion among the sheep!
  8. The only thing I would keep in mind is that increasing stats above 4 at a later stage is quite frustrating, as you have to save your advances for such a long time, and (for in-career advances) this eats up a lot of the valuable open advances, that you could otherwise use for actions, skills etc. That would speak for raising your main stats high enough already in the beginning. BUT any stat with a value of 2 is a serious problem, and, for example, artificially dumbing down a priest character’s intelligence for min-maxing purposes could be really unconvincing role-play wise (at least as long as you imagined your character as being somewhat clever and observant). The main rule of early survival (and basic resistance against the influences of terror and chaos), is to have at least 3 for Toughness and Willpower!
  9. Regarding getting XP and growing in power: In WFRP characters advance, but their advancement is relatively moderate when compared to games like D&D, where a level 15 character is practically invincible for level 1 characters. Characters remain more or less “human” in WFRP, they don’t become superheroes. Thus it is less complicated to adapt the difficulty of encounters in WFRP (the difficulty is much more dependent on what kind of careers characters have, a party consisting of a burgher, a scribe and a gambler, for example, will be ver different in combat compared to a party consisting of a Soldier, a Troll Slayer and a Bright Mage…)
  10. Great initiative – I am really looking forward to this, as it would make handling some of the plot hooks in other adventures (Korden’s Hammer for example) much easier to integrate.
  11. GoblynKing said: Can anyone make out the names of the Action Cards in this pack? I think the card two left of the Bolt of Urannon in the lower picture might be called "Rites of [something - knowledge, perhaps?]". No guarantees, though. And, after reading the detailed page, I divine the rightmost card on the reckless side heap to be "Meteor Storm"! The stars are less clear on the third card from the left on the same heap, but it might actually be "Portent of [something]". (If I am right on the latter guess, I think I deserve a free pod from FFG. ) Did we have rules cards in the other packs too? If yes, what kind of content do these cards usually offer?
  12. I have granted a novice player, who wanted to start with a regular career before entering the complicated wizard careers, the ability to get basic training in magical sight during character creation. She had to pay one regular skill plus one specialization for this (instead of 2 skill advances), to account for it being out of the regular rules. She now has visions of the winds from time to time and sometimes unconsciously walks along ley lines into the woods. (She is becoming a Jade Wizard, of course). She is also starting to use the Magic Sight skill now and then and soon I'll have her accidentally cast a Jade Magic spell or a Jade wind based cantrip in dire situations (when she does a very good roll). This is all intended to slowly build up the way to the Jade College. Of course it might also happen that she gets into trouble for being a witch or through accruing corruption for untrained magic use… Once she is through with her starting career (Apothecary) she'll finally get whisked away to the Jade College by a benevolent Jade Wizard who has tried to keep an eye on her for a while already after hearing rumors about her. She'll arrange her getting proper training and all. I guess at the career transition to Jade Wizard I'll give free access to the Cantrip action, but everything else has to be acquired as stated in the Rules As Written.
  13. The skill training limit is three times and one more for skill mastery (the rules for the latter are in the Heroes supplement afaik).
  14. Doc, the Weasel said: Do you not allow influence results with straight Charm/Guile checks with no action card? I read it as a card that allows one to use Discipline as a social skill. Exactly, that was the reason my high WP Zealot (future Witch Hunter) acquired that card.
  15. I do have this card as a player and I decided not to use it every round for role playing reasons and not to annoy everyone else in the party… But I was also surprised when I realized that the card has 0 recharge…
  16. Deathlyphil said: So, next question: Do the advances you get in character gen count towards the career advances? I'm referring to the ones you get from the Wealth chart. No, they don't. (I back the advice on the Adventurer’s Toolkit - but beware that some careers like the Ironbreaker might be overpowered for a starting career. You might want to think about offering these as rank 2 / intermediate careers that characters can transition to.)
  17. I remember having a 69 or 79 score in Agility for my Marksman (~rank 2) – the -30% check for him would be way easier than a 7 challenge die check even for a rank 4 character! So I think you might need to adjust the higher difficulties down a bit.
  18. *frantic applause* Thanks so much for continuing to develop the ruleset. It is really great to be able to play across vast distance and have all the possibilities of the rule set make things so much easier!
  19. valvorik said: Some other "themed sets" around certain career paths like zealots and witch hunters would be a nice option as well, very handy for NPC's as well as players. I’d like that too – and I agree that the player PODs so far have focussed a bit too much on spell casters. (But since we now have two priest PODs I am pretty sure we’ll get another wizard POD (grey?) before we see anything else. Symmetry taking its toll…)
  20. I also really like the statement from FFG. But in addition to that I would say that it would be very easy to make the "kiting" scenario more difficult: You could say that moving backwards all the time becomes difficult, the ground is slippery, there are rugs/roots/whatever that either directly cause an extra fatigue to every manoeuvre or that require a successful athletics check (which might introduce further fatigue causing banes etc.). You could require that the player spend a manoeuvre to reload his ranged weapon under these circumstances. In addition, both from my gameplay and from listening to the reckless dice podcasts, I have the impression that one very often requires extra manoeuvres for tons of different things – all of this would make the disengagement manoeuvre much more costly and make a kiting scenario riskier.
  21. As you wrote, it is a very “sober” demonstration. It helps to explain the rules, but it does not bring the dice to life. To me, the narrative aspect of using these dice is what makes 3rd edition so fantastic. Let’s say you roll a standard melee attack, one deep in reckless stance with ST 4 and weapon skill trained against a foe with a defense of one. You also add a fortune die. The result is: 1 Red: success and fatigue 3 Blue: three boons 1 Expertise: one success 1 Challenge: two banes 1 Misfortune: one failure 1 Fortune: one boon You can roll an attack and then actually see in the roll that for example the armor almost deflected your reckless blow (because the black die canceled one of your two successes), but that your skill with weapons (a success with the expertise die) overrode these problems. At the same time you see that you were so reckless that you fatigued yourself in the attack. At the same time your general strength is good enough to confer enough boons on you to counter the inherent difficulty of attacking. Finally, of course, you throw a fortune die into the pool which comes up as a boon adding with the other boon from your stat dice: You feel that destiny is on your side! This feels so good that you to take a deep breath and recover a fatigue. This is all in just one row! I think it is incredible. (Even though I do not always take the time to come up with such an elaborate interpretation – and if you use for example fantasy grounds it is a bit more difficult to do this, because you loose track of the individual dice to some degree.)
  22. One thing that I missed in this thread is info on the fact that you can also gain specialization more or less “for free” as part of your career completion dedication bonus. As it says in the rulebook page 37: “If a character stays with his current career and completes all ten of the available advances from the Advancement Worksheet, he is rewarded for his diligence. First, that career’s special ability be- comes a permanent character ability. Second, the character learns a specialisation for each of that career’s key skills he trained during his time in that career.” That way you can get access to those nice white dice without wasting valuable XP on specializations.
  23. That was a fun session – looking forward to getting more routine with Fantasy Grounds II but so far I am impressed by all the stuff that is possible. I really think it is pretty awesome that programs like Map Tools and Fantasy Grounds allow us to play our favorite games across vast distances. captaincutlass said: Before they know it they are charged by a small group of Beastmen. A vicious fight ensues where Hagen loses a finger and Osric is wounded as well. With some effort and teamwork, the heroes manage to defeat the beastmen who make a run for it and dissapear into the woods. Heroic Hagen has not only lost a finger, he has also suffered _another_ severe wound and is now disfigured by a Garish Scar along his rather prominent nose. (First time I played after the introductions of severe wounds, first battle and what is the result: the two criticals that I get are both severe… Poor me! But I WILL PAY YOU CORRUPTED, TAINTED WORTHLESS ¡#&%§! BACK!)
  24. Ahoy! I would be interested in joining. I have the Core Set and the Adventurer’s Toolkit and I read through Winds of Magic. I am in the same time zone and weekday evening suit me well. I have GM’ed three real life sessions of WFRP 3rd edition but then moved. Not enough people for a group where I am living, so online gaming would be nice. I am mostly into role play and have played a lot of pen & paper in the past but after a hiatus 3rd edition was needed to bring me back into the fold. I’ve sent a friend request so that we can PM!
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