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  1. to the OP ... the Reckless Dice podcasts are pretty awesome. I just discovered the resource on Monday and I've listened to the first four (a little less than an hour apiece). Kudos to the guys who are doing them. -smythe
  2. Valvorik, Spivo, Socratim, K7e9: Thanks very much for your thoughtful responses. Y'all have given me a lot more to think about. I'll see about posting an update to this thread detailing how the PCs made out. -smythe
  3. Hey all, Ran my first game in a year this last weekend. As predicted, the party behaved unpredictably. So, any suggestions for getting it back on track would be appreciated. Scenario: Small town in the Reikwald. Merchant find's ancient weapon in cave next to cache of warpstone. One thing leads to another. Soon, all of his family are mutants. They discover ritual for summoning daemon (I loosely ripped this from the Eye For An Eye scenario). For reasons too long to go into, they want to summon the daemon. They need to sacrifice a demi-human while Morrsleib is full on mid-winter's night for the ritual to be successful and they have captured a couple of them (elves, that is). Set up clues and rumors for PCs to follow to find the cave and prevent the sacrifice, Now it goes off the rails: PCs roll into town seeking shelter in the middle of blizzard the day before mid-winter. One sees the cart holding the heavily manacled elves pull through town. Instead of pumping the innkeep and patrons for information and then bedding down for the night they decide that these elves cannot be criminals and must be saved. Stat. Instead of bedding down for the night, they charge out into the blizzard to the merchant's house (after doing some small amount of innkeep-questioning). Two PCs break into the basement while the dwarf knocks on the front door and tries to distract the merchant plus family. The two other PCs, via some amazing rolls, manage to free the elves but (due to banes) alert the household to their presence. Shenanigans occur and PCs plus captive elves escape but dwarf is captured. Gaming session ends on cliff hanger. So, I want to get the dwarf back into play ASAP so that the player running him is not bored out of his shorts. Otherwise, I would continue the scenario as before because a dwarf works just as well in the ritual as an elf. Now that things went to pot, I've decided that only an elf will do for the ritual and am thinking about perhaps setting up a hostage exchange scenario either in town square or at the merchant's house or at the inn. Problems: 1) The rest of the town believes that the elves are criminals and will be inclined to act against the PCs (who really don't know if the elves are innocent are not) once it is shown that the PCs broke into the merchant's house to free the prisoners. 2) There is the worst ice-storm / blizzard of recent memory going on outside. 3) The previously captive elves are pretty beat up and near death (a third one died of exposure earlier) 4) I am playing with guys who are used to D&D and seem to have an inflated sense of how badass their characters are versus ordinary folk and so, even in a hostage exchange situation, may be tempted to be frikkin' retarded. 5) The dwarf had been drugged and placed in heavy chain manacles on feet and hands. Him escaping by himself seems rather unlikely. Suggestions? If y'all have any imaginative suggestions for this predicament, I'd appreciate it. Remember, I want the dwarf to get back with the party ASAP because being a hostage for an entire gaming session kind of sucks ... even if he did cause it to happen to himself. Thanks in advance for your help! Smythe
  4. @ffgfan: Seriously, dude? How about you 'just buy the game'. I own two boxes of the core sets, plus both toolkits, the magic and campaign supplements. Nowhere in the 'game' is a comprehensive listing of all the action cards along with what they do. If you were trying to be helpful, I apologize, but you really do come off sounding like a smartass. @mac40k: Thanks. That's exactly the kind of information that I needed. Once the Guide is released in the Fall, I may look into purchasing it. I was just hoping to have something for my players before then.
  5. Oh, I know that it makes people buy the actual set so that they have the actual cards in front of them. But, for instance, last night, before we could play, everyone had to go through all the cards so that they could take their advancements ... Be easier if they knew what cards that they wanted before we started to play - save about an hour of precious game time.
  6. So, I did a search of these forums and of the internet, but I could not find a master action card list that also showed the effects/drawbacks of the cards. Does such a list exist? Or does FFG view this as some sort of copyright violation? thanks, -smythe
  7. I briefly played WFRPv1 back in '88. I remember the Fimir in the main book, but we never encountered them. I constantly hear references to them made by version 1 players (especially around the time WFRPv2 came out). What made them so great and/or different??
  8. Llanwyre said: Love it! I'd love to see some meatier NPC/location database stuff eventually, ideally with iPad support! That would be the exact day that I ordered an iPad.
  9. Bah ... I've waited a month after I had purchased WFRPv3 for the FFG sleeves to be in stock (anywhere - they all be out). 'Twas too long. I just placed an order with Mayday Games for their branded board game sleeves.
  10. Cross posted from Strike-to-Stun ( http://forum.strike-to-stun.net/viewtopic.php?p=53489#53489 ). Good lord. It's $2.99 for a dice app! sigh. I am a ***** and did buy it however. Abominably slow to load up (I have an iPhone 3Gs). You can get rid of the initial FFG Movie by either tapping on it when it shows up, or going into OPTIONS and disabling it. Does save the dice that you've selected if you close the app down. You can't actually save a set of dice and use them later .... not sure if that'd be useful or not. Very pretty. Visually and aurally appealing. Not intuitive. You have to read the directions. But, it's a quick read and it's simple to operate. Can't tell if I'd use it or not. We'll have to see. Again ... $2.99? Really?
  11. smythe said: Nope. Not even a little bit of style is involved. He also tries to maintain that he can have a duckfoot pistol, two blunderbusses, and a rifle strapped to him along with a backpack and numerous sacks. And armor. And by armor, I mean plate mail. To head off the cries of me being too generous as a GM, this has been a two year campaign, so the players are all into their fourth (and some into their fifth) careers. Not surprisinly, the guy in question is the only one who has not suffered a character death or retirement.
  12. mcv said: Or you could just let him. If he does it for style reasons rather than out of powergaming, he deserves some leniency in my book. Nope. Not even a little bit of style is involved. He also tries to maintain that he can have a duckfoot pistol, two blunderbusses, and a rifle strapped to him along with a backpack and numerous sacks. And armor. And by armor, I mean plate mail. He does not understand why I will not allow all of that at once since there is no rule to forbid it (I eschewed encumbrance rules as being tedious, relying on the players' common sense). He is a really good guy, but the 'R' in RPG is a mystery to him. He thinks the rest of the players don't care about their characters because they are acting 'in character' and doing possibly foolish things. He's out to 'win', even when repeatedly told that 'winning' is nebulous and that awesome character deaths can make the game fun. He is, to be succinct, a trial to me (as a GM). Like I said, good friend, so I'm willing to work with his foibles, I just want to limit the powergaming and arguing from the outset.
  13. I like that idea, Glimner. Give us a heads-up about how it worked when you're done with your session.
  14. smythe said: I am just very used to WFRPv2 where you'd fire your pistol (or pistols), 'em, and wade into combat. That was supposed to say "fire your pistols, DROP 'em, and wade into combat.".
  15. Hmmm ... I cross posted this over at Strike-to-stun and I'm getting the same sort of answers. Mayhaps I'll run with the RAW and see how it all works out. I am just very used to WFRPv2 where you'd fire your pistol (or pistols), 'em, and wade into combat. I liked that imagery a lot, so much so that I made pistols a lot cheaper to buy. I know, I know ... new game, new rules. Still working through the adjustment period. Thanks for all your responses, btw. -smythe
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