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  1. Really cool Campaign, sounds like you've got yourself an awesome group there. The rules for the Eldar and stuff are in Rites of Battle right?
  2. Hey everyone! I run the DW games for my family's group, (me my mom dad, and brother all play, and my sister and other brother want to play too) I had a little introductory game a few weeks ago and just kinda rolled with whatever happened and ad-libbed the story as I went along. It worked out really well and everyone had a blast and the situations i ran them through were mostly just choice a) choice B) sort of stuff. I want to run a campaign now and I want to start with them having overall command of the defence of the capital city on a mining world, during a full-scale Tyranid invasion. but what I am wondering is how to keep the story and stuff going after they finish defending/losing that planet. Basically just looking for inspiration and ideas. I'm also new to roleplaying and GM'ing in general, but I really enjoy it and I just want to make some really awesome campaign scenarios and battles/moments and stuff like that. Any help is welcome.
  3. That was super badass. Really cool.
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