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  1. “Every bit as playable now as it was in 1987” https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2017/8/16/dont-underestimate-the-force/
  2. He’s probably aware of that, and simply hopes for an electronic copy of FFG’s painstaking high-quality recreations.
  3. Of course there’s always a chance. Business is business. Buy enough units, and they’ll have no choice but to ride that train.
  4. Yeah, I have run it a few times last year, and will continue to do so in the future. It’s my go-to SW RPG. I obviously already have copies, but I ideally want copies for all players at the table. Ideally just the rulebook, but it doesn’t seem like there will be a way to buy it by itself. I usually try to game with around 7 players not including myself, so, passing one rulebook around the table is a real drag.
  5. A complete game in 148 pages. Plus a crapton of support. Dozens of standalone adventures. Whole stocked sectors (Elrood Sector, Minos Cluster, Kathol Sector, Corporate Sector, Tapani Sector). Sourcebooks for movies and novels and comic books, in case you want to use anything from them. Thorough and excellent fan-made conversions of everything that WotC ever printed.
  6. Attractive hardcovers look great on the bookshelf and are eminently practical in play. The game is lite but nails the feel of the OT. No influence from the PT or Disney or comics or cartoons—just the real Star Wars.
  7. I’ll bet Indiana Jones D6 would have been popular, if it had gotten more of a push. (I would run it, if I could ever find any of the stuff for it.) Then again, maybe not; maybe CoC was always perceived to have covered that general niche (period globetrotting—even if the underlying mythos was rather different).
  8. Thanks for the replies, guys. I’m going to try Starfall. Very exciting!
  9. Can anyone recommend a great module for a one-shot? Preferably not something that feels too “beginnerey” but rather hits all the epic notes.
  10. I don’t feel strongly about it either way, as long as it’s at least noted what the original publication says, and as long as the “current lengths” use the definitive Legends info, not anything after the reboot.
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