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  1. @Justin9700 - Here's my email: scottn_@hotmail.com. Drop me a line and maybe we can meet up at a game store or something and try a game out?
  2. @Malifer - I'm in Tampa, but make frequent trips out to Orlando. It's been really hard to find new players in Florida since we moved here. Let me know if you want to try to put a game together sometime.
  3. avec said: I always hated this rule. Spells are already worse than magic weapons. Why do we need an extra rule to make them even lamer? I agree. We've house ruled that for combat spells, you can keep rolling for a success, as long as you've got the sanity to pay.
  4. Even with 10 Mask monsters in the mix now, I think my group has only ever drawn one or two ever. I'm never afraid of a game against Nylarthotep.
  5. Think about it like this: the sanity and the stamina numbers printed on each investigator card are the maximums for that particular investigator. If some game effect were to reduce that number to zero, there would be no way to recover from that. So, for instance if your investigator's maximum sanity was somehow reduced to 0, even if you went to Arkham Asylum, you couldn't receive any sanity because you can't receive sanity above your maximum, which is 0. This is different from having your sanity to zero, because that doesn't impact your maximum sanity. You can reload at the Asylum (or pick up a madness) and get right back into the game. Hopefully this helps. It always sounds really clear and coherent in my head.
  6. I just moved to Tampa and I've been looking for people to play with. I played with a great group in Indiana, but I'm having trouble finding anyone here that's into the game. Any help?
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