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  1. I'm playing the Lord of the Rings Saga: Black Riders box. The Flight to the Ford campaign card of the third scenario has a response that says: " Response: After an enemy is declared as an attacker, shuffle the top card of the burden deck into the encounter deck to cancel that attack. (Any player may trigger this ability.) " The Witch-King's enemy is "Immune to player card effects. " Can I use the campaign card's response against The Witch-King? Thanks.
  2. Wow that is great stuff. I'll definitely take a good look at them.
  3. Hi mate. Thanks for the suggestions. I actually already have the "captured by Otto" part down and the PC's are flying a stolen ship (Krayt Fang from the beginner box adventure) so getting them to do what Otto wants shouldn't be too hard. I really like the luxury liner bait and transponder plant idea. Now I just need to be able to feed it to my players in a way that they come up with it. Nice ideas, keep them coming. Is there some good "bounty hunting rules" in the bounty hunter source book? Those might come handy when trying to find Vana Sage and Nym.
  4. The Adventure starts with the heroes ending up imprisoned by an Imperial officer Otto on planet Lok. He is a bit of a loose cannon and instead of sending pc's to the mines be decides to use them to get back his R4 Droid from the sulfur lake pirates that has some delicate personal data of Otto's personal, not so military, actions. The twist is that although the R4 is at the hands of the sulfur Lake pirates they sold the memory core to a mercenary named Vana Sage who plans to blackmail Otto with the info. What Vana Sage wants in trade for the core is the pc's to catch aa pirate called Nym. Now I'd need help fleshing this all out. First part is being interrogated by Otto. Any advice on that? Second part is to find out where the Sulfur Lake pirates are hiding and sneaking in /attacking them to get the R4. What tasks could be set to make this search and action interesting? Third part is to figure out where the core is, find Vana Sage and trying to get the core from her. There is a bounty hunter, smuggler and Droid in the team and it would be cool to give each a chance to shine. Fourth part is to find and arrest Nym alive (or convince him to attack the Imperials somehow). Since Otto holds pc's ship as a hostage everything happens on Lok (unless you come up with another way to get off planet). I could really use some ideas, advice and tips as it has been a year since we played last time and I'm feeling very rusty. (BTW what is morality? Something cool from the new book?)
  5. I'm planning a big fight between the heroes and space pirates in the pirate base (on the planet). Is love to have some options available for everybody to use of they get an triumph etc. In other words some environment details that can be triggered. Is there some source book or fan created document that could help me out?
  6. Good stuff and great looking model, thanks for sharing. If someone else has a written tutorial or just a picture of N'dru's Headhunter they painted I welcome you to add the link or a pic here. That way people can choose their favourite way to paint this ship.
  7. Hi mate. Thanks for the compliment and looking forward of seeing your take on N'dru's ship. With proper matt varnish you cannot tell the difference. Here's a picture so you can see for yourself. The other ship is a stock HWK-290 straight out of the box. I use Vallejo matt spray varnish just because it is easiest to get for me. Army Painter Anti Shine Matt Varnish is also quality stuff. Citadel (Games Workshop) and Reaper have matt varnishes too and I'm sure they will do the trick as well. The trick is to apply a thin layer first and then another thin layer if needed, take it easy and let the previous layer dry for 24h or at least overnight before applying another. Mine has only one layer and could maybe use another at some point. But I'm feeling too lazy to do it right away. Also make sure that the weather isn't very humid when spraying the varnish on (not really a problem here in Finland) as humidity can cause an effect called "frosting" on the varnish and ruin the look of the model. It can be fixed, but just wait for a less humid day if you can.
  8. Cheers! I used the Citadel paints Ceramite White which covers very well so I had no problems with covering the black. Two coats was ok in some bits even one. The shapie method oneway mentioned works as well, but didn't have one thin enough handy and I felt safer to paint with acrylic paints and a brush.
  9. Here's a reader's digest version of how to paint N'dru's Headhunter. For longer version with step by step images please visit my blog at: https://rillikerho.wordpress.com/2015/07/17/painting-tutorial-x-wing-ndru-suhlak-headhunter/ The colors are very basic ones (grey, black, white, dark red, brigh red) but for those who wish to use the exact same ones as I did I added the names of paints I used in brackets after each step. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask. 1. Basecoat the ship light gray (Vallejo Model Air Light Grey) 2. Apply a black wash all over the ship (Citadel Nuln Oil) 3. Drybrush the whole ship with medium grey (Citadel Dawnstone) 4. Drybrush the whole ship with light grey (Citadel Longbeard Grey) 5. Paint the flames and the ship's nose dark red (Citadel Mephiston Red) 6. Highlight the flames with brighter red (Citadel Blood Red & Citadel Wild Rider Red) 7. Paint the cockpit windows black (Citadel Abaddon Black) 8. Paint the outlines of the mouth and eyes with black (Citadel Abaddon Black) and when satisfied color them black 9. Paint the teeth with white and add the while dots inside the eyes (Citadel white) 10. Wash the nose of the ship with thinned down black wash to get some soot and grime on. 11. Paint the yellow stripes on the engines (Citadel Averland Sunset) 12. Varnish with spray matt varnish 13. Shoot down some Rebels/Imperials. Edit: Haha, just noticed the typo on the topic. Oh well, it is an advanced model afterall
  10. What is Skill Monkey's chase episode? Where can I find it? Search function only returned your post.
  11. My playing group has stolen a ship. But how are ship registers and ownership "papers" handled in Star Wars universe? Who handles the database and what does it cost to change owners and ship name?
  12. One and a half hour and already several great answers with treasure trove's worth of ideas and knowledge. Thank you all so much for taking the time to answer. I love this forum
  13. Hi everybody. I'm creating a character to play Edge of the Empire and have a concept which is approved by the GM and other players. The problem is that I don't have deep enough knowledge of the universe to flesh him out. The basic idea is that my character is a young human male, approx. 25 years of age. He is from a noble family and was found force sensitive at young age, a secret which his parents held on tightly. Now from here on there are two choices: 1. He is a rightful heir for the family fortune and after his parents (accidental?) death his ambitious sister (or brother) betrayed his secret to the imperials and forced him into exile. Now the sister wants him dead to make sure he doesn't appear to claim his rightful share of the family fortune. 2. The family was betrayed by another noble family in order to gain their riches / place near the throne. The parents were able to send the boy away before the imperium came, but were killed (or at least want to make him think they are dead to keep him safely far away in the Outer Rim). The biggest question is which planet has human nobles and these kind of noble family wars? I like the option 1. because it makes the character hunted. But then again with option 2. noble family wars might offer interesting plot hooks, maybe even create a long term goal of revenge. What do you think? Where could this guy be from? Can you come up with even more twists and turns? The plan now is that he's working currently as a freelancer for Rebels and using his negotiation skills for arms trading. He also tries to find other force sensitive people to help them out. Thanks for anything and everything you come up with. It will really help me out fleshing this fellow out.
  14. Does this mean that the bounty hunters discussing criminals with Hutt crime lords probably don't risk using holonet for communication?
  15. I'm trying to figure out what kind of communication methods there are in Star Wars universe. Since the original movies were made before the time of cell phones and the internet it is confusing what kind of technology one has to get a message across the galaxy. - Letters: Is there some interplanetary courier service? - Holo disks: Do these have to be also delivered personally? I guess there's no "over the internet" streaming options? - Com Links: In order to get a message from planet to planet I have to hyper jump to the destination planet and then I can use the bigger version of Com Link for a "cell phone call". But there's no way to make a "phone call" from one planet to another? - In Long Arm of the Hutt there's some "mass message" being delivered to Bounty Hunters on some private frequency. What is this technology? Some kind of email with video? What's this? Thanks.
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