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    So I got the chance to play a demo of the game at GenCon and was suitably impressed. We played three on three with each of us controlling either two Tie fighters or one X-Wing. I don't have a full report, but here are my quick impressions.
    - The models looked great, particularly the X-Wings. I was impressed with the level of detail.
    - The gameplay seemed to be a slight variant on Wings of War, which I played a demo of at last year's GenCon. My buddy pointed out that the movement tokens from Wings have been replaced with a movement dial, something we both liked.
    - Things seemed a little unbalanced in favor of the Imperials. The X-Wings are definitely more powerful, durable, and maneuverable, but the 2 to 1 advantage was just too much to fight against.
    - I liked the un-tiled map, as it seemed to add to the verisimilitude of the game, but clearer rules for where overlapping ships get shunted to would be nice. Perhaps place holder tiles for the movement phase would be helpful too.
    Overall, I enjoyed the game quite a bit. If the end product resembles what I played, then I'll definitely be picking it up. Nice work FFG!
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