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  1. I bet on Skids and Tony, Marie and Rita Young.
  2. Hello I'm still kinda of new to EH (I've only played 6 games so far). I have the MoM expansion and I'm waiting for FL to ship...anyway, some questions came to mind while playing, and I haven't found the answers to them, so here we go. I'll probably post more when they come to mind. 1) Spells. If an investigator has a spell, and he draws another spell through an ecnounter, but it's the same spell, does he discard the newly acquired copy OR does he discard the newly acquired copy and draw again? 2) Conditions and Possessions. If an investigator has to discard half of his possessions (for example, because of a certain Hunger condition), are clues and tickets included? So potentially he could save valuable Items by discarding his tickets instead. Also, if he only has 1 possession, he has to discard it, right (always round up)? 3) Charlie Kane. One of his abilities lets another investigator perform one additional action. Can he cause an investigator to move again if that investigator has already moved in this turn? Or, for that matter, perform any action for the second time in a turn? Thank you and st-hazha'cacg!
  3. Really? So the italian edition in comparison is actually good for once? Now I feel a little better
  4. I just play as if there is an Upkeep phase at the beggining of every turn of FB, with the exceptions mentioned (Retainers, etc.) So clearly every effect that triggers in Upkeep triggers at every turn. Investigators are "all in the vicinity of one another" so Paranoia would apply (because they can exchange items, so they're clearly close to one another and sticking together). Claustrophobia and Agoraphobia wouldn't apply because they're not in a location or street area anymore (thematically, if one is claustrophobic, he would man the barricades instead of going down to the basement, etc.). Results in much less brain boil, and in the end, in 95% of cases comes down to the same result (defeat during epic combat), soooo...
  5. My new, hand made, seals for Arkham Horror. I may need to re-paint the elder sign, I haven't played with these yet and don't know if they're easily visible across the table. I have 6 more of them to experiment with different colors for the elder sign, but of the 3 available colors to me right now, gold was the most visible one. They're also smaller than my previous seals, which has advantages and disadvantages.
  6. Yeah, I'd go with "wasted", "blighted", "worn out".
  7. Draw a monster and place it in the Outskirts is different than A monster appears! In the first case you never encounter and fight the monster, in the second case you encounter Nyogtha's Tendril.
  8. Seems like a lot of work for the players themselves...how come there are no companies that translate the games? Or isn't there a big enough market for board games in Korea? p.s. You are using Strange Eons, right?
  9. I would go with: Gardner's Farm (because in the book it's actually a farmhouse) Another Era and Dim Memory. Assuming the first two options are available in Korean Just out of curiosity, how are you translating it? Are you reprinting everything or do you keep the translation nearby and reference it for every card?
  10. Yes! And since you so blatantly cheated the poor game, from now on every win you record must be approved by a committee to be declared legal!
  11. Julia, as I am usually routing for the underdog, I just wanted to come out and say that I'm actually routing against you, for now
  12. File or cut away the "teeth" on the stands (a paper cutter does it), then cut a small piece of the auto-adhesive felt you put under chair legs and table legs to make the neighbors happy and stick it in the stand in place of the teeth. Voila, no more tearing of your markers. Anyway, in the beginning I used to put monster tokens (at the time still un-sleeved) in the stands, but then I realized it was just easier (and created less wear) to leave them flat on the board. You know, for those situations when a couple of surges flood the board with monsters and you have no option but to stack them on top of one another
  13. I play with everything for the small card decks always mixed in. I also play with all OW cards and Arkham encounter cards always mixed in. Lastly, I play with all Mythos cards always mixed in, but I discard those not corresponding to an expansion that is not in play for that particular game (the expansions that are usually always in play are MH and LatT; plus a big board expansion and eventually a small expansion). Saves lots of time on set-up/set-away time, increases slightly the time to mix the Mythos deck, in the end I save time.
  14. I will always and forever say that Cavedog did it absolutely better. You know what I'm talking about Even if SC2 is way more popular, it's still something that people play Cavedog's original 16 years after the release (including me).
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