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  1. You could always just roll a navigator from RT and drop him in BC, it's what I currently play and there isn't much difference once you convert the stats.
  2. As near as I can ascertain the book title is "Stars of Disproportionate Value", which makes some sense for a RT title. I'm all for making it "Iniquity" though.
  3. We did get the Psy-Focus, so that's something. Otherwise, the big gripes are the variable lasguns, weight/encumbrance, and vehicles being indestructible. Those are just the one we can realistically expect to get done, so hopefully we see them soon.
  4. WE GOT IT! We have the psy-focus and a short description of what it could be, namely: anything. I actually like this as it allows for some cool fluff for your psyker.
  5. Having a buddy haul half your crap is not a good excuse to make things weigh a ton. Plausible Scenarios: If your buddy dies then you lose half your crap, Commissars blam your sidekick and suddenly you get screwed into not being able to reliably fire your heavy gun. These are actual considerations that need to be addressed by making it possible for one guardsmen to carry his gear. I'm not saying it has to be comfy, but it has to be possible.
  6. I didn't, I was just pointing out that anyone who had a penalty(Ratlings, some starting worlds, people with bad rolls) and didn't buff up can't carry some basic gear; I kind of reflexively use S. Extreme examples aside, 6 is an average Weight Bonus and it can't carry a missile launcher.
  7. Andor said: MILLANDSON said: Other than 'story', I entirely disagree, purely because Warhammer 40k left real-life physics and 'reality' by the side of the road about 25 years ago when the first words for the setting were being written down. While this is true (Eldar crap cannons, Melta =/= Plasma, "Photonic hydrogen", etc.) for the purpose of the game you need to reign the most egregious BS into the point where it is understandable. If your numbers are too far out there then there will be a point where you are unable to connect with the events in the game world anymore and you will lose people. It's like D&D 4e, it got so gamist and abstract that they lost about half the player base. Similarly if you describe a bolt gun as … a bolt gun , then the system had better portray a weapon which has a good chance of killing an unarmoured man when you shoot him in the face. Likewise if I'm playing a normal human, then you cannot tell me I'm swinging aroung a 15lbs (7 kilo) pistol. Maybe a space marine could run around all day with a bowling ball at the end of his arm, but a normal human cannot. ^This. You can argue that it's a game all you want but if my guy has trouble moving small debris and yet can wield a 40lbs rifle without issue, I have to take issue with the internal consistency of the system. I want to point out the lifting table on page 14, a S3 guardsmen would have a serious issue lifting the **** gun and far exceeds his carry limit. This needs to be addressed rather quickly as most guns would give a weaker guardsmen serious movement penalties and even a solid S4 will be near his lifting limit to even pick up a missle launcher, and even at S5 he can't carry just the launcher without penalty.
  8. I'm actually perturbed by this, I hadn't read it before you pointed it out. This is now…well not exactly bad it's a long way from the happy talent it used to be. The penalties still fit the flavor of the talent but the bonuses just don't sell me on it anymore: you lose a turn, are an incoherent beast for a bit, and don't really get better at melee? This needs to be fixed, that hurts the talent and makes those melee Ogryn feel extra wimpy.
  9. Ignore the "reality" part then, that doesn't mean we ignore the physics. The weights are borked even by the in game rules, stuff is simply to heavy for guardsmen to carry any kind of significant load. We're not asking for a S4 guardsmen to be able to haul 2.4 tons of stuff just a specialist weapon, a backup (lasgun mostly), some ammo, and his basic regimental kit. That's not really feasible RAW so we're petitioning to change that plain and simple, stop arguing against something that makes the game more playable.
  10. I wouldn't mind them taking damage if the scatter into the side of a building or a forest etc. Air insertions really only incur damage from environmental hazards or equipment failure, possibly AA fire. But the failures should be more scatter, less splatter.
  11. Agreed, even more so once you remember that falling damage isn't mitigated by armor; planets are power weapons apparently . So power armor that can stop missile rounds can't soak a flight of stairs. Screw basilisks, if you want a TPK cover the hill they're assaulting in Astroglide. Ok, I'm being silly and over-dramatic but I'm tired so bleh. The falling damage in general needs to be reconsidered; a ~30 foot fall can be painful (broken bones) but is not always deadly. The base damage comparison puts a plasma gun to shame and that's more than a little ridiculous. I'd suggest a mishap chart (scattered by wind, stuck in a tree) to soak the first few flubs and then start adding damage on.
  12. I generally like these ideas, but I'm going to argue with myself bit here. Yes, we need some solid options for what "good" and "best" do beyond the incredibly lackluster crud they've been giving us in pretty much every system. The list you have is a little large for my tastes and includes some stuff that's clearly ammo based. A little cleaning and maybe a more structured tier system would turn this into a solid idea. Now the odds of this being done are low, so we should probably save whatever we come up with and put it elsewhere in a PDF. But if I might conclude with a personal piece of wishlisting. I would like solid "commission" option for characters who achieve certain levels of renown. Sgt. Johnny and his guard squad single-handedly save a world by holding one hopeless position for just long enough for the big guns to come in and clear the enemy out; they get a medal. Now while a medal is a big deal in OW the governor might want something with a little more pop for his victory parade and so he gives them some snazzy guns. Now these could be "best" lasguns and get pawned off by Johnny & Co. so they can buy something that isn't so useless, or we could have a set of squad weapons commissioned, these would be "good" or "best" and be able to acquire 1 or 2 qualities that are deemed appropriate; no blast lasguns, not even if you beg. DW definitely has a huge armory of special weapons with unique qualities because hey are the weapons of heroes, but no chance for the players to have there own weapons of legend that could be passed on when they fall. I know being one of the faceless horde is a large thematic element in 40k (even more so in OW over DW or DH) but sometimes they players earn themselves some serious laurels; they can truly be heroes and deserve some perks.
  13. Fall damage has always been a bit weird in FFG 40k games, there was a meme on /tg/ for a while about how a truly crafty demon or xenos would force the marines to climb a flight of slippery stairs to reach him. A simple fall could kill a Deathwatch marine, I kid you not and I've had it happen.
  14. Actually both plasma and melta guns are quite reasonably sized. Physically the plasma gun is shorter but taller(thicker?) than you standard lasgun, but not by much. Meltaguns are the pinnacle of Dark Age tech and as such are smaller and thinner than your basic lasgun and a roughly on par with a combat shotgun in size. There is no reason to expect them to weight ~40lbs. I keep looking at the weights and getting the feeling that whoever did this at FFG is American and doesn't understand the metric system.
  15. People, Basilisks are made to fire at buildings, you know: hardened bunkers, enemy strongholds, traitor marine companies, etc. The damage is fine, the scatter is a little silly but w/e, and the Pen 8 is ok as the gun shoots a VW Beetle full of C4 at you…seriously. If you aren't running a siege game the plyers have no need to have a basilisk and unless you hate your players very deeply then you have no reason to shoot them with one either.
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