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  1. I'm not a fan of the overhanging bases rule, will likely house rule it for home games. But the re-entering the field of play rule is fine by me. Can't do that in real world sport, seems applicable in a table top game for clarity sake.
  2. Page 4 has: Players should always attempt to come to an agreement regarding disputes about situations on the battlefield. If players cannot come to an agreement, such as determining the range between two miniatures or line of sight from one mini to another, the player with the round counter should roll a red defense die; on a block (󲉣) result, that player’s interpretation of the situation is considered correct and play continues. On any other result, the interpretation of the player without the round counter is considered correct and play continues.
  3. Have you read the adventure in the EotE GM Kit? Maybe the macguffin you steal could tie into that adventure. It has Hutt connections.
  4. I'd let them change things but let them do it after the session. If the players want to tweak some things here or there, let them. If the new character is a complete rewrite, say changing from an assassin to a smuggler then come up with a reason why one character exits and another enters. Mid session is a touch rude, but could be a sign of inexperience in pen and paper gaming. Explain that to them. If they insist on doing it mid session then change the stats on the blaster that shoots them mid session.
  5. Far Horizons actually calls out a surgical procedure requiring multiple rolls if so desired
  6. My baby sitter let me watch the first 10 minutes of the Christmas Special then changed the channel to watch M*A*S*H* I was so gutted, I took my Kenner action figures, went to bed and cried. She was never allowed to baby sit my sister and I again. Decades later I watched it, I was so gutted, I took my Kenner action figures, went to bed and cried.
  7. whoa - curt can look like a really rough word when you quickly glance at it.
  8. i hope my post didn't come off as dismissive. i very much believe that people can do whatever they want with the rules at their table. i have a preference for making succinct posts, sometimes that can come off as curt.
  9. the statistics of the faces of the dice are different by design setback =/= boost ability =/= difficulty challenge =/= proficiency this is a great article written by the amazing jay little http://gsa.thegamernation.org/2013/01/16/nerd-numbers-terminal-outcomes/
  10. i'm not saying there is a right or wrong way. each table belongs to those seated at it. but this illustrates why i roll in the open. one of the most exciting moments during our campaign was when a character, separated from the group, was being stalked by a cybernetically enhanced nexu through the ruins of a wrecked starship. every PLAYER at the table knew the character was being stalked but none of the CHARACTERS did. the tension was palpable. if that had been a secret roll there would have been zero interaction or fun gained by anyone, myself the GM included. furthermore, when the beast finally attacked i had the player roll the attack dice of the nexu so they were in 'control' of their destiny.
  11. all rolls in the public eye. i assemble the pool as i describe the scene. then the players and i collaborate on narrating the results.
  12. wow. i got all 3 shipped to new zealand for $3.60 too. i thought it was too good to be true. i was considering some of the specialisation decks too, no chance of that now.
  13. i used sticky post it notes when using the WFRP3 versions
  14. the core EotE book has this info in the law section as a template: Basic landing / decontamination fee: Silhouette x 15Cr Berthing: 10% per day Customs: 1% of all cargo delivered or taken aboard Discrepancies: 20% of missing value Departure: Specific path and schedule Ship weapon use: forbidden planetside or in system (fines/imprisonment) Visitation fee: Sentients 5Cr. No fees for droids (droids must be fitted with a restraining bolt - manumitted exempt)
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