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  1. Interesting. Ill have to check that one out...its closer. Im imagining though that the phalanx classed assault cannon ( as it IS basically what the GAU-8 Avenger of an A-10 would be the rough equivalent of ) could spit more fire and death than single or even tri-barreled assault cannons....( im not immediately calling to mind ANY fighter based weapons capable of anything close to the cyclic rate of ( now fixed ) 3,900 rounds per minute. The cockpit and Gau area armor alone is 1,200lbs of titanium.....with 11 hardpoints ( 8 on wings and 3 fuselage points ) it can carry alot more than most any other fighter jet ive read about so far. Its listed to be able to put about 90% of the 30mm rounds into a 40ft square target area travelling at 4,000ft and at speeds closing 450mph....Id say its fairly accurate. Area saturation i found information on stated that it could put a 30mm bullet into roughly every square inch of target area within that target size within the first 20 seconds or so. ( initial cycle rate of about 50 rounds the first second and then 60-70 rounds per second afterwards...) In its intended role of CAS ( Close Air Support ) it would be handling targets much closer for maximum damage and accuracy in game. For mechanic purposes im sorely considering using the same/similar rules for the ( i think the name is Executioner tank ) Dual Gatling tank...as the size of the weapons mounted to that turret would be comparable to this one ( only the shape and overall size of the weapon system would of course be altered to fit the airframe. From what i remember reading about that tank the GAU equivalents mounted by that tank should generally suffice ( only difference is the fact that the ammo type used by the fighter would NOT be designed for anti infantry suppression but for anti armor details...( in game terms were talking Adamantine or diamantine tipped HEAP style most likely ) It has a payload capacity of 16,000lbs worth of ordinance NOT including the GAU ammo drum.
  2. Interesting. ive got the "Advanced Plasma Drives" as is but ill have to look closer at the Artifact Generator i think....thanks.
  3. Ahh but those are already included. As for scaling other classes of drives to achieve the same ends...where would we stop at exactly? Up-scaling the drives of a MK2 for destroyers till it fits a MK3 for frigates and lt cruisers? etc.....That option would need a "maximum ceiling" for modifications to add speed and maneuverability etc....This way it stays simple and limits it across the board. If they wanted to take the special drives listed then they could...but then what if they wanted to upgrade them further.....This is a simple across the board modification to existing rules that doesn't generate cause to actually "modify" anything already in game...simply replacing one engine with the next bigger or smaller one. This way doesn't over complicate things and literally doesn't introduce anything "new" to it. Speaking of different drives already in game though...What book is the Segrazian "Viperdrive" located? I would like to take a look at that one please.
  4. Thanks for the info...I don't remember the Long Serpent class at all...at least not right off....Ill have to check it out. Do you remember which book it was located in? ( i might have it just missed it ) As for the specially fitted hull.....I require that the ship need be in drydock for a period of not less than a month not more than 10 months per engine class higher they wanted fit in and the cost of which would be 1PF per class difference ( up OR down ) so it would cost the difference in PF of the engine types as well as the drydock conversion fee. Admittedly much if not all of that cost would be nullified by downgrades since you would still have the original engine to sell off so PF cost would be negligible in some cases BUT....the downtime means the player cannot earn any PF either.....potentially missing out on contracts that could be lucrative so...In essence i made it a minor endeavor in itself to get the refit done if the players wanted it. Generally true but it was back in the Heresy era. Jaghati Khan was said to have many of his ships having larger engines and being faster than others of the same class for it. THAT is where my players got the idea from to begin with when i loaned one of them ( the chief instigator in all this ) the first few Horus Heresy books to begin reading. The modification of +/- 1 Spd per class difference isn't meant to be major....just a compromise between saying no and going all in so to speak. The maximum you could probably manage would be a +3 anyway...given the size of the higher class engines is verging on the size of a destroyers total hull size.....so if you used a full sized Cruiser with higher class engines they would look like the description in the Heresy book for it as they would be taking up half the total size of the Cruiser itself...but the size differences would limit the bonus range normally to a max of +2 ( more often only +1 anyway ) And sometimes one of the players mentioned he would be looking at downsizing the engine due to lack of needed power requirements and wanting more space so....it gives them an option as well since your Spd rating has literally no effect during warp transit anyway...( fyi that player is setting up a tramp freighter that will be part of a regular Navy protected convoy for regular PF gains so weapons weren't much of an interest to him ) This is as much about letting them downsize as upgun the engines. This method makes it uniform either direction.
  5. A question my group had that i thought about and while i have made a choice. I would like the forum members opinions / input on if you would please. The question was simple enough. Could a ship with an up-gunned engine ( in this context they were meaning an engine from one class level higher than the actual class of ship...IE a destroyer with an engine rated for a frigate or light cruiser ) gain an extra movement ( Speed ) point ( or two was the actual statement ) I considered the idea and decided to acquiesce to the idea with the following for the houserule. A ship can gain extra speed by taking a higher class rated engine if it can afford the increase in space. Such a modification would grant said ship a speed bonus of 1 per class difference of engine used. IE... Class Engine class Bonus/Reduction Destroyer Destroyer none Destroyer Frigate +1 Spd Destroyer Lt Cruiser +2 Spd Cruiser Lt Cruiser -1 Spd Cruiser Frigate -2 Spd Etc.... As long as the class ship has sufficient space to mount the bigger engines then it can use them to gain additional base speed ( or lose it if its a smaller class ) This idea would allow enterprising GM's to possibly hinder or handicap the RT after severe battle damage that would otherwise limit the RT ship from being able to do anything....giving the RT a chance to continue albeit in a reduced capability ( Great...now i get to chose between shields to take the incoming enemy hits OR shooting back...grrr....) Until such time as the RT ( read as GM ) found an available replacement engine of the same or better class. Conversely an enterprising RT and lenient GM might acquire a higher class engine to drop into their ship thereby increasing the speed a bit ( and power generated also ) making it possible that the RT might not have to chose between shields or shooting and could now do both.... My idea was that it wasnt an earth shattering game breaking change but has potential for a bit of fun. Thoughts?
  6. Relic Bump... and in addition to.. Accurate and Focused are the EXACT SAME thing but different name. Resonating is just absurdly OP as listed ( For every X full points of Armour the target has, increase damage by 1. ) What that literally means as written is that if you took Resonating (1) on a (1d10 damage) weapon and fired it at a Battleship with armor (25) then the shot would be the equivalent of 1d10+25! That kind of ability would turn even the smallest ships weapons into shipkillers! Imagine a Str: 4 Macrocannon Battery with Resonating (1) as a special trait to it...If you got a lucky shot with it you could be dealing 4d10+100! Reccomendation: Have the resonance (x) START at 10 and work downward.... Round fractions to nearest whole number ( so 2.5 would be +3 but 2.4 would be +2) So it would go something like this for balance. ( against a battleship with armor (25) and a Macrocannon ( 1d10 damage base ) Resonating (10) = 1d10+3 (25/10=2.5 round up to 3 ) Resonating (9) = 1d10+3 (25/9=2.77 round up to 3 ) Resonating (8) = 1d10+3 (25/8=3.12 round down to 3 ) Resonating (7) = 1d10+4 (25/7=3.57 round up to 4 ) Resonating (6) = 1d10+4 (25/6 = 4.16 round down to 4 ) Resonating (5) = 1d10+5 (25/5 = 5 ) Resonating (4) = 1d10+6 )25/4 = 6.25 round down to 6 ) Resonating (3) = 1d10+8 ( 25/3 = 8.33 round down to 8 ) Resonating (2) = 1d10+13 ( 25/2 = 12.5 round up to 13 ) Resonating (1) = 1d10+25 ( 25/1 = 25 ) As written originally these weapons would deal horrendous damage against ships that had the Ironclad modification ( For those that havent seen it or dont know...Ironclad doubles the armor value of the ship but you cannot have void shields ) As per original if you had a Resonating (1) with the same Macro cannon shooting at an Ironclad Battleship ( armor 50 ) then the SINGLE macro shell could deal 1d10+50! Prism: As stated in newest iteration. Largely worthless. The damage gain versus loss of strength is practically laughable. Might i suggest the following instead. Prism (X): This weapons sacrifices massed lesser strength volleys for one very powerful strike. This weapon focuses the ENTIRE strength of the volley into ONE larger more destructive shot. For every point of (X) multiply the base damage of the weapon ( IE.. a laser battery 1d10 damage str:3 would instead become 3d10 damage str:1 ) This trait is ONLY available to energy weapons NEVER ballistic. Done like this Prism would be useless on single strength weapons...it trades a chance of all or nothing damage for what would normally be an entire volley. If you added Accurate to this on a lance battery....just ouch...carve a ship in two with one shot.....or miss it entirely...trade offs but nothing really gained or lost per se. Just another option. Proven(x): As written also suffers from the same as Resonating at current. Proven (1) is literally worthless as it gives NO benefit whatsoever...Proven(2) is only marginally better... Reliable: As written isnt correct. By RTCB that trait means it wont screw up on a critical failure on the to hit check ( no jams or failures..only misses ) Turbo: Somewhere a long time ago i ran across this elsewhere. Only it had another effect in mind ( one that i and my group still currently use ) That is simply this. Turbo trait allows the weapon to fire 2x/turn instead of 1 ( some might say that would gain it the Storm trait BUT those are different in this. This is two full separate volleys per turn ( given a turn in RT is 30min span ) With this the idea is simple. Finely tuned autoloaders for Macros and other ballistics and rapid charge capacitors for lasers and energy weapons. Unreliable: As written isnt correct. By RTCB that trait means it will screw up on a critical failure on the to hit check ( either jamming or exploding ) Disruptive: as written i love...hehehe Compact: Imagine having a compact (2) component that had the added trait of being Armored(2)...same space..same power..but double armored...hehe Armored: Imagine having a armored (2) component that had the added trait of being compact(2)...same space..same power..but double armored...hehe Self propelled Ordinance: Can we say Torpedoes anyone???? Rending: As written ( When a damage die is rolled equal or higher to X, deal an additional d5 damage for that hit. ) Rending is best if taken at Rending (1) There would be no incentive to ever increase Rending above (1)
  7. My group has had more than a couple NPC's that wound up being fully fleshed out so to speak at the end of the session for one reason or another. The first one would be one of my Players' Fleet Admiral for his RT Dynasty's ships. I initially did a VERY rough draft of her ( enough to run in NPC cameo type spot ) BUT....the rolls she had while assisting his ships during a Chaos raid ( and the tactics used ) got his attention. At the end of it the raid ships were floating wrecks with minimal damage/loss to the allied side. He offered her a job with his Dynasty as his ships captain ( still must defer to him though ) to free his PC up to go play dirtside more often and still have someone competent at the helm in event of needed assistance / intervention. She worked her way up in the gameplay timeline ( its been about 200yrs now ) to Fleet Admiral of his flagship. At the end of the first session as a result of the random roll to see if she accepted his deal or not...i wound up having to put together an actual character sheet for her and have kept track of it since ( along with all the "tag-alongs" that get brought along after they get found ) Another would be the "Wing Commander" he has for his void fighter squadrons..found at a Mechanicum "processing" center for those who were hereteks, general malcontents, and offenders ( to what or whom didnt much matter to the tech-priests as long as they got paid and got to make servitors out of the prisoners ) The PC ship showed up and requested trade of throne in exchange for a press-gang to replace crew losses in previous combat. An agreement was made and the prisoners were transported to the ship. The PC RT was standing there with a force of his ship security and medicae teams to inspect and "sort" them out as to who would be good where...The Mechanicum included basic files on each that included what the supposed crimes were. The "conscripts" were sorted out into who was good at what field...then each "field" group was talked to directly by the RT ( giving him time to peruse the files of each before the discussion ) The best of the Pilot group were singled out for private discussion...in exchange for X decades of indentured service to the Dynasty...the pilots crimes were to be adjudicated...at which time the pilot was free to leave or stay on as they wished. During the flight testing one in particular stood out ( a pilot from the Lathe Forges done using the specialist profile of same in the book ) after a few extraordinary rolls / checks ( 01-04 ) He was given initial promotion to Squardron Leader...then over time worked his way up but had to do the full sheet as there were times that the PC took him with a group to meetings that inevitably wound up in combat on ground, in air, and void ( the RT was always a bit too direct for many liking...lol ) The list goes on. I do like the idea of NPC progression though.... The method our group has used is thus.... For each "engagement" ( combat scenario/session ) the NPC ( individual or unit/squad ) that survives it will gain something in XP and sometimes in gear as well in addition to routine replenishment of weapons, ammo, gear...often in the form of a single piece of upgraded equipment for use the next time ) During said engagements IF the NPC individual/squad rolls a natural 01-04 especially if there was a penalty attached on any combat or skill check....then that unit will automatically gain a +1% to the associated stat or skill allowing for a long arduous progression. For every 500XP the unit/squad earns / spends they can increase ONE stat OR skill by +5% OR gain one EXTRA piece of kit/gear ( or an upgraded version of same ..if its a squad and you want to increase a common quality weapon or kitpiece to good quality then they need to spend 1000XP instead of 500 to give ALL squad members that better piece of kit/gear ) Also note that for whatever the unit/squad is supposed to be ( infantry, assassin, scum...etc.. ) i use double the spent XP to give access to the progression table for new skills/talents for that unit..IE..instead of gaining access to level 2 skills and talents at 500XP spent..its 1000XP spent before they can take the higher level skills/talents and elite advances are not available ) So upgrading and training the squad WILL take time and be expensive for them but will prevent the squads from overtaking any PC units they are assigned/attached to...but still gives them a chance to improve according to however the unit/squads Commanding Officer decides they need to train/be equipped. Unless specifically stated otherwise all units i initially create will only have common quality gear..Household protection units will default to good quality, and powerful dignitaries personal squads will default to best quality.
  8. Ive been looking over running a Black Crusade for a member of my current DH/RT group....he wants to run it separate from the rest and actually pits him against the actual DH/RT group...giving a countless score of game sessions. Ive looked over the rules for Infamy ( used the same way as RT aquisition tests only with a better numbers trade basically ) As for the XP / Infamy idea... I use the standard of 150XP per hour of gameplay ( plus additional XP for any really good roleplaying or above and beyond ideas/actions the PC's actually manage to pull off )( average for that is around 10-50xp for good ideas/actions and/or roleplaying ) For epic events that the PC's either derail or instigate directly with their actions etc...i award up to 100XP per. As always though depending on the event in question they also have the potential of gaining a contact, peer, or enemy of ---whatever XP value you deem fitting ) that the PC can call on later for assistance. As for the Infamy deal....that can fluctuate wildly. I use the table given for infamy gained/lost BUT..in the event of one of those noteworthy events the PC's manage to pull off...in lieu of peers, contacts, etc....you could instead award them an extra 1-2 points of Infamy ( that would be contact(s) spreading the word so to speak...which in essence is the reputation the PC's earned anyway ) Any of the Chaos groups the PC's humiliate or otherwise slight can become enemies...the more they are humiliated...the more they will seek retribution and the farther they will go to get it ( daemon pacts etc..etc.. ) making them potentially dangerous enemies that might play nice to make the kill. As for the Lord Corruptor role....if taken by a Nightlord...he would hold NO sway over the Black Legion because the Black Legion see themselves as THE best chaos marine legion of them all because of their heritage ....added the ONLY Chaos God the Nightlords would be prone to taking would be Khorne as they are all verified psychopaths who enjoy wanton slaughter....thats before they are turned into chaos marines....but it is your game so as always do as you wish and your group finds fun...i know none of my games are ever "according to scripture" afterall..lol I would say that it should go to a fellow Black Legion member and could see it as a possibility. Death Incarnate....yeah that would appeal to them. But remember too Grandfather Nurgle's usual method of things is to spread fear and chaos through contagion via several routes then letting it foment disasters within before sending actual troops to take over...it takes longer than a regular direct invasion but is far more subtlely insidious and effective ( because it wont draw nearly as many enemy troops to oppose you...and...its difficult to fight a warp spawned virally mutagenic plague with artillery...far more difficult than say an invasion by soldiers....easiest way for them to do that would be to subtly infect the agro planet(s) that support the actual target planet(s) a few months ahead of any real invasion...hit a agro planet or two with different mutagenic plagues and some hidden cultists to start more actively on the same agro worlds and let them infect the food supply to the fortress world you want to take...send a raiding force to the opposite end of that subsector to get some attention over there and gain whatever can be safely taken and used for later then have them run back to the mainfleet via a convoluted warp route...the time-frame there should be sufficient to start a measure of panic in the fortress world from the tainted food and the deaths and mutations occurring without any seeming rhyme or reason to fight...weakening them from within while the second stage of cultists are secreted into the fortress world to foment rebellion by blaming the imperials and ad mech of experimentation on the population...and giving a "cure" for the plagues ( in reality just a cessation of all symptoms until the right time where the "host" becomes a nurgling or such ) but during that "cure" time-frame..they would become fervent believers of whatever the cultists told them...gaining ALOT of notoriety quickly ( and any infected would be far more trusting of them thanks to the plagues...) just a fe key targets would need to be taken then to pave the way for an open direct invasion...by the time anyone realized things...it would be too late....AND...you might even be able to corrupt a few high ranking officials ( much to Nurgles delight and an extra Infamy or two along the way )...this method can be used to infect multiple planets simultaneously further delaying and weakening the imperials responses to every invasion in the subsector...afterall..if you hit all the agro worlds...people gotta eat sometime and ships only have so much food to go around... ( yes i know...im devious and evil ) IF a "crusade" was done this way...then the longer it took to get to the planet to attack it...the weaker its defense would be along with the imperials space defense for it....keep them spread thin and chasing their tails while they are starving to death...add to that the mara strain to a few targeted shipments of food to the fleets in the area...and BAM...steamroller crusade...plenty of infamy to go around quickly and any true resistance would be lessened in its ability to fight ( lack of backup ) making even fights against space marine chapters far easier ( because now you have a main fleet force against a handful of chapter ships....10 to 1 odds anyone?..hehe Gaining the cultists and a few plagues would be a minimal cost in infamy....just send them to the planets and set up shop...as for the ships...hahaha....dump a plague zombie ( victim ) into the ships water supply after they are in warp transit and watch the fireworks start...LOL...contaminated food AND water supplies will end resistance VERY quickly..and in the case of Nurgle plagues...gain you a shipload of walking dead to chew on your enemies when they come to see whats going on... With the Black Crusade...the more diabolical and out of the box meticulous...the more infamy gained..hahaha As always hope this helps and great gaming.. PS....I LOVE the idea of a fallen Sister of Battle...If she managed to corrupt an entire Convent worth of the sisters..she would get some serious Infamy for THAT stunt....Infect them with a contagion that made them rapidly weak and turned the unworthy of them into the nurglings....and the rest too weak to live but not actually dying either and giving them many horrid fever dreams/nightmares and making them see things that werent there....wonder how long their "faith" would last before they took any means to make it stop.....hmmm.....Oh soo very many ways to win with Grandfather Nurgle.
  9. Im in love...lol Thank you for the info. I had forgotten almost all about the ursus claws and remembered the grapple hooks...but was having issue figuring what the damage would be for the torsion shearing from having the main tendrils actually wrapped around the ship and constricting ( the grapple chains wont do that as they only hit directly in line and wont wrap to produce similar effect ) But your final results im loving. Thank you very much. As for the references with the Massive Claws and Feeder Tendrils...those were taken from Lodge's Tyrannid supplement for the bio-ships components.
  10. Thanks. I like the Avengers look. I was thinking about the 30mm being turned into much like the Avenger bolt cannon you listed so that works great. As for the wing hardpoints...well...the A-10 design simply has alot more hardpoints for missiles, pods, guns, etc...certainly more than a pathetic 2 per wing...but then again the A10's wings are alot longer than any of those boxy little fighters are either so....Ive been thinking of putting it at probably 5 hardpoints per wing with upgrade option when it comes to how many missiles can be mounted per hardpoint ( i can see a single heavy, 2 or 3 mediums, up to 5 smaller ones ) 1 missile/rocket pod, perhaps a heavy bolter with X number of rounds in a self contained attached ammo hopper etc....was trying to get a base idea of what kind of armor value it would have as well as its speed etc.etc...
  11. Wonder what the specs on a 40k version of the A-10 Warthog would be. Gotta be 10x better than ANY ground support attack craft currently out ( at least according to all ive seen or heard about the IG ) Any ideas? For those that dont know the A-10 was designed to be able to fly back to base with most of both wings gone ( only needs around half wingspan ) , one engine ( out of two ) and most of the tail section destroyed. It carries the biggest gun a jet mounts for ground ops ( vulcan 30mm gatling ...a phalanx classed weapon with a cyclic rate of up to 6,000rnds a minute if i remember right ) and multiple wing pods for scores of missiles rockets and assorted ordinance. Top speed was found to be mach 2 courtesy of a pilot that got into some hot water back in the late 90's / early 00's and had to tuck tail and run to avoid a serious incident. Any ideas / thoughts on what the 40k specs on that particular jet would be?
  12. Ive found a set of rules for them specifically for the rogue trader line but they are fan based but do seem to work quite well. They have a heavy limitation on timeframe to switch from stealth to active void shield modes ( in stealth they provide ZERO actual protection from damage ) and do cost a bit different as far as power and space goes. If youd like a copy of the file ( i have edited several other items into it for a larger more comprehensive listing but the section on the Reflex Shielding is as i found it ) then just let me know in PM and i can email you a copy if youd like. I have an extensive listing of various items and components etc that ive found and in some rare cases created ( basing them off fluff entries by various authors etc )
  13. OK..In order...lol 1) The mass/inertia vs turn ability. That specific was mentioned in a previous comment about simply adding more vector thrust nozzles to increase your crafts Maneuver rating. ( To which there is actually a component in the game for doing just that ) 2) As for moving in a straight line. Yes agreed it would not be done in a combat arena..but getting to one to help out your team/side however.....definite possibility ( which is what i was thinking anyway ) 3) You ONLY feel the inertia of acceleration IF...IF you are still within a planetary bodies ( or stellar phenomena ) field of gravity OR....are using the gravity plating common to all Imperial ships ( something that CAN be turned off....and would be for combat vessels that are controlled NOT by hand ( too sloppy and ineffectual ) but by full MIU interface with the ship by the pilot ( and servitor crew ) 4) In planetary landing or orbital missions yes that would have to be taken into account unless you wanted an epic crash and burn scenario but there are ways to make the pilot able to take more than an Astartes could. Its called bionics and even full cybernetic replacement/enhancements and better equipment than the astartes bother with or have access to. ( The Thunderhawks were always far inferior to their older predecessors. ) In fact the files on the Lathe Forges specifically flesh out that exact pilot type as they have a class of pilot that is said to be THE best of them all. 5) I have yet to read one that actually details a dogfight in space. Only attack runs and boarding ops into enemy ships. The only dogfights ive read about are ALL within the planetary atmospheric envelope ( or coming into it at high speed) 6) The one point you missed with this particular variant is simple. They are not meant to be dogfighters...The smallest thing they are meant to intercept would be a scout sloop ( still almost 1000m long ) but usually to attack destroyers - cruisers and try to knock out auger arrays, turret rating, engines, bridge, weapons,etc....no real Hull Integrity damage in game dynamics but enough to temporarily cripple certain hardpoints ( except for the bridge...that is a bit much to come back from im afraid ) IE..the target ship given enough time could repair all damage done by this specialty fighters attacks. In this regard i have seriously limited this specialty class for balance purposes. It comes in and allows the true bombers ( and waves of torpedoes launched from the main ship ) to hit their mark with more success rating ( due to lower defensive rating of target ship vs a more permanent damaging strike of a true bomber ) 7) As for the auspex arrays versus stealthing out the ship...Our current methods prove your hypothesis incorrect. The B2 Spirit for instance..or the newer generation fighters...they appear as much much smaller than they really are. Given the right angles of design and outer materials and coatings the power of the auspex means nadda. 8) HAHAHA...you forgot one important thing there...Yes it the engine flare could be seen IF...you were seeing it from behind or a rear angle.....AND...you had a sufficiently powered telescope and were looking right at it when it was on. I was talking about with the naked eye. a full 360* sphere is ALOT of area to cover by eye. 9) The 40k verse can and has done exactly that...The Ravenguard did exactly that. They had a type of shield ( reflex ) that altered and brought the emissions to practically zero from the ship to include visual stealthing. They used it during the Heresy and before as that is where i found it from. It is alterable with a regular shield but takes 1 turn to switch from one type to the other ( the ONLY example where a ship can have two types...as it is truly only one simply with 2 "modes" of function )
  14. The biggest flaw in all of it is simply this. Agility in atmosphere counts for damned near everything.Agility in space...is nothing more than keeping away from or using the gravity wells from celestial bodies/phenomena to assist in said agility. In space NOTHING MATTERS towards agility. EXCEPT how many maneuvering thrusters you put on the body! ZERO-G for a reason and also equates to ZERO WEIGHT. To continue moving in a given direction in a ship you literally have to do NADDA! Just kill the engines and coast in at the EXACT SAME speed you were going when you shut off the engines INDEFINITELY ( until you get into a gravity well of some sort ) If you keep adding thrust then in actuality your speed would continue to increase by that amount each turn. So...They burn out full throttle get into their vector and once verified kill throttle and let it coast to designated target area...saving reaction mass and power and reducing EM signature considerably. Furthermore by removing redundant totally unnecessary crew by using high end servitors leaving the pilot which can be linked into a separate O2 supply directly to the helmet. ( All the bull about high G turns and maneuvers in space is just that...bull..Unless your in a celestial bodies gravity well there is NO "G-Force" for turns or anything else....The one that wins the battle is the one that can remember to think 3D and has the better thrusters for vector changes...NO more NO less. Also..Bolters in space...gimme a break..Frakkin useless. At the speeds these fighters and bombers come in at...you couldnt figure the angle of deflection in order to put your nose or worse yet...turret...in order to hit these things...Even at 1VU per turn...thats 20,000km/hr...and these ships are doing 4-6VU per turn ( IE 8-10VU/hr ) As for the Volcano Cannon vs Turbolaser deal...the raw damage potential is a one hit kill regardless ( which is what is wanted ) All the lascannons and extra crap is worthless as NONE of it can do a one hit kill shot ( unless you get the god emperors grace and hit the cockpit ) You can have 5 million rounds of ammo but if you cant make it hit the target...you got nothing. One shot One kill vs spray and pray...And as for the quality level of the kit on the ships ( as well as their design ) yes it is high end Ad mech. As for the jamming..yes that was what i had in mind...shielding the other ships coming in on the attack wave and they wouldnt have much in way of defensives ( chaff and flare against missiles etc ) but likely minimal lascannons etc for deterrent.....just the wingmates in the other variants to cover. I was thinking of a basic scout class ( lighter frame/armour with further upgraded engines for better power to weight thrust ratio ) As for the auger range...it doesnt need to be that much more....No one is gonna be able to see 1 VU away in space and identify anything short of a large asteroid or small moon anyway...) Running in passive modes reduces chances of detection by enemy ships ( but wont mitigate it totally ) Big ships can detect lone aquila landers at range ( it IS in the fluff on many occasions ) I dont use BFG rules for RT anyway ( only the size,range,damage,crit,power ) As for overall detection of any of them...HA...thats simple. Its all in the paint coating the entire hull of the ships....Similar style they use in personal armors works the same for bigger machines as well ( just the amount to kit a squadron is an Acquisition test ( at variable penalty or bonus depending on where you are and who you are dealing with etc ) I like BFG for the ship design setup thats in direct line with RT but i use almost NONE of their BS rules for ships and stellar behavior. OH the perks of having an old HS buddy that has always been an avid gamer AND worked for NASA as an aerospace engineer...you learn alot sometimes. In the end its always nice to have these nice little long lost devices called perpetual plasma reactors....no more refueling....no more power problems...Archeotech has its uses. The plasma is used as both power and to a point siphoned into containment for use as thrust via shunted ports. It takes next to no reaction mass to alter trajectories of things in space ( again unless your in a gravity well of something ) I do like those Piranha variant ideas though...modified to a point yes but they are quite appealing even as is. Thank you for those.
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