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  1. Shkar

    Chain When

    We really need the app to add casual plays. This way small groups can keep on playing and asssign chains properly. No use of your own group because some players may use it to their own benefict adding tons of loses, but in your own group should be a nice option. Strange no fan app haven't already appear providing this functionality.
  2. MtG is a CCG. Keyforge if closer to board games, but using a card format. Something like Smash Up. KF can dethrone MtG just because they are not even playing in the same league. Obviously FLGSs have to pay attention to the newcomer, specially when it has generated a Hype so high. Is easy money. How many time will it endure under the focus is yet to know.
  3. No. Not even the same target audience.
  4. Personal rating, casual games recording, and a chain management so you can rank your decks and those of your friends out of official events.
  5. I hope i can use the app to record casual matches. I don't plan to play any official events, but i would love to track how my decks perform, compare with friends, and apply chains when appropiate.
  6. In the old CCG some clans were more interesting to play than others, a few where really boring just stacking strength, but from what i've played in the LCG all clans got interesting actions and themes. You can play anything, but loyalty does not came from playing but from the lore of the clans. Cards came and go, sometimes a clan is more OP, other times is so nerfed you wanna cry... but loyalty remains. You enjoy playing your clan when its on top, even when all those bandwagoners come along ¬¬, and you try to keep up when your favored clan is the underdog. Well, in fact winning is nice, but winning with your clan when no one gives a **** for it, thats glory
  7. This is only a game, even in tournaments, so i dont have trouble letting my opponents redo moves or bring back forgotten elements. On the contraire, if i'm the one who missed i assume is my fault and my opponent don't have to let me change anything. Just a matter of politeness and honor. Treat others as you would like to be treated.
  8. Hope FFG change that only "top players" can make decisions affecting the lore as part of the tournament prizes. Not the part that playing affects the lore and hence the card pool, but the part where only top players do that. That punish those who love the game but do not play optimal because... erm, they just love the lore and think that shadowlands cards are not good in your lion clan deck even if thats the top meta deck of the moment ¬¬ Lore players have to choose between playing the game for the lore or play it just to win ignoring the lore, but one of the greatest things L5R always got is a powerful and great comunity tied to their respective clans. If only top players who ignore the lore make these decisions that punish the lore players, and is curious that those who less care about the lore are the ones that gets more options to affect it. Ill love to see more events were decisions are taken by the player base and not only top players. PS.- BTW, i was one of those "top players" who make some decisions, and although it feels great when you win with your lore-deck i prefer the other way. Let the comunity decide. Separate lore from winning. Give prizes to winners, let lore for the lore-lovers.
  9. Wow, do you have the fonts and bases to create new cards?
  10. The app is free Anyway, playing RPGs is a hobby with zero mandatory costs. You dont need anything to play RPGs. Any money you spend is something voluntary because you want that book, complement, or whatever. No hobby is cheaper.
  11. You dont need tobuy any dice to play those games. You can always use apps to roll the dice, you can put stickers on normal dice, or you can even use normal dice and track the results.
  12. Minor clans not having a stronghold on their own sounds great. Splashing them in your deck with influence too. Maybe in the future we can see a neutral faction stronghold that allows you to play more out of faction cards... but all cards are out of faction.
  13. I live in Madrid (Spain) and by the time i was playing the CCG we got one competitive event per week at least. Sometimes more.
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