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  1. "Xanthite" (because a weapon is a weapon, no matter who or what made it and a gun never corrupted anyone, it is our thoughts that turn us from the Divine Light of our Beloved God-Emperor) with a bit of Ocularian (because knowledge IS power)... And, after all the Emperor in all his Infinite Wisdom (Blessed be His name!) did create the Adeptus Astartes [genetically enhanced (mutated) humans] and gifted us with all manner of new, life improving technologies (knowledge). So yes, I guess I'll have to agree... Puritan in though, Radical in deed.
  2. voresia said: We currently have a player who wants to play a Sororita, but he dosent like to play female characters. I dont realy like to bend the lore all to much, and I am currently trying to find another loophole to allow for a male counterpart for the Sororitas, but I cant realy find anything. Well, if you don't want to break the lore why don't you simply try to find out what your friend likes about the SoB (Sisters of Battle) and then point out what other carrers offer the same choices. SoB are basically humans with a very strong religious bent that wear power armour and carry bolters... If its the gear that attracts your friend that it is easy for several other classes to use it. If it a specific skill or talent several other classes offer them I'm sure... If its the new Fait talent SoBs have access allow the player to buy it with another class as an Elite Advancement (possibly without charging him any extra XP). If it has to be the SoB specific carrer path... Well, just give a different name. Maybe you can say that he is a cleric with a particular martial bent and that, as an "elite advancement", he trained different skills and that the faith talent is actually miracles granted to him by the Emperor (maybe if the character dies you can even canonize him and have eclesiastic NPCs talk about him in future adventures!
  3. When you gain (purchase with xp) a new psy rank you have the option of gaining new powers from a discipline you already know, or gain another discipline. The details are on the Traits section under the various Psy Rank traits. And there is a small incentive to keep on your current Discipline... If you know ten or more powers you gain a discount when trying to invoke them.
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