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  1. Hello, Me and a few of my friends have started a RT game recently and i have a few questions about Navigator power Void Watcher. I am really curious as to where the limitations of this power lie in a combat situation. First of all, the first part of the power allows the user to scan the system and spot planets, other ships, and other large bodies. What i am curious about is, can this work like the Active Augury extended action to alert the rest of the crew as to an enemy ships location so they they may fire upon them or attempt to establish communication with them? Also, can this extent of the power be used as a Lock on Target action to give the gunner a bonus to there BS for an attack? (both actions basically negating the scrutiny + Detection roll in place of a Perception roll) Also, how much information can be gathered from the second level of this power, and in what kind of detail? i feel that this was left very vague and me and my group are curious about it. In a combat situation could the power be used as a Focused Augury action (replacing the Scrutiny + Detection roll with a -10 WP roll), or is that to precise for this power? Thank you all in advance for your help in this.
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