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  1. It was said it will be Phoenix Lord.
  2. http://store.fantasyflightgames.com/productdetails.cfm?SKU=FFS01 or: http://store.fantasyflightgames.com/productdetails.cfm?SKU=FFS02 ? Conquest product description page shows this: but I don't know how to decipher it
  3. Do uou guys really think that FFG will make another FAQ? Diskwars replaced warhammer product and Conquest is coming, they have more important things to do.
  4. http://whinvasion.pl/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=3382 http://whinvasion.pl/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=3384 http://whinvasion.pl/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=3385
  5. Cards that cancel a “just played” card can only be played in response to the card type they cancel. He can't play Disdain because there is nothing to cancel, others are ok.
  6. 9 Garden of Morr Should read: “... Forced: When one or more units are destroyed, put a resource token on this card.” FAQ is official, rules summary is not.
  7. Usually: 20+ units 12+ supports no more than 12 tactics and you should do fine
  8. He must assign enough to destroy your unit first, but he can't (just like with Swordmasters) so 10 damage is wasted.
  9. Zero: A burning zone still functions normally except that it cannot be assigned damage.
  10. Yes: Leaving Play (v1.7) A card leaves play when it goes from an in play zone to an out of play zone, such as back into a hand, deck, or discard pile.
  11. It does, playing an attachment on a unit is an action that targets a unit.
  12. Corb? Not left play, it changes status, still his ability stops working.
  13. 13 players - no wonder Skaven won (also no DE and no dwarf "my life" decks which both are hard counters to rats.) Also why only 4 rounds?
  14. http://deckbox.org/games/whi/cards?f=5366&s=e&o=a Core Set with neutrals supports would be good for you. You can play mono (especially if you don't plan to go to the tournaments). Games can last few turns (against rush) and 1 hour (dwarf vs dwarf ).
  15. This forum is pretty much dead, even more so after the game was closed. As far as I know many people in Poland would buy pack with errated cards. Although when Hidden Kingdoms was released there were voices such as: why would I buy last deluxe if the game is closing? I think some people would say the same about this (not me).
  16. FAQ team was chosen by representatives of the cities with highest players population. It's not like we appointed ourselves or something. Here are the results: 1. Virgo - Skven 2. Stach - Orc 3. Drumdar - Dwarf 4. Raskoks - Skaven 5. SOS - Chaos 6. Germanus - Orc 7. Keil - Dwarf 8. Przemo - Empire Funny thing is if I haven't won Wurrzag would have and it would be like: oh noes, orcs are too powerful, they didn't nerf them, if the dwarfes have won: I knew they will be the strongest now after DE nerf etc. The only races not in the top8 are: DE and HE. Only three people decided to take both DE and HE and that may be the factor why they weren't present (also if most of the top players took orc, dwarf or skaven it's no wonder that there are 2 of each in top8).
  17. I'm not "in charge" of the rules changes, but ok. Second and third place (Wurrzag and Dwarf decks) were albo members of the FAQ team, most of the team are just very good players who usually rank up high. I'm the one with more luck than skills Although on the regional tournament before in Gdańsk I was fifth with Wurrzag deck
  18. Yep, Skaven are tournament viable (albeit the card pool is limited and the race is one trick pony - rush) unlike other neutral factions. Maybe with addition of some new cards in the future...time will tell
  19. X isn't a constant, This unit gains [P] equal to X is a constant. X is defined even in discard pile.
  20. BTW there is Warhammer Invasion Rules Questions section on this forum
  21. 1) goes to the discard 2) yes 3) just a token, not one from your kingdom
  22. Exactly, they have license for Diskwars I am in. That's two with your vote.
  23. You can always try, but all warhammer products are GW licensed, keep that in mind
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