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  1. One huge detail about the box. It was a mock up. It was the same picture front and back. I have a ton of pictures of it and connot see a seam where the box slips inside the top half. I think it is a box with two identical overlays. I'll go through my pics but I am sure the one posted here is as good or better than any shot I took.
  2. I may be able to shed some more light on this later in the week. I was at Gen Con this year.
  3. As for the counter-clockwise discussion. We play that the going down is clock wise and counter clockwise is coming out. Just look how the travel starts into the region and that is the clue you use to determine the clock and counter-clock answer.
  4. We regularly play with about 8 players. Just about every time we have finished the complete game in about 4 hours. We do change the trophy cash in to 6 or sometimes 5. You have to try keep people focused on when their turn is there. Conversation I find is the thing that really slows things down. Arguing/discussing the rules does too, but that is one of the fun parts of the game.
  5. I use a matte/satin finish for most my miniatures that I paint. Gives them that realistic feel, more so than glossy. I would do a flat white paint over the white primer but do a test piece first. Normal white may be good enough if you do finish with a matte clear. Primers have a tendancy to absorb anything if not painted over. So long term stains may be a possibility even if clear coated.
  6. I would love to see city first and forest second if that is how they go. I wouldn't want to see them package both together. We love to play each new expansion and playing two at once would kind of be overwhelming to see how it changes the game.
  7. danjr

    A caravan perhaps?

    Good idea Daefaroth. I hate the pedlar cards and markets ones. I think the bought objects are a waste of good gold unless you have gold to spare.
  8. Oooh I like that seek rule. That may be a new house rule for my game.
  9. I like movement as it is. With alternative modes of movement it really devalues some of the really good movement items. Like the ones where you can move any number of spaces up to your die roll. Or the card that allows you to stop on spaces with objects.
  10. danjr

    Storage solution

    I just hope the dragon expansion isn't going to overwhelm the briefcase I've been using to store all the current editions. I think it will still work but those 300 cards might almost top out the room allotted for cards.
  11. Nah never tried anything like that. I do though have games left in session and come back to them when time permits. Some games can't be done in just a few short hours.
  12. danjr

    The Reaper

    Portal of power is his start point. He may not go into the inner region, as death is present already there. he may go into any other region, as per his movement rules.
  13. Hmmmm I think attitude like his should get a 2 week ban. Yup and I am Canadian, so what do you think about those apples?
  14. One of the best suggestions is actually in the rules book. Changing the cash in for trophies really boosts the speed of the game. We play sometime with up to 8 players, when we do, the cash in is dropped to 5. We can come really close to finishing the game within 3.5 - 4 hours. Though I personally like going longer, not everyone has the time for such a long game.
  15. Thanks a ton for the update. Excellent story, bummer you didn't get the big turnout, but it sounds like a great time was had by all. Kudo's for Richard giving a copy of Talisman to David. I hope he reads this and feels all warm and fuzzy inside for being a ideal ambassador for this great game. Awesome awesome awesome.
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