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  1. I was looking for advice on this thread not sarcasm and backbiting. Ragnar had a perfectly valid point. It is obvious that you only like playing one way and are intolerant of other differing styles of play. If you have some advice for the original question, other than don't be a metagamer, then give it. Otherwise get off the thread and plague a different one.
  2. Although Hombre did not put it very well, he does have a point. After all FFG have decided to start their SW franchise by getting us to play the scum of the universe, ie Bounty Hunters, Smugglers, Mercenaries, Scoundrels, Thieves, Hackers, Politicians and probably a few lawyers as well. None of these types are exactly the Leia Orgaana of the local Womans Institute are they? If they wanted that they should have started with Age of Rebellion. Also virtually all the light freighters only need two crew to get by.
  3. This is pretty easy stuff to grasp, imo. This is an abstract narrative system. What you describe is more in line with a simulator such as Pathfinder or Shadowrun. Neither this game or Star Wars are setup to tackle the mechanics in this manner. Same goes for the equipment list. They are even more up front and clear on this, detailing the reason for the short list in the game text itself.... You get a generic entry for "weapon x". the GM can then take that baseline stat and quickly stat up an item to make available to the players. One chart quickly takes care of the business that other systems spend chapters handling. I love simulators. I paid 30 bucks for a Shadowrun book stuffed full of charts and lists and 5000 weapons that are exactly the same outside of model number and a +1 or -1 here or there. That's great for that system, I suppose. I don't see a reason for it in 3E. The more I've made it through this drek the more I'm understanding your point of view though. I think you really like 2E. I like 2E as well. But if our combined vision for 4E is nothing more than a rehashed 2E then what's the point? I think I agree with Jay that when this comes up in the future I'm going to have to consider it a 2E House Rule conversation. The efforts to keep this wreck at the top of the forums is quite admirable. I hope everyone is satisfied. Actually he is not arguing for 2nd edition at all, though that may be your interpretation. This thread and the 3.5 thread on the House rules thread are a complete waste of time. FFG have only got two options: 1. A Fourth edition that may be based on what they have learnt from SW but will be another major step onwards, otherwise it will be a waste of time. 2. FFG do nothing at all with WFRP until either they choose not to renew the license or GW takes it back off them. Those people hoping for a rehash of 2nd or 3rd edition are deluding themselves. Both are dead from FFG and GW's point of view. I am afraid your only hope would be if GW take the license back and issue it to some firm who does want to do a rehash, though I do not think even GW are that stupid.
  4. I'd also settle for a sticky or separate category where the Usual Culprits could perpetually discuss 4, 5, and 6E Also...yeah....poor Earthdawn. No good having a go at people. 4th Edition will happen probably not this year, more likely 2015 or 2016. Unlikely that FFG will listen to anything said here for the initial Beta, though they will almost certainly do a Beta.
  5. Unfortunately the player's back-stories made trying to use that idea more or less impossible. What I am trying to find is the costs of paying crew or what passengers pay the owner. Also some regular cargo costs per encumbrance would be really useful.
  6. In the adventure in the back of the main rulebook the pirate has a YV-666 Medium Freighter but I cannot find the ship anywhere. I am sure my players will want to try and salvage it so I need some stats. Do I just substitute the Wayfarer Medium Freighter instead?
  7. Interesting situation. The group consists of: Technician / Slicer (No Piloting or Astrogation skills, but has Mechanic and Computer) Colonist / Politico (Has Charm and Negotiation) Hired Gun / Mercenary Soldier (Has Gunnery) Smuggler / Pilot (Has the Debt Obligation) Under the circumstances the YT-1300 was said to owned by the Smuggler. However, how much does he have to pay the others as crew or how much do they have to pay him as passengers? None of this seems to be in the books. Making the others co-owners was going to stretch the games credibility as the Pilot was the only character with the back-story to suggest he owned the ship. All the other PC's have skills that make them useful to the ship in one way or other however, so they can be used as crew. Any help here would be appreciated.
  8. Yes, I had forgotten about Adler. He is notable by his absence in that final chapter. Again rather speaks to me of FFG not wanting characters to have anything to do with Stromdorf, after the end of the campaign, which I find very negative on their part!
  9. Yes, there are some queries I have, from reading the campaign. First of all The cask of Thunderwater Ale card has an encunbrance of 6, but no indication of how many pints it holds, while the book says that Thunderwater Ale costs 5bp per pint or 15bp per 4 pints. I know from handling beer barrels, that something that would be encumbrance 6, would hold several gallons of beer. Also, when talking about the tannery, the scenario book says that all leather goods are 1 category less rare. Does that mean that their cost also goes down to that price as well. If so , what about leather armour, as there isn't a range of prices for that. I am also not sure about the possible endings, with the priest of Sigmar. My group are a pretty combative lot, and one of them is bound to challange the priest to trial by combat. Also even if you discount the final conclusion with Schulmann, the characters should by then, have done enough for the town, not to get the complete mob mentality of the inhabitants. Somehow this seems to be the weakest part of the whole product, as Stromdorf would make an ideal location for a prolonged campaign, and yet FFG are running most characters out of town, in a wholly unconvincing fashion. Also how this would work with a more experienced party, I do not know
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